Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ronald McDonald Lays Low During Clown Hysteria

5. One Tweet Unleashes A Torrent Of Stories Of Sexual Assault
Sure is a lot of masturbatory material here for the PUA fanbois. And here's some more...

4. Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she had become 'too Westernised' living in Norway 
Isn't it telling that the manner in which he thought she would be turned to the Islamic worldview was by the same action his fellow muzzies are inflicting on Western women on a daily basis? Thank goodness Islam is not the problem! END SARCASM, AGAIN

3. Glenn Beck: Opposing Trump is 'moral' choice — even if Clinton is elected
Wrong (as usual). There is no moral choice in this election. All Kwanians, including myself, are guilty that we let our society rot into this disgusting farce. The Kwa is degenerate beyond redemption. The corpse of Western Civilization festers in the swamp while the Left and the Right play tug of war over it using the rope by which they hung their victim.

2. WATCH: Woman at Pence rally calls for ‘revolution’ if Hillary is elected
And Pence tells her not to say it. The problem is Trumplings don't want the revolution now, they just want daddy to fix it for them. Do you see the terrible position the Race is in? In hitching their wagon to Trump, the dogwhistled Whities have delayed necessary action to keep from losing their birthright, in the hopes that Trump will let them avoid taking said action. But seeing what a pathetic fool they have invested their hopes in should tell you everything you need to know about these people - they will *never* do what is necessary to take their nation back. They are exhausted - intellectually, physically, and spiritually.  If Trump wins, they will become comfy and complacent. If he loses, they will simply despair and look for another savior. Meanwhile ... tick tock tick tock ... MultiKulturalism marches on, White numbers continue to decline, and soon ... buzzzzz ... time is up. Again, the proof of their inevitable failure is the man in whom they have placed their faith. It shows how depleted they are. And yet, the fools of White Whateverism / Alt-Faggotry see their choice as a sign the revolution has begun. HA! It's all so laughable.

1. Ronald McDonald Lays Low During Clown Hysteria
Flurry of creepy clown sightings forces Ronald McDonald to keep a low profile
Instead of making public appearances, he has decided to spend more time with friends, pursuing his hobbies.

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