Friday, September 23, 2016

KWA Today: OD'ing White Trash at the Dollar Store

5. Cruz makes it official, endorses former rival Trump
So, the Cuban Grandpa Munster blinked. HA! Pathetic. What a cuck. Cruz's refusal to endorse the oompa loompa who slandered his wife and father was the only thing he has ever done that increased my opinion of him. It made me think - huh ... maybe he isn't as big a slimeball as he appears. Well, that didn't last long! Remember though, you Trump cucks who, like Cruz, have sold out your principles for the orange fuhrer, stunts like this don't prove how strong Trump is - they confirm just how weak you all are.

4. Basesball player Steve Clevenger suspended without pay for remainder of the season
And why? Because rules that apply to Donald Trump do not apply to anyone else. Quoting his tweets: “Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha (expletive) cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem! “BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!” The rumors of the death of Political Correctness have been greatly exaggerated.

3. Free speech or criminal harassment? Arizona game maker sues online commenters for $18M
Wow, that particular nerd fight spiraled out of control, didn't it?

2.  New Jersey dad pens touching letter after autistic son says he has no friends
The kid filled out an assignment with "get to know me" type information and ended up filling out the blank next to "Some of my friends are" with the answer "no one". That is terribly sad. It nearly thaws my cold, dead heart. But ... you knew there was a but coming, didn't you? ... perhaps if schools were organized so that autists were consistently grouped with autists, and normals with normals, and gifteds with gifteds, this wouldn't be as big an issue? Face it - it is quite a ridiculous thing to expect normal kids to hang out with retards. How many "normal" adults have a retarded friend? Does this retard's own father eat lunch everyday with the token retards his company hires to fill quotas by cleaning floors? Of course not. So stop kvetching and holding children to a higher standard of behavior than their parents.

1. KWA Today: OD'ing White Trash at the Dollar Store -Video Shows Massachusetts Toddler Next to Overdosing Mother in Dollar Store Aisle

Here's another terrible one. Great job, the Kwa. White child tugs at her OD'ing mother on the floor of a dollar store, while beaners stand off camera aghast at the spectacle. Again, I felt my cold, dead heart thawing - and then my mind put a stop to that with this internal comment: "The worst part about this story is that the mother didn't die, so that child will have a chance in life." While reviewing various comments on this video, I didn't see my sentiment expressed. The most prevalent sentiment was "stop filming and do something" - but what? An ambulance had already been called. This isn't an act of violence in progress. The woman is not trapped under something. The child is not out in traffic. Children cry. It's not your job to comfort them just because they are in caught in  a particularly poignant example of the consequences of drug abuse.

Some may say you shouldn't film someone in that condition. I disagree. The mother isn't stricken by illness. She didn't suffer an accident. She wasn't the victim of a crime. She had committed a crime, and was demonstrating to the whole world her guilt. This is what shame is for, people. To call out unacceptable behavior and say - don't be like this asshole or we will shame you. Oh, to once again live in a society that understood that.


  1. Just another shrieking sheboon. This is what happens
    when you abdicate power to Marxist Jooozzz...

    1. Great link. But my interpretation is that this is what happens when you breed with and then try to coexist with sub-apes. Everyone of those officers is a middle class Chalky overseer working to keep the peace for the elite mischling master race that lives in the big house on the global plantation. Every one of those White men had the potential to have been a lawyer, or an executive, or a doctor, but instead they chose groid control for a living. And for what? To keep the peace while their race is replaced by shrieking mooolattos like the one in the back of that squad car.

  2. Oh, also note in the sub-header that she was an "honor role student." The only role she and the journalist are playing is retards.

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    i was expecting to hear a feel good story about a magic nigger named jamal or shitavious who saved the meth freak

    maybe the trash can set up a gofund me account to support her meth addiction

  4. You heard right. A groid at work told me she was with her son at Fambly Dolla and another groid OD'd in the parking lot. The woman the druggie was with asked people to help her get him into the car, but they called 911 instead. When she heard the po-pos and paramedics were coming, she emptied his pockets and ran off! They saw her taking the bags of drugs from him. HA!