Friday, October 14, 2016

Cheerleaders on their knees for Black Atheletes

5. Spiders Can Hear You 'Walking and Talking'
Wait, what? Were we supposed to be operating under the assumption that spiders are deaf?

4. Obama's simple Trump rebuff: 'Come on, man'
Without reading the article, I assume the Chimp in Chief was responding to Trump's question about why the press doesn't ever find stories about Obongo sexually harassing women."

3. US dairy farmers have dumped 43M gallons [of milk] in just the first 8 months of 2016
Well, there's no use crying over this.

2. Among Donald Trump’s Biggest U.S. Fans: Hindu Nationalists
More proof that all you have to be is a fringe nutjob and you will be able to see your savior in the Trump Rorschach.

1. Cheerleaders' protest alters homecoming football game
How strange. Typically, white men who worship nigger athletes love the idea of white cheerleaders on their knees for black football players. But in the context of a social justice protest - not so much.

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