Saturday, September 17, 2016

Things Fall Apart

5. Tiziana Cantone's family calls for justice after suicide over sex tape
Quoting: "Why are these images still there? Why can people still mock and laugh at this young woman who ended her days because of this humiliation that she suffered?" Yeah, right. That's why people view sex online. For laughs.

4. Mom's heartache as two 26-year-old women are charged with defacing her dead three-year-old son's grave
Hmmm ... And why don't these two cunts follow the example of the female in the first story? Was their behavior not sufficiently shameful, or did their video just not get as many views?

3. Daughter who sold a freezer with her mother's dead body inside for $30 at yard sale is arrested
Now my first thought reading this headline was, What kind of moron buys a used freezer without opening it first? The kind who found this instruction to be acceptable, quoting: According to the neighbor, the daughter was moving out of state and told her not to open the freezer, which she referred to as a time capsule, until church members could come by and collect the contents inside. Wha?!? As if we needed more proof the world is full of incredibly stupid people.

2. NY dad, jealous of the attention his cancer-survivor daughter received, pleads guilty to killing her
He beat his 22-month-old daughter to death with a baseball bat because she was getting more attention than he was. Hmmm ... that was some money well spent for the gofundme donors who gave $35,030 toward her cancer treatment. By the way, my Dark and Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY) manifested himself in this story in the image below.

1. Things Fall Apart: Stage Collapses As Katy Tur Gives Live Report From Trump Event
DATGOY had a busy day. If all the world's a stage ...


  1. Ba-ha-ha! Did you see this from the grave-defacing story? "He was born with severe disabilities due to amniotic band syndrome, which causes fetuses to become entangled in the band while in the wound."
    Yes, the "wound" that never heals! Stupid "journalists."

    1. HA! Good catch. Can you believe people get paid to put out this stuff?