Monday, September 19, 2016

New Spicy Cajun Battered Rat Heads at Popeyes!

5. Still Good? 5-Second Rule a Myth, Study Finds
Wait ... what?!? You needed to conduct research on that? You do realize the 5-second-rule is meant to be a joke - not a hygiene guideline, right? Oh dear god - did some humans actually think it was a hygiene guideline?!? I don't want to think about this any longer ...

4. Trump-loving ‘alt-right’ begs for mainstream acceptance
Read this cringe-inducing tripe from Dickie Spenther: "We have not been made by Trump, but we want to make Trump, and we want to imagine him in our image [...] It’s about, in a way, projecting onto him our hopes and dreams,” HAHAHAHAHA! You're projecting your hopes and dreams for the White Race on the elite-billionaire-reality-tv-show-president-grandpa-of-mischling? Can you believe this idiot? Remember this quote when the delusion bursts and all these Trumpcucks are scrambling to make it seem as if they weren't seriously backing the King of the Oompa Loompas.

3. Oops: Forest Service Ripped Up Sacred 'Trail of Tears
That's a crying shame.

2. 'The chicken is seasoned with HATE': Reviewers trash restaurant owned by bombings suspect's family
Fuck, there goes the tagline to my racist cookbook - sigh. And while were in the mood for ruining appetites...

1. New Spicy Cajun Battered Rat Heads at Popeyes! Woman Finds Rat Head In Popeyes Chicken Meal

Let's take a look:

Well, if this is a fraud, the subape-ess really did a good job of making it look convincing. Kudos! But her write up of the incident is strangely disconnected from the shocking nature of the discovery. "This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health." Really? Like the first thing you do when you find a rat head in your chicken dinner is look up the rating of the restaurant with the Dept. of Heath? The thing about these fast food horror stories is that even if they aren't true, they seem incredibly plausible. We all subconsciously know we are getting rancid garbage from fast food restaurants.


  1. I have used the 5-second rule as a joke. Once. But it doesn’t surprise me if some people actually thought of it as a guideline. There are some urban myths that get passed down. Like that one if you shave your hair it will grow back longer, stronger and darker! “Everywhere else but your shins and armpits, right? Okay then.”


    I already cringed at the headline. If there is one thing the alt-right shouldn’t have associated with itself it is the words “beg” and “mainstream acceptance”. If they were really the vanguards of the new order, or the destroyers of the rotten civilization, whichever works, they should never have been associated with the word “beg”.

    But that they did, and now they look more pathetic than before. Good job. “But pretty please let us in your shiny club of popular kids?”

    What it reminded me of, in a way, was this entry I read a while back:

    Trump is their Obama. He is their celebrity. He is the blatant proof that politics has turned into a reality tv-show. Political voting has become “American Idol”. It doesn’t matter what kind of person the politician is or what they do, what matters that voting for that person reinforces the voter’s identity that they project to the world.

    After all, reinforcing one’s identity with external crap is far easier than looking into oneself and realising one is a worthless, useless being who doesn’t DO anything. But who cares, go buy yourself a sex change and you get to play someone else for a while. And if you end up regretting it, you can always pay up to have yourself rechanged. Yay, progress!

    Cue applause from ecstatic crowds who don’t care either because what matters isn’t the person; it’s that they appear tolerant and good to the world. It’s a constant refrain of ‘see me? see me? see me?’.

    In fact, I rather wish Trump would win. I wish he would win and make things worse. So long as people have vents they won’t explode.

    - Different Anon

    1. Great link! Thank you, Different Anon. And I very much appreciate your take on the Trump hysteria being the Alt-Right's version of the Obama hysteria. It's quite accurate I think.

      Throughout the Obama years, progressives came to realize that all their social justice dreams about Obama were as dead as a muzzie wedding party following a poorly aimed American drone strike. Sooner or later, the Trumplings will be disabused of their Making Amerikwa Great again notions as well.

      The System is engaged in the Slow March Left to turn the world into a global plantation of mixed raced debt slaves working for the mischling master race. The Left want it quickly, the Right want it slowly. They are the gas and brake respectively, but the car always continues towards its final destination. They work together to keep the vehicle on the road. So what if the driver is swapped every four to eight years? The destination is still the same. There is no liberation, human freedom, universal equality and/or brotherhood of all peoples at the end of this road. There is no free White republic to be carved out of the brown cesspool. There is only the global plantation, and its billions of mud slaves.

      It is irrelevant if Clinton or Trump win. They are two sides of the same shekel. Neither will lead to greater instability. Neither will topple The System and bring about Armageddon. The System is under control, and both sides have a vested interest keeping things stable while the plan slowly unfolds. The cattle are becoming dumber and more easily manipulated with each generation. The resistance is either controlled or completely ineffective. The outrage is manufactured to drive ratings. The cattle don't need to vent - they just need to consume. And what they consume is not just physical goods, but the mind diversions of the MultiKult Mass Media.

    2. “Make America Great Again”. What does that even mean? Nothing, because it means so many things to so many people.

      I do wonder, what’s the point of the global plantation? What’s the point of all that wealth they amass but can’t take with them when they expire? In that vein, what is wealth? Things only have value as long as there are people who give those things value. But these are more musings for me than wondering about the motivations of our would-be Overlords.

      I didn’t mean instability or toppling the system. I meant something more like turning more and more people away from voting—the smart ones, and yes, I do believe every generation has its smart people who are resistant to the brainwash. After all, you and me should be proof of it, yes? Because when they stop voting, when they stop consuming television, when they have a distinct distrust of the System—not just its scapegoats—then what would they do?

      Well, perhaps they would just turn in to vote for the next guy who says, “Let’s Make America Great Again!” as if it means anything.

      - Different Anon

    3. "Because when they stop voting, when they stop consuming television, when they have a distinct distrust of the System—not just its scapegoats—then what would they do?"

      Well, to be candid, if they are like me they will be overcome with a combination of despair and laughter, and then try to muddle through the death of the race.

      Is it intelligence that makes us resistant to the brainwash, or some other defect? I won't speak for you in this regard, but I have never felt more than somewhat above average in intelligence. I feel I have held onto that same level of intelligence, while the world got progressively dumber around me.

      There is another aspect to my personality that I think accounts for my resistance to the MultiKult indoctrination. If I am standing in a group of people, and another group of people come running down the street as if they might be fleeing something, I can sense the moment the group I am in starts to be seized by the herd mentality. I know that some of them will start to join the more emotional mob without understanding what is going on. Meanwhile, I will try to discern what it is these people are running from, while backing away from the panicking crowd I am in as it disintegrates and starts to flee as well.

      I simply do not trust herds. It's one thing to hide in the crowd, its a very different kettle of fish to move with the crowd.

      I imagine that if I was in a human herd that was heading towards a cliff, I would keep moving further and further the opposite direction. I am defective for a herd animal, and would focus on the cliff and not the herd. When the herd started falling off the edge, I would probably call out to people around me "Hey - these fools are going to get us killed. Get away from them!" The people who heard me might hesitate, but they are not defective like me. They would still move with the herd while I kept moving away.

      Eventually, more and more of the herd would fall to their deaths, but I would have less and less to say because those who remained would finally be aware that the herd had killed itself. But, even when it would be down to just a few of us left, I think the last ones besides myself would still walk off that cliff anyway, because they would simply feel so defeated and alone without their herd.


    4. Well, I didn’t mean to imply that it must be intelligence that makes one resistant to the brainwash. As I’ve stated before, I don’t consider myself particularly intelligent.

      But it could be intelligence or it could be a defect, or some combination thereof, but I am certain that there will be those in every generation. Whether those people get up and do something concrete, or just get roped into internet white nationalism, is another question.

      HA HA! I do enjoy reading your short stories, if I may call them so. But to be fair to herds, so to speak, there is only one animal that I know of that “willingly” got itself killed. A species of parakeet or parrot that evolved in an isolated island with no predators whatsoever. So when humans first brought cats with them, those parakeets had no other defense mechanism but to freeze.

      Whites make me think of those parakeets, to be honest.

      - Different Anon

    5. Yes, and what is concrete doesn't mean saving others, but looking out for oneself. That is a position I have become more and more convinced of via our discussions, Different Anon.

      That parakeet does sound like the typical White victim of brown crime. You can almost imagine their matching inner, defeatist monologues: I can't run faster than this thing ... I can't outfight it ... maybe if I look helpless, it will be merciful.