Sunday, October 16, 2016

Zombie Deer: Proof Your God Has Problems

5. We've Reached the End of White Christian America
Perhaps. But, they have sacrificed their principles for one last shot at relevance. It remains to be seen if it will make any difference to the destiny foretold by their demographic decline.

4. The story behind Evan McMullin’s run for president
I've read rumors that McMullin may pull enough votes away from Trump that Utah could go to Hillary. I've also been surprised that McMullin could do so well among his fellow Mormons, given he does not oppose gay marriage. I wondered why he would take such a stance, until I read the following passage from the linked article: McMullin grew up poor on a small farm in Auburn, Wash., in a religious Mormon family. His mother bought groceries in bulk and sold them out of their garage to make ends meet. She later married a woman, whom she now lives with. And because the MultiKult poison is in his family, he can't denounce it. He is just another MultiKulturalist like all the other candidates, and Mormons still turn to him. See yesterday's lament, "White people have embraced living in the vile, polluted media factory the Kikes have been building". Of course, I've also read accusations McMullin has a Jew in the woodpile, so naturally he would be put forward as a candidate for White people.

3. Accused Rapist: My Stomach Is So Big I Couldn't Have Done It - Lawyer says Jacques Rouschop's penis is also too small
Having two-inch penises didn't stop the Mongolian hordes from polluting Russian bloodlines and turning them into a nation of rape-enthusiasts.  I'm sure this fellow could have managed, even with his limitation.

2. Bullseye! One-eye matador nicknamed ‘The Pirate’ is gored in the same eye by a 100-stone bull which then stamps on his stomach 
Quoting the matador, "Aaaarrrrr!". Too bad it didn't take out his other eye. Then he would have been a modern-day Monty Python sketch.

1. Zombie Deer: Proof Your God Has Problems
Attack of the 'zombie deer': Horrific plague of screwworm that eat the HEADS of live deer

More evidence that if God exists, He is a monster.

Quoting The Daily Mail: The screwworms have turned their victims into 'zombie deer', leaving them with half-eaten heads as the maggots eat their flesh and slowly kill them within 14 days. 

Quoting God: It's all part of my plan. Mwahahahaha.

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