Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CDN: Freak Act Edition 10-18-2016

5. Ghost Pepper Puts Hole in Man's Esophagus 
After swallowing ghost pepper puree, the freak in this story vomited so intensely that he ripped open his own esophagus.

4. Boise man threatens black family with knives before school: ‘I’m going to cut some niggers’
This freak apparently suffered a tragic flowbee accident before showing up for his knife act.

3. Trump Creeps Out America By Trying To Kiss A Little Girl Who Didn’t Want To Be Kissed
Presidential freak Donald Trump tried to make a move on a pickaninny who appears to be about 9-years-old. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't at all interested in being molested by the world's largest Oompa Loompa, even if it meant a shot at livin' in massa's house.

2. Fort Campbell soldier attacked by wasps, killed by cars
Doped up out of his gourd, solider boy freak Austin McGeough put his hand through a wasp's nest, and then called the coppers to report he was being chased by the angry buggers. 15 minutes later, he was struck by a car on highway 41A after trying to hitch a ride.

1. And our number one freak of the day is ...
Here's the story:

A baby girl born with an adult-sized tongue shows off her adorable smile after her second surgery
Can you believe that freak? No! Not the kid, you heartless monsters! The idiot mother, who said:

“I was blaming it on me. What did I do during my pregnancy that was wrong?” Kienow recalled asking herself. “But it was nothing that I could have prevented. It was just what she was born with. Jesus wanted me to have something a little extra special.”

What a freak! So, if a doctor had decided to inject your infant daughter with something that would cause her tongue to swell up to the point it filled her entire mouth, would you have said "The Dr. just wanted me to have something a little extra special."? NO! Of course not. You would condemn him for the monster he is. But when Jebus mutilates your child, it's just fine.

No wonder White Christians are going extinct.

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