Saturday, October 08, 2016

Albino Chalkbot Pence "Beside Himself" Over Trump Pussy-Grabbergate

5. [Featherhead Beaner] Ordered to Buy Beer for Dad of Girl He Allegedly Raped
Quoting: A 55-year-old former pastor in Mexico was accused of sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. His punishment? He had to buy her father two crates of beer. [...] The head of a human rights organization in Mexico says that under [indigenous] traditions and customs many sexual violence cases "are settled this way: with a bottle of liquor." Delightful! We have found the spot where Featherhead and Beaner stereotypes intersect!

4. Police find heroin and meth in women's apartment after spotting bright pink handwritten note taped to their front door warning against tipsters
Why even bother teaching "White" Trash how to read and write? It just leads to things like this, and this.

3. Study finds U.S. students, regardless of race, prefer teachers of color over white ones
This story reminded me of something I haven't mentioned in decades. The first black teacher I had was a sub-ape-ess science teacher in elementary school. I had a habit of finishing my assignments too quickly, at which point she would give me additional busy work, which I resented. A friend walked by and left me a note that asked: "What is wrong with her?" I wrote back, "She's a baboon." Of course, the babooness later found the note and questioned us about it. I denied anything to do with it, even though my friend ratted me out. Nothing more came of it because PC culture was just getting started at the time - lucky for me.

2. Vegan mom charged with malnourishing 11-month-old son
Quoting: Specialists found the 11-month-old had been suffering from developmental delays that left him at a “failure to thrive” level, and that his fruit-and-nut-only diet was causing physical deterioration. Had he died, I think a fitting punishment for her would have been to make her eat him.

1. Albino Chalkbot Pence "Beside Himself" Over Trump Pussy-Grabbergate
Report: Pence was 'beside himself' over Trump's 2005 remarks
I have trouble believing that Mike Pence has any emotions at all. If he is beside himself, it is because he returned to his android recharging station while his doppelganger in the neighboring pod was undergoing presidential software upgrades that delayed his redeployment to the campaign trail.

The Left is all abuzz because they think the Trump campaign is finally imploding.

The Right is in confusion because some guests on the party cruise have taken off in the lifeboats, while most are just standing dumbfounded or stammering as the ship takes on water.

Illustrating the plight of the Right and the Mass Media's love-hate relationship with Trumplingism, we have this CNN story: Congressman booed while disavowing Trump

Senate candidate Rep. Joe Heck gets a mixed reaction from the crowd while saying he can no longer support Donald Trump

CNN leads by saying he was booed. When you get to the content, you read it was a mixed reaction. And if you watch the video, you hear a brief smattering of applause for his disavowal, followed by a brief smattering of jeers, which ends with one insane woman howling boos at the back of the crowd while the rest of the crowd goes silent, not knowing what to make of any of it.

If any visitor has been making the rounds of Alt-Fag / White Whateverist media since the "scandal" broke, I'd be interested if you shared any howling you have overheard. For my part, for about the past month, I have cut out all Alt-Fag / White Whateverist media and websites from my nightly rounds of the interwebs. I did this because I wanted to challenge an assertion I often have heard from those groups. That assertion is that they have finally broken into the mainstream consciousness via Mass Media coverage. I wanted only to know what people who follow the Mass Media know about the Alt-Right. My conclusion - people who consume Mass Media know virtually nothing about der Movement. Generally, conservative media and commenters avoid talking about the Alt-Fags and White Whateverism, and Leftist media and commenters only talk about them to mock their failures, like this one.

Trump did something this time that is very unique - he apologized. Thus proving once and for all my oft-repeated point, which is the answer to yesterday's fill-in-the-blank : Political Correctness is not dead, despite Alt-Fag / White Whateverist assertions that Daddy Trump killed it. And now you have evidence even a Trumpling can believe - an apology from Daddy himself.


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