Friday, September 16, 2016

Project Rampway

5. US starts paying out French reparations to Holocaust survivors 
The US coerced the French government into paying reparations for their national railway company transporting Jews to concentration camps. Perhaps the French should do something equally none-of-their-business by coercing the Dutch into paying reparations for African Americans that Dutch Jews shipped to the New World over the course of two and a half centuries?

4. All Navy Sailors Must Undergo Transgender Education By July 2017
Here's a copy of the training video.

3. Aussies Want 'All-Time Greatest Bloke' on Currency 
Great idea. Here are two images that would be equally appropriate to emblazon on Australian currency:

If you Chalkies want to be so stupid as to "honor" this retard, your geno-suicide is a blessing. The White race is shamelessly slouching toward Idiocracy.

2. Popular Brazilian actor dies after cops mistake drowning for soap opera sceneDear non-existent God, how I hope this is the start of a global trend that Hollyweird embraces with gusto.

1. Project Rampway: The White House Holds A Disability And Prosthetic Fashion Show
So ... much ... comedy ... My favorite: The fleepette @ 3:30.


  1. i disagree with paying joo reparations,but if the shekels shut the whiny jooz up its a good thing
    obviously the baby murdering , nation wrecking heebs dont deserve a penny

    im sure isis is quaking in fear at an army composed of overweight sheboons, queers and trannies

    how long before osambos ugly kenyan face is on american dollars? it would make for great toilet paper

    1. You probably won't be surprised to find out this is already in the works - here is the concept art for the future Obongo currency:

  2. Please, don't go judging all Australians on those whom may want him on our currency.
    Some of us are VERY concerned, both about our impending geno-suicide and the rampant idiocy infecting our race, and our nation specifically!


    1. Hello Scott,

      I am very glad to hear that there are still those concerned with the Race's in-progress geno-suicide and concomitant rampant idiocy. Of late, I have had difficulty finding anyone in der Movement who believes racial victory is *not* just around the corner.

      Of course, judging and condemning people broadly as a group is kind of my thing, and has always served me well in predicting the next depths to which said people will sink. So I shall continue to go with that. Apologies in advance.

      I've reached a point where I think the race as a whole does not deserve to be saved. It would have a similar dysgenic effect as saving and reproducing mongoloids and pinheaded Zika babies. Everyday, the actions of White people scream "We are too stupid to live!". And it would be one thing if they were ignorant, but at least they were truly moral and decent, but they aren't moral and decent.

      The Race has devolved into a bunch of grubby consumer pigs in be-sloganed t-shirts, cheering for their favorite teams, parties, and/or celebrities. They have no principles they will not compromise for the illusion of being on the winning side. They will sacrifice nothing if it means a diminishment of their comfortable state of excess. They've embraced race mixers, homos, and trannies in that order and proven every line they ever drew in the culture wars was simply there for show. It meant nothing, and they are happier with the lines gone.

      Those who would blame this on the JOOZ have yet to explain to me why they are then backing the Grandpa of the Mischling Master Race.

      Those who have said the system will collapse and force White people to correct their behavior are running out of time for this miracle to occur. They have failed to explain what they will do if no great challenge emerges to the Race's slow death.

      It's time for the racially aware to save themselves and prepare their children to thrive in the post-White world. The mass of White fools will die out as their lines end in mudblood, faggotry, or White Guilt suicide.