Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oh no you did-ent Trumpy!

5. A masculine conception: Women may not be needed in the future of baby-making
We've seen plenty of articles over the years that say men won't be needed, now it is women's turn to be excluded from the process of making children. But look at this bit of hysteria, so typical of Mass Media, whose concepts of science come from Sci-Fi horror films: The possibility of this happening raises the question of who will raise these children? Infertile adults who desperately want to start a family? A single person who wants the joys of offspring without the headache of a partner? Or someone with sinister intentions? Stop reading my experiment logs, Salon!

4. Can Morality Be Taught? The key to molding well-adjusted students: experiential learning
What a White Guilt Suicidalist cliche the bitch who wrote this article is. She teaches the redneck hunters in her poetry class to value life by bringing in a fisherman to lecture about the value of the natural world. She fixes a Nazi in her class by bringing in a speaker to talk about her experiences during the Holocaust. Queue the inspirational music and Morgan Freeman's voice-over. VOMIT.

3. Photos of super fans who took their devotion too far with inkings that went VERY wrong
Some funny pics here, but the retards at the Daily Mail totally missed the delicious irony in this tattoo:

Their caption: This tattoo of Michael Jackson which unfortunately resembled a very basic child's drawing.

Ughhhhh ... The humor isn't in the simplistic quality of the image, but in the line below the tattoo that reads: "He touched so many ..."

2. Donald Trump might be causing a major shift in how young Americans feel about immigrants
Here's the summary - They overwhelming view immigrants positively, and only a small majority still want them to follow the rules for entering the country. Mass deportation is off the table. The theory is that Millennials are associating Donald Trump with racism, and they reject his positions as a result. MultiKulturalism is here to stay Chalkies. You can troll the Mass Media with frog memes, you can cheer that an anti-immigrant candidate has a good shot to be elected, but even your great White pepe/hope is a MultiKulturalist grandpa of mischling. And by promoting him, you embrace the MultiKult as well. The war is generational, not electoral. If you don't control the Mass Media and the education system, or remove your children from it, you won't be able to stop the Slow March Left that demands your extinction. Now watch a nigger shut down your orange messiah, and revel in your weakness ...

1. Oh no you did-ent Trumpy! Not in my house, [nigger] pastor tells Trump

Quoting: The GOP nominee was rebuked for attacking Clinton in a black church.

I'd say pathetic, but that is too many syllables for you Trumpcucks. So let's stick with der Trumpenfuhrer's go-to put down: Sad.


  1. I suppose what I’m supposed to derive from the Salon article is that broken families are splendid! For reasons. Sometimes I rather do I wish I could live longer just to see what kind of trash heap humanity ends up in.

    The second article is a riot; pretentiously pretending that she wants her daughter to grow up into a free-thinker when, really, she just wants her to parrot what SHE believes in and what she believes in is what everyone around her believes in.

    “The current state of American politics is not surprising when the country’s youngest citizens are given few opportunities to engage in critical thinking and discussion.”

    Oh, that is hilarious. For one, they don’t want people who engage in critical thinking. Imagine the horror they would feel is these critical thinkers challenged transsexuality, homosexuality, feminism or anti-racism?

    For two, I bet she’s never talked to a teenager. Or another human being, for that matter. Humans don’t want to “engage in critical thinking and discussion”. They want safe places, as in circle jerks, where they are safe to say what they think because everyone in the circle thinks exactly as they do—or at the very least conform to everything they say.

    Just recently I was in a small group of women (of old and young) where we had to introduce ourselves. We were handed questionnaires because apparently humans are so inept at socializing that they need ready-made questions. One of the questions was along the lines of, “in what kind of group do you feel most comfortable in” and all of them invariably answered, “with friends because I can say what I want”. What they all missed was, yes, because all of those friends think exactly like you do.

    You know, I would take every mass media poll with a grain of salt. Whether they publish that “young are more welcoming to immigrants” or “young are racist xenophobic monsters” the rhetoric and the conclusion are still the same. They are still letting mass media control the discourse and the language.

    My history teacher in high school said that if we want to become dictators what we need to seize first is mass media and the military. Too bad no one is doing it.

    As for Trump, I have nothing to say about him because he doesn’t interest me.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      ***Oh, that is hilarious. For one, they don’t want people who engage in critical thinking. Imagine the horror they would feel is these critical thinkers challenged transsexuality, homosexuality, feminism or anti-racism?***

      Bingo. And that is exactly what I experienced in the Marxist Indoctrination Camps (public schools) of the Kwa decades ago. My learning style was to inquire and reason and try to figure out the answer myself. I never liked being told the answer without inquiring about the reason, because it felt like I hadn't learned anything if I didn't understand the reason the answer was correct. Instead, I was taught MultiKulturalism by rote and shut down any time I questioned or challenged it. That system pushed me toward my antisocial worldview because I spent so much time thinking about all the flaws of the MultiKult that they wouldn't let me voice.

      This also explains why I am such a critic of White Whateverism now. They have abandoned reason and common sense in favor of memes, party politics, and fuhrer worship. Trump didn't interest me either, until der Movement imploded into hysterics over him. It finally convinced me that der Movement was hopeless, but I still like to think there must be some sane White, racially-aware people who can go on to create something better.

  2. Yes, The Donald didn't riposte with a scathing
    rejoinder, but what SHOULD he do in that situation? You'll say he shouldn't have been there in the first place, but there's always the whole tax-exempt status that churches enjoy for not being political (not that black churches don't flout that every Sunday), but he was on camera. What could he do? He did make some comments later saying he was set up.

    1. No, I'll say - Why SHOULDN'T he have been there? He is a MultiKulturalist honky who doesn't like the idea of being thought of as racist by *his* African Americans. Just like every other MultiKulturalist honky in the Kwa, he wants to be one of the Good Whites. But he is just as tone deaf and awkward around darkies as every other Kwanian honky. So he ends up looking a fool around the coloreds, swaying to their music with all the soul of a arthritic grandma suffering from partial paralysis.

      What should/could he do? I am not in the business of telling Donald Trump how to pander to niggers in order to make himself feel less racist. I am in the business of pointing out how absurd it is that White Whateverists would spend one speck of the dwindling resources throwing in their lot with such a laughable figure.

      In a sane world, White Whateverist leaders would be ignoring this buffoon and focusing their energy on creating the next generation of Chalky devils to take down the system, not shilling for this grandpa of mischling to bask in the media spotlight reflecting from his corn silk Tribble-wig. Meanwhile, people like me would have fun mocking both him, the King of the Ooompa Loompas, and Hillary, the Wicked Witch of the West, instead of answering Trumpling defenses of their orange fuhrer.