Thursday, October 06, 2016

But, Muh Overton Window: Trump Supporters Turn on White Whateverist at Rally

5. 'Time is up': Killer Matthew to hit Florida with 145mph in hours as storm becomes most powerful Hurricane to strike Florida in 12 YEARS amid warnings it will cause 'immense human suffering'
Outstanding. Let's hope it lives up to the hype.

4. Why this white pastor is not saying 'all lives matter'
Because he is a MultiKultist, like most Christians, and he knows that the future of Christianity is with mud people, not Chalkies. Too bad most Chalkies don't realize that themselves, and reevaluate their loyalty to Jebus.

3. Rosie O'Donnell ran into Ivanka Trump at dinner
It was such a weird coincidence! Rosie was rummaging through the dumpster out back of the Golden Corral, and Ivanka was behind it blowing the Heeb who owned the joint (as she is required to blow every Jew in the Kwa with a net worth greater than $100,000, per her daddy's NWO service contract).

2. Mike Pence Disavows Donald Trump’s Earlier Proposal Barring Muslims
The recuckening of the Republican party continues apace, as anyone with half a brain knew was inevitable. And on that note ...

1.  But, Muh Overton Window: Trump Supporters Turn on White Whateverist at Rally
Chaos breaks out at Trump rally as reporter tries to interview alt-right Holocaust denier

A man who claimed to represent the alt-right racist movement behind GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, was shouted down by fellow Trump backers who then turned on the reporter who was attempting to interview him Wednesday afternoon in Nevada. [...]

“The Nazi’s did not intentionally gas six million people, I do not accept that,” he is heard saying before being shouted down.

Garrett and the reporter are immediately surrounded by other Trump supporters outraged at the interview.

“Bullshit, man,” one man can seen yelling. “Why are you interviewing him? Interview somebody else. You’re not speaking the truth for us. You go speak for somebody else!”

Another Trump supporter then jumps in to shoutl, “Why doesn’t the media focus on the average Trump supporter, not this crazy fool?”

As Garrett is hustled away, two female Trump supporters push their way in front of the camera, with one woman exclaiming, “I don’t care what color they are, they love America. This guy is an idiot. And how dare this press push that!”

The Alt-Fag and White Whateverists do not understand what motivates the Trump movement they are trying to coopt. For the 1,000th time - the Overton Window has not shifted. Trump pulled back the curtain the Republican establishment used to cover part of the window. The union of Trailer Park White Trash and Frightened Geriatric Chalkies that back Trump is fundamentally a populist revolt of dog-whistled Republicans. It is not an awakening of White racial interest. These people are not racially awake, they do not want to be racially awakened, and they lurv kikes.

I will just keep saying it so that there is ample record of my protestations once the race is dead:

These people are sheep, as I warned the Trumplings. They follow Trump because he is a billionaire reality TV presidential candidate. The evidence is staring you in the face in this video. These people are not awake. They are still filled with the MultiKult poison, and will do as their celebrity mischling-grandpa tells them. Look at how they single out the lone dissenter (10:00). The herd is being shown who not to be. That's what the Mass Media has been doing for decades, pointing to White Whateverists and saying - don't be like him. Can't you see? Even if Trump gets elected, the masses are still poisoned against their own interests. Even a crowd of Trump supporters can be made to applaud coexisting in a Multicultural society [...] Please accept it Trumplings - Trump's sheep will not become your flock.

That paragraph was originally posted in response to Trumps softening his immigration rhetoric back in August. But isn't it interesting how well it fits with the video linked at RawStory?

I've never heard of the Chalky useful idiot in this story. If he is a plant, I thank him for inadvertently exposing how racially unawake the Trumplings are. If he is not a plant, I hope he learned something after being turned on by the "average Trump supporter". It is pretty sad that these Trailer Dwellers better understand the meaning of Trumplingism than someone who is allegedly racially awake and Jew wise.


  1. in my opinion niggers are not religious, it is only when a nigger comes out of prison or some tragedy happens that a nigger is "born again" and then there are the old niggers, 90% of niggers over 60 are religious for some reason, alot of these apes suffer from dementia

    many trump whities are voting for him as "hes our best choice" its like a choice between watching a gay porn movie or attending a bar mitzvah, i choose neither, alot of these trump supporters are young and have only "woken up" in 2015, if you mention the jewish issue they dont know what to say , if papa trump says the jooz are the chosen ones then his supporters agree

    1. In my experience, the sub-apes are primitively religious, and quite superstitious. The females are much more so than the males. The females truly believe that Black Jebus is involved in the minutiae of their lives. It is amusing to me that you brought this up, because coincidentally, a groidess at work today very excitedly told me how Jebus had helped her find some money she lost before she could deposit it in the bank. She said she had told Jebus, "I know it isn't lost, because you know where it is and can bring it back to me." I smiled beatifically while she spewed her ravings.

      If you're right, these young Trumplings will be like the Ron Paul obsessives from 2008. Fools who imagine themselves awake, but who end up doomed to hopelessly wander every crackpot corner of the interwebs.