Tuesday, September 06, 2016

UMass Declares Harambe Jokes an Attack on African Amerikwans

5. Fox Settles with Gretchen Carlson for $20 Million—and Offers an Unprecedented Apology
Good for her. What she experienced was the textbook definition of sexual harassment. As a Hutt, Roger Ailes was just one step away from putting Carlson in a Princess Leia slave costume on a chain. #StereotypesAboutHuttsAreTrue

4. Rare Oregon rock formation 'toppled'
It is alleged some vandals purposely destroyed a 170 million year old rock formation (or 5776 years old if you are a nitwit who has made Jewish mythology your religion). Humans - why we can't have nice things.

3. Drunk, Vomiting, Muzzie College Kid Grounds Flight After Ranting in Arabic
Muzzies - ruining air travel for over five decades.

2. Pediatricians Give Thumbs-Down to FluMist Flu Vaccine
In the words of one pediatrician* - We're trying to create a race of retards here! Give us the strong stuff! *Not actually words of one pediatrician.

1. UMass Declares Harambe Jokes an Attack on African Amerikwans
Quoting the thought police, er... RA's overseeing Harambee affinity hall:  “Any negative remarks regarding ‘Harambe’ will be seen as a direct attack to our campus’s African American community." Oh, you mean like this one I made earlier this year?


  1. Harambe-- the Original (OG) Pavement Ape. Talking old school, yo. Don't you lurv it when the Cathedral trots out some little-known story about some black female mathematicians who did some 3rd-tier calculating at NASA, somebody writes a book about it (Hidden Figures), and the next thing you know, a movie's in the works and find out we never would gotten to the moon without a small congress of sheboons? It never fails-- in my life-- a family member will mention something stupid like that as if it proves, ipso facto, that blacks are as smart as whites, contribute as much as whites, are as civilized as whites. What is a concise, pithy retort to retards like that? "Would you eat a bucket of feces if it two teaspoons of chocolate ice cream in it?" If I even bother, I generally direct them to the various black crime Websites and tell them to get back to me after doing some very thorough research.

    1. I, Adrean Arlott, declare that conversion is a discredited fantasy. You cannot make more racially aware White people through reason, practice, or suffering. There is simply no point in trying. It's better to conceal your beliefs publicly.

      Remember this story?

      Even when a nigger rapes a Chalky's wife and then murders her along with the child in her womb, it was just part of Jebus's plan. If even that kind violence can't spark a hint of racial awareness, I don't believe White people can be converted to racial awareness. You either have it and nurture it, or you don't have it and there is nothing to nurture.

      People can blame Jebusery, but there is also secular humanism for the non-religious. This is what Chalkies want. And before there were JOOOZ, there were still race-mixers, so no need to go there as an explanation to explain this defective racial awareness on the part of Chalkies.

      White people want to eat a bucket of shit and tell each other it tastes like ice cream, because that makes them feel good. Look at what good people we shit-eaters are! Num-num-num!

      If that counts as smart and civilized, then no wonder the White race is dying.

    2. I am generally a TAD more optimistic than you in these matters, but I have to agree. It's best to conceal (and keep your powder dry) and ultimately coax race traitors to the roof, then pull the ladder away (and liquidate them) than to waste time trying to "convert" them. I guess in today's world you'll never lose money underestimating the cuckoldry of Chalkies, particularly cucked, insulated Midwestern Chalkies, the cuck prototype.

    3. Fair enough. People on the gallows are probably more optimistic than me. I have tried to turn that eternal pessimism toward humanity into [admittedly dark] humor (for entertainment purposes only), but I feel responsible to warn pro-White people that they could very likely ruin their lives if they follow the example of the "leaders" of this movement by trying to publicly advocate for pro-White positions.

      10 years as an ancillary character in this farce called the pro-White movement have convinced me not only that the majority of the race is a lost cause, but that the majority of those trying to save the race are a lost cause.

      Der leaders need donations, they need media visibility, they need dupes to stand on corners in bed sheets and/or waving catchphrases on banners and placards. Of course they aren't going to tell people not to openly connect themselves with a cult of pariahs.