Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Election Takes a Physical Toll on Huma Abedin

5. Something Is Killing the Scrotum Frogs of Lake Titicaca
Their extinction is worth the juvenile giggling such a headline is meant to elicit.

4. Florida man with half of a skull was arrested for arson and attempted murder
As a mud, he wasn't using his frontal lobes anyway. They were just dead weight.

3. Secessionists chase ‘rainbow Confederate’ out of the closet with ‘salacious’ rumors
And he is a Trumpling, of course. Quoting: “The idea that all homosexuals have gone wholesale over to the idiocy of the liberal and politically correct left is a myth. I hope that this will help to dispel this myth.” There is no myth about that - tolerance of open homosexuality is the result of MultiKulturalism, which drives the Slow March Left. The myth would be that open homosexuals can be conservative, which is not true because the Slow March Left means that the positions of the Right are where the positions of the Left were 20-30 years ago. In other words, those calling themselves traditionalists and conservatives today (including the Alt-Fags), would have been quite comfortable with social platform of the Democratic party circa 1991.

2. Pennsylvania Mayor Quits After Facebook Posts Compares Obama Family To Apes
Because Political Correctness was defeated by Milo's Daddy.

1. Election Takes a Physical Toll on Huma Abedin

Some say Huma is showing visible signs of the stress she has been under given the difficulty of the campaign season, combined with her husband's recent sexting scandal. You be the judge. 

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