Sunday, October 02, 2016

Is Teddy Ruxpin Responsible for Furry Fetishism?

5. Clinton: 'My worries are not the same as black grandmothers'
Your worries aren't the same as White grandmothers either, so shut the fuck up, cunt.

4. Man repeatedly yells ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ during live Fox News segment
Apparently, this stunt was prompted by Alex Jones offering $5,000 for the trolling. I'm sure his supporters will think those were donations well spent. On the topic of communist rapists...

3. Forgotten story of Polish nuns gang-raped and made pregnant by advancing Soviet troops
Forgotten? The allies deliberately concealed the crimes of the Soviet troops against the people they were "liberating" in order to keep the meat grinder of the Eastern Front cranking. Every Christian in Western Europe is morally responsible for the atrocities their satanic ally committed during the "Good War" (i.e. the Death of Western Civilization). Perhaps that can help explain why the "victors" of that war are afflicted with their geno-suicidal impulses.

2. Philippines President Apologizes to Jewish Community After Holocaust Analogy
Remember that line about determining who rules over you? Duterte crossed a line der Trumpenfuhrer has yet to cross. Then again, Duterte doesn't have mischling grandchildren.

1. Is Teddy Ruxpin Responsible for Furry Fetishism?
Teddy Ruxpin Is Back to Delight/Terrify New Generation

Teddy Ruxpin is back, and the first thing I thought was I bet there are some internet freaks who can't wait to hook up with their old childhood friend for some grown up fun. I am referring to the furry fetishist community, who like to dress as talking, anthropomorphic animals and (typically) get aroused by doing so.

But could toys like Teddy Ruxpin explain why a generation of furry deviants arose? Sure, why not? There has to be some explanation for human attraction to fantasy anthropomorphic characters. Perhaps introducing children to the concept of loving sentient animal/humanoid hybrid creatures, along with the concomitant rise in beliefs that no type of love is deviant, are together jointly to blame. Seems plausible to me. Something has got to explain this:


  1. The funny thing about addictions (and deviations)—like, say alcohol—is that if there were no alcohol there would be no alcoholics. But it is likely that they would then have some other expression of addiction/deviation.

    I think furry fetishism is just a deviation of bestiality—like attraction towards niggers (I couldn’t help myself). Except it is “clean” bestiality because the anthropomorphic animal can consent to the sex and is by all accounts “human” in spite of all the animal characteristics… which are probably just a plus to these people.

    But I would just like to reiterate: “just because you want to have sex with your dog doesn’t mean your dog wants to have sex with you.”

    Oh well. It’s not just humans indulging in sexual deviations. Animals like rape, interspecies rape, pedophilia and necrophilia, too, among other things.

    - Different Anon

    1. I had thought that too - furryism is perhaps just beastiality in a fantasy setting. But still, I wonder about the source of the deviations. Are they genetic, conditioned, mental illness, a combination of these? Psychology attempted at one time to theorize on the root of sexual deviations like homosexuality, but normalization of so many deviant behaviors has all but put an end to it. If the root was discovered, it could perhaps be cut out, and that scares the perverts to death, as their deviance has become their identity.

      "Animals do it to" can be used to argue both how debased and primitive human nature is, and that such behaviors must be natural because animals do them to. But these things still remain deviations in animal behavior, while humans have actually gone from using the law to punish people who engage in sexual deviations, to punishing people who don't bake cakes for people who engage in sexual deviations. Again - there is no more monstrous animal on earth than a human being.