Saturday, September 03, 2016

Obongo's Trip to China Not Going Well

5. Holocaust denying grandma sentenced to second jail term for sedition in Germany
This is what tyranny looks like. Remember that if you are tempted to support the rightwing hysteria over the next story...

4. Police Union Responds to Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest With Warning to 49ersTo protect and serve, unless you offend us. Nice to see the po-pos embrace the pearl-clutching bitchery of MultiKulturalism.

3. Twitter Users Hilariously Troll Donald Trump’s Kids Over ‘Outsider’ Tweet
There are some really funny ones, but the real point here is to remember that Social Media is a giant antisocial clusterfuck. Trolling people on Twitter does not advance one's cause.

2. If Your Junk Is Covered In Bear Spray, Maybe Get Naked And Scrub With Milk

A Canadian "man" got naked at a gas station and began pouring milk over his genitals to counteract the effects of bear repellent. It's two segments of Jackass for the price of one.

1.Obongo's Trip to China Not Going Well
You'd think communists would get along better. Apparently, the first mistake the Chingy Chongs made was forgetting to provide a staircase for Obongo so he could get off the plane. They should have rolled up a potted banana tree for that monkey to climb down. They also tried to keep his mammie Susan Rice away from him. They must have a 1 mud per visit limit. No substitutions!

Call Chiquita for help!


  1. Yes, only one cosmetically enhanced baboon dwarf per presidential China visit. Now repeat after me, 'kwanians: "Shi de zhuren." (For you Stormers, that's Mandarin for "Yes, Master")

    1. In 40 years, the Kwa goes from Nixon in China, to Curious George Visits the Irate Chinaman. Ugh ... the decline.