Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Gary Johnson: Special Needs Candidate

5. Holo[co$t] film gets secret screening in Gaza, leaving director fearing for his life
The film "follows the lives of eight Palestinian girls and two Israelis as they audition to play the role of young Jewish World War II diarist Anne Frank." It's rumored that Robin Williams was originally on board to play the part of Inky, the magical ballpoint pen from the future who helps Anne outwit her Nazee tormentors and save her prized marbles collection.

4. Election blindness: It’s the end of the world economy as we know it — and we feel fine
What's one more crisis? Nothing seems to derail the global ponzi scheme. If everyone collectively believes the law of gravity no longer applies, then we will all float away.

3. Japanese People Aren't Having Babies, So Toyota Built This Creepy Thing
And once again, the Japanese turn their affections upon non-human things. To me, the demographic destruction of the Japanese people supports the argument that the "genocide" of White people is a self-inflicted suicide (geno-suicide) brought about by their active dysgenic pursuits. Unless some White Whateverists want to argue with a straight face that the all-powerful Juden have been using their hypnotic sheeny-powers to make the Japanese a nation of chronically-masturbating recluses?

2. The most retarded wedding ever - Special ed teacher touches the hearts of thousands after giving each of her students a role in her wedding
Are you with the bride or the groom? POTATO! And speaking of retards...

1. Gary Johnson: Special Needs Candidate - I can't start wars with places if I can't find them on a map
That wouldn't get in Trump's way, so why should it get in yours, Gary? Would you please just go back to biting your tongue?

Gary makes Admiral Stockdale almost seem coherent by comparison. Isn't it incredible that Gary is a presidential candidate? Not as incredible as the fact Trump is a candidate, but if you wanted to understand the depths to which the Kwa has sunk, this election year is the proverbial lead weight at the end of the national rope.


  1. Humanity really is a parody of itself.

    If one needs a humanoid ROBOT (which is incapable of having feelings and emotions regardless of what chronic masturbators with robot fetishes think) to “invoke an emotional connection” then it should already be a huge glaring neon-sign that your race—or humanity—is, well, screwed.

    Oh, and regarding the retard wedding… I mean, special needs wedding… girls in dresses and boys in pants? They should put a trigger warning in that for the trannies. Oh, oops, biological sex is meaningless so all the girls could actually be boys and all the boys could actually be girls. Or amoebae. Because in spite of the past 500,000 years or so to the contrary (and all the knowledge about mammal biology) humans are actually hermaphrodites.


    Like so.

    Well, I can see why leftists are confused. They're both equally spineless.

    - Different Anon

    1. HA! Imagine if humanity could alter its own genome to reproduce by budding. Loneliness would be a thing of the past, and narcissism would find its ultimate expression. Asexual reproduction pursuing AGTOW seems a more viable long term strategy than the biological dead end of MGTOW.

    2. That is actually what I thought when I read about the skin transfer babies.

      Then I wondered if a pedophile makes a skin transfer baby--or just a clone of himself in some other means of reproduction--will it count as rape or just masturbation when the pedophile inevitably molests the child?

      Humans are such messy creatures.

      Hilariously, on the topic of reproduction and thus sex, today I read a piece of news about a 24 years old woman who'd married a 68 years old man. As it turned out, the man was her grandfather--from an estranged father's side of the family.

      After this revelation both decided to continue the relationship because "good relationships are so hard to find".

      Imagine if humans could think a bit farther ahead before they started breaking up families willy-nilly. It wouldn't completely erase stories like these but it would certainly lessen them.

      (And perhaps it is not pedophilia they will be pushing next but incest! Or both at the same time because they are clearly quite industrious.)

      Perhaps in the future every date will come with a warning: "if you feel intense attraction towards a stranger, they might be your estranged family".

      - Different Anon

    3. "Humans are such messy creatures."

      Indeed. I think that part of the nightmare of being human is being enlightened enough to feel that you are more than your physical self, but being reminded repeatedly of the filth from which you are made and to which you are exposed. Think about it. If you smell a fart on a crowded train car, basically, molecules that were recently in someone's ass are tickling receptors in your nasal passages right next to your brain.

      The MultiKult is a battlefront that almost never gives up territory. It can appear stagnant for decades, only to suddenly overwhelm a position. When the breakthrough occurs, like with gay marriage, the defenders can seem shocked because they didn't realize they were under attack. They don't appreciate the effects of generational attrition. Normalization of incest and pedophilia are long term goals, and will be easier to accomplish as the browning accelerates in the next generation.