Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Two Stale Loaves of Wonder Bread Hold VP Debate

5. Sports writers blast ‘racist’ man in gorilla suit and ‘All Lives Matter’ shirt who ran on field during NFL game. Then cops pull off his mask.
So it was a groid dressed as a gorilla all along! Officer McChalky could be excused if he tried to pull off what he thought was a second ape mask on the perp.

4. Young special needs boy, 10, who was 'deliberately set on fire by bullies' is fighting for life in hospital
Now, what happened to this child is absolutely terrible and wrong, and I would not be a merciful judge if the perpetrators were brought before me in a court of law, however (you knew there was going to be a however, didn't you?) where is the responsibility of the mother in this case? Quoting the mother: 'He considered these guys his friends, but they would make fun of him and pick on him and tease him. He was usually the brunt of that kind of joke, but he kept playing with them.' So you knew your special needs child was being disrespected and used as the brunt of a joke, but you did not intervene? People have to understand that normal kids do not want to form friendships with defectives. Kids group themselves by caste, in a similar way that adults do, but with more freedom to be overtly cruel about it if they are the bullying type. It should have raised red flags that these boys wanted to hang out with her son in the first place, but she was probably blinded by her own fantasies of mainstreaming her autist. And look how those fantasies turned out.

3. 7-year-old girl’s parents found dead of drug overdose after she told bus driver she couldn’t wake them upQuoting The Blaze: The children were unharmed, according to the Post, but nevertheless were taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated before being placed in child protective services. Sadly, the terrible fate these four young kids are facing is not that uncommon, according to Allegheny County health officials. Wait ... what?!? Now they are facing a "terrible fate"? Being placed in foster care instead of being raised by heroin addicts is a "terrible fate"? Aren't you right-wingers obsessed with touting how great an option foster/care adoption is? Isn't it your go-to answer for people considering abortion? If anything, the chances for these kids to have a decent life just went up substantially.

2. Adults at Chuck E. Cheese's pizza parlor erupt into all-out fistfights and hair-pulling
Oh, the Kwa. Where everyone, regardless of race, color, or creed, has an equal chance to devolve into a nigger.

1. Two Stale Loaves of Wonder Bread Hold VP Debate
Trump Takes ‘Credit’ for Pence’s Debate Performance
In so much as he chose a running mate who was a skilled debater, he does deserve credit. Pence skillfully deflected dozens of the Democrats most-oft-repeated criticisms of Trump, and left Kaine looking like a frustrated political hack. Not that it moved the needle in the polarized electorate, and not that we learned anything substantive about these two stuffed suits, but Pence showed everyone that the best way to deal with accusations is to brush them aside with all confidence that responding to them is what gives them power, because it puts the accused on the defensive. Trump didn't get that in his first debate with Hillary - and Kaine didn't get it either, as his constant interruptions last night made him look desperately defensive.

Still, in general, the whole thing was very dull for anyone who has been paying attention. There simply was nothing new at all last night. But here's a fun game to play after this boring affair. Ask random people to name who these two old crackers are in the pic above. You can even give them the names Pence and McCain and see how many don't even realize one of the options is wrong.

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