Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary's 1 Eye Looking At You, 1 Eye Looking For You

5. Trump campaign county chair who said ‘no racism until Obama got elected’ apologizes, resigns
Not only that, her position was filled by a darkie who had to purge anti-Trump posts off her own social media accounts after getting her new job. HA! To the Chalkess who resigned, guess you didn't get the warning that "Rules that apply to Trump do not apply to you." To all the White Whateverists who think Trump has destroyed political correctness, please follow this woman's example and vocalize your most un-PC thoughts at work tomorrow. Then come post here and tell us how far Trump shifted that Overton Window for you. Oh, wait. What am I saying? White Whateverists with jobs? HA!

4. Study: Native Australians may be oldest living civilization outside of Africa
How do you have civilization without cities? Because words don't have meanings, right?

To the stupid cunt who wrote this article, since you can't afford a dictionary, here's a free definition from the interwebs: A civilization (or civilisation, see spelling differences) is any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification, symbolic communication forms (typically, writing systems), and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment by a cultural elite.

In other words, everything missing from Abo-Infested Australia for nearly 60,000 years until the arrival of the White man. Now, if words still had meanings, what she should have said was that Native Australians are the oldest, most inbred, most stagnant, most sub-human population on the planet outside Africa.

3. Mia Farrow's Son Dies From Apparent Suicide: ME
He was a paraplegic dothead from India who wanted to be a police officer. He ended up just another brown basket case that White Guilt couldn't save. But oh, the precious photo-ops he gave his "mother" over the years!

2. AfterEllen Is Shutting Down: Is This the End of Lesbian Media?
This article claims it's advertisers' fault that there is so little Mass Media content for lesbians online, because they believe stereotypes that lesbians aren't big spenders / don't care about clothes. To be fair, the lesbians I have known at work fit that stereotype completely. They shop off-brand stuff, wear old ugly clothes, and have a smaller budget for entertainment than the average 90-year-old shut-in. Actually, their anti-consumerism is worthy of praise. And now, on to a lesbian unworthy of praise ...

1. Hillary's 1 Eye Looking At You, 1 Eye Looking For You
I don't need to take brain function tests, says Clinton - despite video showing her eyes moving in different directions

The Daily Mail's title made me laugh out loud, but as usual, their article was a boring let down. Here are some good images from the video:

It's creepier in motion. You can almost hear her eye pop back into place after wandering too far off the rails. I imagine it like a typewriter carriage returning to its starting position.


  1. On the topic of how words have no meaning... One German fellow I talked to used the word 'culture' to refer to his personal taste in music. I found that quite the gross misuse of the word.

    I also had a chance to see Hillary in passing on television. Listening to her I wondered how anyone can do so without the urge to fall asleep.

    - Different Anon

    1. There is more culture in a tablespoon of yogurt than in the entire Chalky race a this point.

      Hillary is not only boring, her delivery is consistently stilted and phony. It is a testament to how debased our civilization is that either she or the orange buffoon made it this far in a presidential contest.