Sunday, October 09, 2016

Mulatto Maker Pens Apologia for Her Racist Uncle

5. Upset teacher wrote ‘focus’ on a student’s forehead. Now, he’s charged with assault.
This reminded me of my third grade teacher, who locked a nigger boy in the supply room with the lights out as punishment for him not paying attention and being disruptive during class. I really have been taking some trips down racist memory lane lately.

4. Petition Calls for Hanging of Man Accused of Heinous Crime
A cracker pedophile raped and murdered a nine-month-old. Why is the perp still alive at this moment? Oh, yeah - because we live in a global insane asylum.

3.  Did Someone at Hospital Switch Multiple [Featherhead] Babies on Purpose? 
It was probably done accidentally by some Chalky devil who couldn't tell the inbred Asiatic spawn apart.

2. Inside the Trump Campaign's Moment of Crisis
Oh, I don't know. Perhaps this "crisis" is being overhyped in order to sell one hell of a comeback story if Trumpenfuhrer grabs Clinton by the pussy at tonight's debate (in other words, wins the debate). Again - the electorate is so polarized, it doesn't matter to their supporters what terrible things they have done, are doing, or will do. One thing that this election has exposed for me is just how without principles my Chalky conservative acquaintances truly are. I always knew they were soft on MultiKulturalism, but I thought it was because they were do-gooders who could be swayed by Leftist appeals to shared humanity. But I have been awakened to the reality that they really are just herd animals responding to the collective mood of their fellow cattle. As long as the herd collectively still backs the King of the Oompa Loompas, their principles are as easily cast aside to support him, as they were cast aside to accept the normalization of homosexuality, gay marriage "equality", and transgender bathroom liberation. And speaking of casting aside one's principles...

1. Mulatto Maker Pens Apologia for Her Racist Uncle
I Loved My Bigoted Uncle, and He Loved Us

In this article, a sub-ape-ess capitalizes on the trend of Leftists attempting to humanize those misguided crackers they believe Hillary unfairly castigated as a "basket of deplorables". Her article is rather convoluted, but to summarize it: While her marriage was falling apart with her White Trash husband, she went to live with her husband's racist uncle in Bumfuck, Louisiana. To her surprise, he welcomed her kindly and defended her against the nigger-hating townsfolk. She doesn't seem to realize she paints him with the tired old whitewash of White saviorism, but that is beside the point.

The authoress wants us to know that if her racist uncle were alive today, he would be a Trump supporter. However, that doesn't mean he would be irredeemable. In fact, from her perspective, much of the xenophobia and anti-black sentiment of people like her uncle stands in stark contrast with how they actually live their lives. As soon as he got a nigger in the family woodpile, he became a good little MultiKult cuck, but retained the bravado of the backwater bigot. Therefore, she sees hope for the basket of deplorables.

And that is why I, an uncompromising, unrepentant racist, have no hope for the so-called basket of deplorables - because this sub-ape-ess is right. I have witnessed it myself in the past couple of decades. The Slow March Left has proceeded to the point that the most reactionary elements in White society still applaud for queer rights at the Republican convention, applaud letting illegal beaners stay in the Kwa as long as they are some of the good'uns, and shout down someone who tries to question the Holoco$t. The fact that the Alt-Fag and White Whateverist camps almost uniformly give a pass to their yellow-fever-afflicted comrades, think Jews "look huWhite", and support a candidate with Jewish grandchildren should also amply demonstrate they are hopeless as well, viewed from racist eyes. Apologies for the Whities today, eulogies for the Whities tomorrow - ain't MultiKulturalism grand?

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