Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate Horror Movie: Look Behind You, You Dumb White Bitch!

5. Forget baby showers! Young couples are holding 'vasectomy parties'
Wow! The Daily Mail! is really excited! about this! Why not call them what they are? White extinction parties!

4. Politician’s bizarre infomercial: Sexting teen boy was a bad idea
Still listed as "Honorable" Mike Yenni on the parish website. Hey, its not like he said he wanted to grab 'em by the anus, right? It's just bathhouse banter. Stop being so judgmental, Louisiana Republicans. END SARCASM

3. Veteran Posts Signs at Colleges Telling Whites to Be ‘Great Again’
The Veteran in question is veteran useful idiot Nathan Damigo. Damigo, having become an unemployable deplorable wants you too to expose yourself to accusations of what he calls "the R-word". Retardation, apparently. Damigo described Identity Evropa’s role as serving as a magnet to “attract high-quality individuals from doctors to lawyers to economists to our fraternity” “Once our network is large enough, the threat of being ‘outed’ or ‘coming out of the pro-white closet’” will be minimized, Damigo assures. Any Chalky smart enough to become a doctor, lawyer, or economist will know to steer clear of der Movement. Only if they are mentally ill or otherwise defective would such smart people become openly involved with White Whateverism. And what will be out of the closet is therefore their madness, for the whole world to point and laugh at while those crazy crackers stand on the unemployment line.

2. Kansas sheriff's deputy is kidnapped and sexually assaulted before being dropped off by her abductors two hours later
If only she had a gun, or pepper spray, or a taser, or even some self-defense training! Oh, wait. And this is who you get White man when you dial 9-1-1? Yay, equality! Anything a man can do, she can do better! Like getting raped, for example.

1. Debate Horror Movie: Look Behind You, You Dumb White Bitch!
Trump's pacing, lurking turn into a thing

I broke out laughing at the way Trump stalked Hillary last night. I called out in my Shaniquah McCullough voice "Look behind you, you dumb white bitch!, as I felt that is what any negress would have shouted in a theater when the psychopathic killer snuck up behind his victim in a horror movie.

Trump obviously did much better in last night's debate than he did the first debate, mainly because he stopped interrupting and let the miasma of Hillary Clinton's tedious, unpleasant delivery remind people how awful she is. The few meme-worthy jabs (or pussy grabs if you prefer) he got in helped too, but only by reassuring his base that he is still not beaten. The attacks on Bill Clinton I personally don't believe were strong enough or repeated enough to break through to a new audience. He needed to lay that foundation well before a hastily assembled press conference just before the debate. He needed to have Bill's rape scandals well into the public consciousness before he attacked her on it. Because he didn't, average people who heard the attack were left thinking "What was that all about?"

I don't believe his attacks shifted any more people into his camp than she can turn off simply by her droning on. But to keep silent as he did came at an obvious price. He prowled the stage like a mental patient. He also seemed exhausted and at the end of this rope, gripping his chair like he was either about to throw it at her or bring it crashing to the floor with him. As with the first debate - it was great entertainment for me! And as with the first debate - "it did not change the fundamental fact that these are two wealthy elites with mischling grandkids, who are both MultiKultists and are therefore anti-White."

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