Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some Evangelicals Lukewarm Over Cheeto Jesus

5. Enjoy Your 'Th' Sounds Now, They'll Be Gone by 2066
If you're a nigger, dey is already gone, and dat is duh truf.

4. [Po-Po Sends] Apology cake: 'Sorry I Tased You'
I can't believe this story is real, but the image connected with it is hilarious nonetheless...

3. Do flu shots still work?
Given the number of spergs/autisits/retards in the Kwa today, I would say most assuredly yes! Oh, you mean do they work at preventing the flu. (shrugs shoulders) DISCLAIMER: CDN does not take sides in the vaccine debate. Get 'em or don't and let Jebus sort it out.

2. [Rayciss] history lesson horrifies parents: Blacks used to have ‘strong work ethic’ during slavery
No, they didn't. That's not racist, it's simply a lie. Do you think any overseer ever got up in the morning to find the slaves were already halfway through picking the cotton fields?

1. Some Evangelicals Lukewarm Over Cheeto Jesus
Split Over Donald Trump and Cut Off by Culture Wars, Evangelicals Despair


Betty and Dick Odgaard used to own the tiny church next door to their home. They had built it over 13 years into an art gallery, bistro, flower shop and framing service. They even rented out the chapel, with its bright stained glass windows, for social events.

But three years ago, the Odgaards refused to rent the quaint site to two gay men for a wedding, saying it would violate their religious beliefs about marriage. The men filed a civil rights complaint, and the Odgaards settled, paying a penalty because it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. After the controversy, regular customers stopped coming. Friends and family members stopped speaking to them. The Odgaards were vilified as bigots and haters. [...]

The change in America seemed to happen so quickly that it felt like whiplash, the Odgaards said. One day they felt comfortably situated in the American majority, as Christians with shared beliefs in God, family and the Bible. They had never even imagined that two people of the same sex could marry.

Overnight, it seemed, they discovered that even in small-town Iowa they were outnumbered, isolated and unpopular. Everyone they knew seemed to have a gay relative or friend.

If Christianity had been strong enough to fight the MultiKult, I would not be so rabidly anti-Christian. But Christian doctrines about love, tolerance, and not casting the first stone have been used to sequentially excuse every deviance the MultiKult foisted upon Western Civilization. When your only remaining argument against the normalization of butt burglary is that a magic Jew in the sky doesn't like it, you were doomed to lose out to the new MultiKult faith in an age of advanced technology. MultiKulturalism takes all the soft, cucky, self-destructive aspects of Christinsanity and strips the ancient Jewish mythology out of it. It is tailor made for the Chalkies of the Information Age. Jew mind control without the trappings of the old superstitions. Cheeto Jesus won't fight for your old religion, Whities - only the new MultiKult version of it. You Trump Train fools are heading straight for Hoboken Terminal.

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  1. RE: Sorry I tased you cake.

    The cake was fake, the story was real.

    Still funny though.