Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Irony of the V-J Day Bad Touch Photo

5. Ohio city shares shocking photos of adults who overdosed with a small child in the car
Delightful! Should have let them die though. It would have been that child's only hope for a halfway normal life.

And while we are on the subject of childcare ...

4. Toddler dies at West Jordan daycare after employee sits on bean bag chair with boy underneathSo this "employee" "accidentally" suffocated a child by sitting on it while it was pinned under a bean bag chair. I call bullshit. Do you know who hard it is to sit on a bean bag chair in the first place? Try placing a squirming life form under it. This story reeks as bad as that child's corpse when they pried it from betwixt the fat ass daycare provider's butt cheeks. Ooooo ... was that in bad taste? Oh, well.

3. [Yid] Director wants audience to shut up for a bit after seeing Holocaust film
Meanwhile, everyone else would like the heebs to shut up for a bit about the Holocaust. How about they try shutting up first?

2. British Bachelor Party Brings Blow Up Doll to Ground Zero Memorial
Nice to see the ugly Amerikwan is now an international phenomenon. Ur-vre-body wanna be like the Kwanians on the mov-ee screen. Thank you MultiKulturalism!

1. The Irony of the V-J Day Bad Touch Photo

LINK. You've probably seen this photo before. The female in the photo died on Thursday:


According to the linked story (more details here),  a drunken, rap-ee, cracker navy boy (who did not believe in affirmative consent) ran up to a woman dressed as a nurse and planted this photo-friendly kiss upon her, which she did not appreciate. A heeb with a camera caught the moment for posterity.

Now the irony. First, the cracker was already on a date with a woman who was a nurse, and who would later become his wife. But driven by some strange impulse, he decided he just had to make out with the woman in this picture, who was a Jewess with relatives she says died in the Holocaust. She later said, "That man was very strong. I wasn't kissing him. He was kissing me." Is this not a metaphor for America's destiny? To spurn their own kind and embrace the Jew in a spectacle publicized by the Jewish Mass Media? Isn't it apt that the end of WWII should be commemorated by an American military man kissing a kikess in Times Square?


  1. beaner killled by bean bag? , where they refried beans?

    that kid is a blue eyed blonde haired mexican, would hitler have sent him to the ovens?

    once again its the joo who has to fuck things up, all i see in that pic is a navy guy kissing a woman, then the joo photographer had to make a big deal out of it, and as usual the holohaux has to feature, the amerikwan gubmint should give every ameican heeb 10 cents and that should be an end to their whining

    1. Dunno 'bout Uncle, but the kid did die under some fat woman's gas chamber - so there's that.

      "all i see in that pic is a navy guy kissing a woman"

      If that's all you see in the picture above, you are in fact seeing exactly what the Joo wanted you to see. A little slice of inspiration bellyfeel Americana. The Good War, summarized in one moment that would have been verbotten if it had been a Nazi flag flying over Times Square that day.