Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reason to Thank Islam: Janet Jackson in a Hijab

5. With Teal Pumpkin Project, Halloween gets less tricky for allergic kids
When I was a kid, I knew no children with a peanut allergy. Snack time in kindergarten was a cup of peanuts and raisins and there were no alternatives (and we liked it!). A couple dysgenic decades later, and now Halloween has to be altered to keep up with the general decline in the quality of offspring. Pathetic.

4. Compare these articles released within just a day of each other:
Gay Republican Group Declines to Endorse Donald Trump
Gay Republicans Explain Why They Are Proudly Supporting Donald Trump

The funny thing is, the second article covers the content of the first, and reports that the Log Cabin Republicans aren't endorsing Trump, yet they still chose to lead with a title that touts Trump's gay-friendliness. No wonder Trumplings are confused, example: Trump supporter tells CBS: He will make America great again like it was before ‘the homosexuals’

3. Karl Rove: Donald Trump Can’t Win
Rove said that? Then we should expect a Trump landslide. Karl Rove is the idiot who refused to accept Mitt Romney lost even after FuxNews called the election for Obongo.

2. Obama nixes twerking at final White House musical event
Guess he's letting his white-half off the leash a bit now that he is about to exit public life and doesn't need to prove his black credentials anymore. And speaking of black, Islam-loving, divas ...

1.  Reason to Thank Islam: Janet Jackson in a Hijab

There's no chance of a wardrobe malfunction in this outfit... pregnant Janet Jackson, 50, covers her blossoming baby bump in Islamic-style dress

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and blame where blame is due. White people brought us Janet Jackson's pregnancy at age at 50. DAMN YOU CHALKY SCIENTISTS! Meanwhile, Islam has led her to cover the fuck up. Thank you, Islam. Don't expect to hear that from me often, if ever again - but credit where credit is due.

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