Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Can't Stop Winning - Just Forgot How to Win Last Night

I watched the debate last night without looking for any other input from Mass Media, Social Media, or other people.  I felt Hillary had "won". Trump had bullied and talked over her for the first half hour which kept her on the ropes, but then he changed his tactic and started responding to each and every little thing she threw out to him, while she just ignored every dig he made. In the latter half, he started arguing more with Lester Holt than with Hillary, which gave her even more breathing space. He was going a hundred miles an hour out of the gate, and then choked and started struggling, swatting at every shadow around him. It was all mildly entertaining, but it did not change the fundamental fact that these are two wealthy elites with mischling grandkids, who are both MultiKultists and are therefore anti-White.

Today, I was somewhat surprised by what others had to say about it at work, and how Mass/Social Media had reacted. I really shouldn't have been. The polarization is still as extreme as ever. Media on the Right have been making excuses for Trump's poor performance, some going so far as to gaslight it as a victory over Leftist media bias, and Media on the Left have been crowing that Hillary had destroyed him and showed the world he wasn't fit to be president. People at work came in today prepared to parrot what they had been hearing from their media outlets. I think both interpretations are wrong. Donald Trump defeated himself in last night's debate, and let Hillary walk away claiming a victory she hadn't earned. I referred to her strategy before as playing the penny slot machine that gives you your penny back if you lose, and 5 cents if you win 1 out of every 100 games. She slowly saves her nickels and hopes her opponent blows his wad. She ends the night with 5 bucks in her pocket and is the jackpot winner only because her opponent busted.

Because this spectacle is only productive in so much as it is laughable, I searched the Mass Media today for the five stories I thought were the funniest takes / spin on the debate. Here they are:

5.  Trump Suggests There Was A Plot To Sabotage His Debate Microphone
“I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories, of course” he said. Yeah, because that would be yugely out of character for him and his worshipers. The microphone conspiracy apparently led to this...

4. What's Going On With Trump's Sniffling?I was totally taken aback by this meme. I hadn't noticed it at all. Perhaps the livestream I was watching didn't catch it? Perhaps I had the volume too low? Perhaps I am just not that observant of people's nasal congestion. Or perhaps it was just b.s..

3. Pepe’s post-debate identity crisis: Online alt-right turns on Donald Trump after his presidential debate fiasco
That is gross hyperbole. Some channers expressed doubts or took to venting over the poor performance, but the White Whateverist Alt-Right still lurvs dey daddy and has not promoted memes like the one above. Still, this quote from the article is highly relevant, as White Nationalists who sold their souls to hop on the Trump Train being conducted by the millennial meme trolls are going to be hearing similar sentiments quite a bit: "our only mission is to meme the retarded manchild to the white house for the lulz.” When the let down begins, you won't find a White Whateverist Alt-Righter in existence who will claim they genuinely supported the orange fuhrer. It will all be written off as an ironic hipster joke or as a strategic move to shift the Overton Window, even though it meant moving the entire White Whateverist movement to the MultiKult Left to do so.

2. Donald Trump Told Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Do Sit-Ups or You’re Fired
I had no idea who this beaner was Hillary was referring to, but Trump was clearly rattled by having it brought up. It figures he had no problem that Miss Universe was a mud, just that she was overweight. What surprises me is that he would take such a personal role in making sure an overweight beaneress shaped up. Doesn't he have people who could have done that just as easily without connecting himself to it?

1. Trump Can't Stop Winning - Just Forgot How to Win Last Night
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox mocks Trump: ‘Tell me, what does losing feel like?’
Well, Trump kind of set himself up for that swipe by constantly asserting he always wins. But the Left is just as foolish to declare victory after one debate as the Right have been by declaring victory after Hillary hacked up a lung earlier this month. Two sides of the same shekel, people. A victory for one or the other is as significant for the Race as who wins the Super Nigger Bowl. I still just wish White Whateverists hadn't waste an entire year of the struggle against the geno-suicide of the Race by supporting a reality-tv-show-billionaire-oompa-loompa-grandpa-of-mischling.

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