Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Carted Away Like a "Side of Beef"

CDN: All Clinton Edition

5. Bill Clinton: 'Make America Great Again' Is A Racially Charged Slogan (That I've Also Said Many Times Before)
We all know things are only racist when White conservatives say them - that's one of the cardinal rules of MultiKulturalism. Bill is, of course, the honorary first black presbidemf.

4. Hilarious Hashtag Of The Weekend: 'Basket Of Deplorables'
That is what has the media clutching their pearls?!? I heard she had made a gaffe, but that? It's funny, but Hillary is in the position usually reserved for the Republican candidate - always on the defensive, fearful of having to apologize for offending people. I guess since the Mass Media couldn't get what they wanted out of the consistently unapologetic Trump, they had to find someone they could force to grovel to their manufactured outrage. She should have responded via proxy - if you don't like being called deplorable, stop being deplorable. Her base would have loved her for it. But no, she is just too weak a candidate, and doesn't understand what she is up against. As one kike put it: "Hillary’s big mistake: saying a provocative thing only once a year. If she did it once a day, people would soon cease to care."

3. Chelsea Clinton insists her friendship with Ivanka Trump has 'absolutely not' been affected by their parents' bitter rivalry
 Why would it have been? They are the brood mothers of the mischling master race that will one day rule the Kwa. Their parents are mega wealthy elites who will serve the best interest of Israel not matter which is elected. They have every reason to be friendly.

2. Five reasons Hillary could be blowing it
Well, first off, there are more than five reasons she is blowing it, but the biggest reason is simply because of who she is. She would rather play a penny slot machine that always gives you your penny back when you lose, but has 1 to 100 odds that you will get the jackpot of a nickel. She will sit there, dutifully pulling the handle, accumulating her nickels in the hopes that her high roller opposition will lose it all and her hyper-cautious approach will win the day.

1. Hillary Carted Away Like a "Side of Beef": Hillary Clinton Appears to Faint At 9/11 Ceremony


Only Hillary Clinton could make a Donald Trump victory possible. Amerikwans are faced with voting for either the King of the Oompa Loompas, or the Wicked Witch of the West after she had the bucket of water thrown on her. What a world! What a world!

Can you imagine if der Trumpenfuhrer had to run against the Mulatto Messiah? Isn't it amazing that the Wicked Witch's chief flying monkey was considered a better candidate than she was?


  1. I've heard she's wearing those creepy blue sunglasses because they filter out certain light frequencies (from the Sun) that trigger epileptic seizures.

    1. Hmmm ... kind of like what the reptilians in V wore.