Friday, September 09, 2016

The Daily Outage: Mattress Store Mocks 9/11

5. North Korea bans sarcasm because Kim Jong-un fears people only agree with him ‘ironically'
I wasn't sure if chingy chongs could grasp the concept of irony, but from the manner in which they are accused of mocking their leader/state, it is clear they do - and it is quite amusing! Now, why is Margaret Cho still so unfunny?

4. My Search For A Lesbian Donald Trump Supporter
Actually, she found several. But ... here comes the irony ... they have to remain closeted for fear of being ostracized by other lesbos. HA! The wheel has turned.

3. Why Serena Williams is the greatest sportsperson ever
Answer: Internal Testicular Remnants and White Worship of Sports Groids

2. Scientists like Barack Obama so much that they named a parasite after him
Certainly this is just a fluke (literally), not some evidence of a Leftist bias in the scientific community. Then again, this is the second parasite named after the Mulatto Messiah, and overall the fifth organism named in his "honor".

1. The Daily Outage: Mattress Store Mocks 9/11

LINK What ethnicity do you think these brown people are? They really are a disgusting Brazilian-esque hodge-podge of scum. I was more offended by their unclean genomes than their poorly acted and executed "joke". As for the 9/11 part - I don't care.


  1. i am deeply offended, by the ugliness and fatness of that "woman" whats the bets shes a coalburner? or the beaner version of coalburner

    im sure larry silverstien is deeply offended and is weeping in his billion shekels

    what more do you expect from the guardian? its like giving trayvon the nobel peace prize
    the message is clear "white man you must adore this 6 foot 200 lb grunting manly sheboon, otherwise you are racist"

    1. You mean Jauna the Huttess? She doesn't so much burn coal, as liquefies it with the intense gravity well at the center of her super dense cooch.

      I think the point of Serena is to give White women a sports groid to worship, like JK Rowling does. White men have their own stable of male nigger athletes to worship. And worship, they all do. The vast majority of Chalkies have proven they are natural cucks. The Jooz found this natural weakness in Chalkies and exploited it by giving them what they want.

  2. Feelgood story of the day. This just gladdens my heart and gives me the strength to "Carry on" and survive another day in Cathedral Amerikwa.

  3. Outstanding find - thank you for the contribution! I appreciate your help documenting the MultiKult cancer that killed the West, and that is now trying to finish off the White race.

    So, this modern day Job is a cuck too. God renders him infertile. He and his White wife adopt a niglet. God kills the White wife. And then God kills the niglet. And the ball-less cuck still praises Jebus at the Immaculate Cuck Church. Oops - Immaculate Conception Church. Actually, works either way. The "Immaculate" conception was the Greatest Cucking Ever Told.

    I couldn't have faked a story like this for my CDN show. It would have seemed too over the top. But ur-vre-thang is possible wif Jebus!

    I would like to revise the story of Job to include my Dark and Terrible God of Irony as the Satan adversary. So when the Jew God turns to DATGOY and gloats about what a good cuck his boy Job is, DATGOY will say - "I never doubted that, I was just pointing out what a vile, murderous monster you are."