Monday, October 03, 2016

CDN Endorses RMOD for Presbidemf of the Kwa

5. Mayor's House Egged Following Fatal Police Shooting of 18-Year-Old
#BrownEggsSplatter. Egging? Who coordinated this particular expression of rage against the machine? A 10-year-old trick-or-treater?

4. Battle for Islamic State stronghold could trigger a new crisis: a million displaced Iraqis
Angela Merkel is moist just thinking about it.

3. Dozens Rail Against California Gandhi Statue: They say the peace proponent was racist, sexist, a pedophile
And "they" are correct. This is another example of the MultiKult eating their own, and it's a beautiful thing.  The article tries to put up a halfhearted defense of the pervert Gandhi, but ends up admitting the protestors have a point: The protesters said Gandhi was a racist and a child molester, which KCRA notes "is a narrative that is not supported by mainstream historical scholars." [...] the pedophile comments come from Gandhi's practice of testing his chastity vow by sleeping naked with his teen grandnieces. It's similar to how mainstream scholars don't support the narrative MLK was a plagiarist, even though they admit he was.

2. School district fires educator over racist posts about First Lady
She referred to Moochelle as a "poor gorilla". Funny, but inaccurate. Moochelle is a very rich gorilla. Yet another (near) daily reminder from Adrean Arlott that political correctness has not been defeated, despite the Alt-Fag insistence that their daddy has destroyed it.

1. CDN Endorses RMOD for Presbidemf of the Kwa

Trump? Hillary? Why not vote for a destructive meteor capable of killing us all?
Indeed. But the Sweet Meteor of Death cited in the article linked above is not the right meteor for the job. Instead, CDN is endorsing the Racist Meteor of Death. The "impact" will be the same, but the meteor itself will wear black face while entering the atmosphere.

This marks the first election cycle in which Compulsory Diversity News has endorsed a presbidemfal canduhday for duh US of Kwa, but the Racist Meteor of Death is just the sort of change this country needs.


  1. would niggers throw away eggs? i doubt it
    must be the work of white hipsters, organic, free range locally grown artisan eggs hatched from a rare obscure hen

    gandhi was also a fag, he was with a joo named
    as you are posting good news, here is some good news

    coalburning cum dumpster kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, unfortunately the cum dumpster and her pet ape kanye are both alive

    1. I know a girl who got her house egged for calling a black girl who mocked her a nigger. That was a couple of decades ago, but if your theory is correct, it was the revenge of pre-hipster White Guilters.

      Excellent Gandhi reference there. Perhaps his vow of chastity around females wasn't so difficult for him after all.

      I read that Kardashian was afraid she would be raped, but the target of the robbery was her 3.5 million dollar wedding ring. Smart robbers. Go for the diamonds, not the STD's.

  2. If mainstream scholars aren’t “supporting” something then it’s either 1) because they are hacks or 2) they are hacks anyway but lunatics have made it a political and social suicide to do so. Oh fine, I’ll add that there is a third option that the theory is just wrong.

    But wasn’t Gandhi a Nazi sympathizer, too? I do recall seeing once briefly in television that he used to correspond with Hitler. Or at least send him unrequited letters.

    I must admit I wouldn’t want that face to be the last thing I see. Otherwise I do support the Racist Meteor of Death. Except it’s not the sort of change that a country only needs. It’s the sort of change that the world needs, I think.

    - Different Anon

    1. Yes, but that face, a mile-wide, about to obliterate the planet? I wouldn't mind if it was the last face I would see in that circumstance! I would get quite a good laugh in addition to my elation that the human race was finally being purged.

      Gandhi was not a Nazi sympathizer, as far as I am aware. His letters to Uncle were more, I think, part of his PR campaign as a (sub-hu)man of peace. Gandhi has been criticized more for claiming the kikes had no right to Palestine.