Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Congratulations and Best Wishes

To White Nationalists, the Alt-Right, and White People in general, my congratulations on the election of your preferred candidate, Donald Trump. I also offer my best wishes for your future happiness and success. My opinions on what this election means and what the future holds for you are all documented on this blog. You have no need for me to repeat them, and I have no desire to do so any longer. To quote the favorite television program of my youth, with all the irony my Dark and Terrible God knows to be evident in my final reference for this project, "Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."


 A thought for 04.07.2017

Sunday, November 06, 2016

What the American Election Means

Here's what the American election means this week:

A Clinton victory means that White America has failed to put up a defense that can halt their demographic death.

A Trump victory means that the only defense White America could muster to their own demographic death was a WrestleMania, reality-TV show candidate with Jewish grandchildren.

However, regardless of the outcome, the destiny of White demographic death in America remains unchanged. The reasons follow.

There are those who will say that a Clinton victory can be pushed back against, and may spark a new American revolution. Firstly, there will be no revolution as a result of a Clinton victory. Secondly, future armed revolution to seize power is a dystopian fantasy that is laughable to any sane person. If you could not successfully rebel against the federal government when the most lethal weapon on the battlefield was a horse-drawn cannon, how do you think a rebellion will turn out in the atomic age?

There are those who will say that a Trump victory means White America will see a rebirth along the lines of a fascist or national socialist state that puts White people first (dog-whistled as putting America First). That too is laughable fantasy. It is a fantasy to be found in equal proportions in the rants of Keith Olbermann and the comments on Stormfront. That alone should tell you how nutty such a concept is. Neither Italy nor Germany had to contend with the racial, religious, and sociological diversity that their defeat ushered in following the Death of the West in 1945. The concept that Mexicans will be rounded up and deported, blacks brought under the heel of the police state, and Jews driven back to Israel is, once again, laughable fantasy. Not only is there no will to make such a thing happen, a Trump victory would mean Jewish grandchildren are playing in the Oval Office, not getting stuffed into cattle cars. As I said previously about Trumplingism:

This is not a victory on the path of growing White Racial Awareness. This is the Final Victory of Kike Media Warfare. White people have embraced living in the vile, polluted media factory the Kikes have been building, and think that appointing their own King of the Oompa Loompas means they aren't still a bunch of mental midgets slaving away for the kike Svengali who runs the factory.

When I started CDN, my intent was to attack diversity by exposing its absurdity, contradictions, and deceits. Back then, White Nationalism was a very somber, serious affair that did not laugh at the nonsense it got from the other side. I felt I offered an alternative. 10 years later, White Nationalism has become a joke, and nothing is taken seriously. Half of the movement does nothing but joke around, and the other half has replaced delusional seriousness with the joke of delusional elation. Worse than this though is that nearly 100% of the movement is infected with Multiculturalism, which is a disease of White people that happens when diversity is imbibed like tainted water from a stagnant mud puddle. Open displays of perversion and vulgarity, tolerance of mischling and homosexuals, the rabid hatred of White women, and the embrace of Mass Media culture are all signs that White Nationalism has been poisoned. It is too sick a creature to be the vanguard against White demographic death. Hence, the absurd spectacle of this election.

Because the Multicultural poison is now in the movement, CDN's mission to expose the absurdity, contradictions, and deceits of diversity meant criticizing the movement, and dealing with the death threats and denunciations (neither of which I would allow through to the comments), and the occasional strained plea for me to stop worrying and learn to love the Trumplingism bomb (which I would allow through to the comments so I could reject the pleas). I carried on because I thought it was possible that White Nationalists could be returned to their senses. But two days out from the election, that has not happened. They taste victory like German troops removing the barriers from the roads to Poland in 1939. That is a depressingly accurate comparison of mood, but inaccurate comparison of logistical and strategic strength, given that White nationalism has zero real world assets.

What we should see in the picture above is the failure of White people to do what is in the best interest of their race, rather than pursing the aggrandizement of their own foolish national pride. What we should see is the moment the poison was swallowed, to be followed less than six years later with the Death of the West.

In this election, White Nationalism had a chance not to take the poison. It did so anyway. If the Trump blitz fails this week, you lose. If the Trump blitz begins this week, you lose. For those who dismiss my prophecy and argue that this election, regardless of outcome, is just the first step along the road to victory, please see the photo above.