Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Muddy Hodgepodge Murder 9-Year-Old Over Piece of B-Day Cake

5. Heart in Plastic Bag Found in Ohio Field
In related news, Hillary Clinton opens her purse to discover her lunch is missing.

4. Florida mother, 34, hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband, 59, after deciding plot to have him kidnapped and made a sex slave abroad was 'unrealistic'
She must have learned the art of negotiation from Donald Trump. Start negotiating with your thug by asking him to kidnap and sell a 59-year-old man abroad as a sex slave. When you get around to settling for assassination instead, it will seem downright reasonable in comparison, and the thug will inadvertently lowball his estimate.

3. When Evolution Fights Back Against Genetic Engineering
This article details the concerns of biologists that nature will thwart any success at genetic manipulation. Why bother to genetically engineer, nature will just stop us anyway? It's a rather unusual form of defeatism that probably has its roots in the general, subconscious fear of Nazi Supermen. Can you imagine if the same logic had been applied to antibiotics? Why bother to develop new antibiotics? Microorganisms will just become resistant eventually.

2. Rihanna stuns as modern Marie Antoinette in CR Fashion Book
From the look of her first picture, is appears her retort to complaints niggers can't afford menthols will be, "Let them smoke ganja."

1. Muddy Hodgepodge Murder 9-Year-Old Over Piece of B-Day Cake

Quoting: The uncle of a 9-year-old Maryland boy who was fatally beaten over a missing piece of birthday cake has pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse. Twenty-four-year-old Jacob Barajas entered the plea Tuesday as jury selection was set to begin for his trial in Hagerstown. [...] Robert Wilson, the mother's boyfriend, is serving a 30-year sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for beating [the boy] after Barajas had handcuffed him to a chair. The mother, Oriana Garcia, is scheduled for trial in February on charges including second-degree murder.

Now take a look:

Top left is the mother, middle is her nigger boyfriend, right is her mudblood brother, and her son (seen in a Donkey Kong shirt, which is ironic considering he ended up being killed in a chimp out) was apparently the star of the movie Spy Kids (who is ironically seen in handcuffs below).

The world is such a messy place when people won't observe the rules of racial hygiene.

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