Sunday, September 18, 2016

FuxNews Peddles Historic Race Mixing Propaganda

5. Pope [Lenin]: Welcoming Refugees Is the ‘Greatest Security’ Against More Terrorism
Hmm ... let's see how this might work in practice with the next story ...

4. Three 'Algerians' arrested after naked teenager found bound, gagged and gang-raped underneath the Eiffel Tower
You see? If she had just followed Pope Francis's advice and welcomed every Muzzie migrant between her legs, they wouldn't have had to rape her now would they? Pope logic!

3. Alexandria will seek to move Confederate statue and rename Jefferson Davis Highway
How's that rising again working out? Even the Daughters of the Confederacy didn't have anything to say in defense of the melancholy statue.

2. Cruise Ship Sails Through Melting Northwest Passage
Just think of all those Chalky-explorer devils who froze to death looking for something so elusive in their eras, but that would become a tourist destination in ours. The most disturbing thing about this story is that each person on the cruise ship pays $20,000 for the privilege of sailing along the shores of a desolate tundra. I suppose we should find it reassuring that the wealthy will remain very comfortable, even if climate change truly does wreak havoc on the natural world.

1. FuxNews Peddles Historic Race Mixing Propaganda: Historic recognition: George Washington's family tree is biracial
This is his wife's family tree, not Washington's - so great spin there FuxNews. Georgie was a lumbering mule who seems never to have reproduced. But his wife's son by her first marriage couldn't get enough ape cunny from among his stepfather's slaves. The fact that there is no biological connection to Washington himself doesn't stop the "conservatives" of FuxNews from shilling for broader acceptance of race mixing by linking it to the most prominent of the founding fathers. Because Fair and Balanced!


  1. I watched the news coverage about todays blast in joo york city

    Everyone they interviewed was a total cunt,trying to outdo each other by being quirky,there wasn't one straight white male

    Rejoice Chalkies the new iPhone has been released,spend $800 and do the same thing again in another 10 months,it's got new features goyim

    1. I find that Kwanian White males are roughly split into two groups - insufferable geeky hipster douchebags and insufferable grunting sports-groid-worshiping douchebags.

  2. Oh wow, he took all TWELVE Syrians into Vatican? Bless this pope's magnanimity. What a generous spirit this one has.

    Do people actually believe that "welcoming refugees is the greatest security against terrorism!"? No, never mind. Of course they do because the people that comment was meant to are morons.

    Isn't this like Spain all over again? It amazes me that people are incapable of learning from history.

    At least they put out a blanket for her?

    I have to say I would love to travel into historic places around Europe and see natural wonders but I absolutely despise tourist destinations.

    Oh, and why is a man in political science commenting on global warming?

    This is a little off topic, but I often saw my white co-workers bring their kids into work. It was fun to look at them as their resemblance to their parent was striking. Then I would occasionally see white women with their mulatto bastards and they most certainly look nothing like their white parent.

    I wonder, do they feel anything when they look upon their children and see nothing of themselves? Don't they feel disgust that they quite effectively tossed into the trash bin what took evolution hundreds of thousands years to achieve? And for what? To proliferate muds that already make up majority of the world's population.

    - Different Anon

    1. 12 apostles of the new MultiKult religion. White people aren't capable of even reading history, let alone understanding it.

      What I can't understand is how people can look at mixed race offspring and not immediately be reminded of the bestiality that produced them. Think of those Chalky slave owners looking at their mixed race offspring living in the slave quarters. How could they live with themselves knowing what they had done?

      Regarding the girl raped in France - this is how you know the French are doomed, and by extension the White race is doomed. A strong, vigorous race would see this incident as an assault on their people and would be murderously outraged. We don't even know if the girl was White, but it really shouldn't matter. Just the concept that muzzie rapists struck yet again should be enough to start the mayhem, but no. Here in America, pre-Kwa, this is the sort of thing that led to horrific acts of retributive mob violence. It never mattered if victim did something stupid and made herself vulnerable, the collective psyche of the race would not permit that line to be crossed without horror ensuing. It was not meant simply as revenge, but to send a message to every member of the society to reinforce the psychological distinction between them and us. That distinction is gone. White people riot and commit violence because their sports teams don't win. That's their identity.

      Nowadays, how do White men respond to the rape of White women? By approaching Muzzie women on the beach and saying, "Take off the burkini or we will arrest you!" Frogs - you're doomed. You're extinct. You're over. Take comfort that the rest of White people aren't far behind. That there is still a muzzie left in the British Isles after Rotherham shows that branch of the race is damned and doomed too. Every White nation has its own version of this pathetic story. In fact, they all have multiple incidents of the same sort every month of every year, but it makes no difference to them.

      But you know what will fix it? Let's get homos and Armenian pick up artists to teach us how to be men again! Let's rig campus printers to spit out joke swastika flyers! Let's link ourselves with every internet conspiracy from tunnels under Walmart to Hillary Clinton is dead and has been replaced with a clone! Let's make a new Trump pepe meme! And then ... VICTORY!

    2. “12 apostles of the new MultiKult religion. White people aren't capable of even reading history, let alone understanding it.”

      I didn’t even think of that—perhaps because I was never terribly interested in Christianity or that side of history. This is why I enjoy writing with you, Mr Arlott, you have a way of pointing out the most interesting details.

      What I don’t understand is, were they truly that deprived of female companionship that they really had to sleep with their slaves? Of course there is no accounting for taste, or so I’ve been told, and it is entirely possible they just liked their women brown and dumb.

      But this does bring up an interesting point. Why didn’t the slaves raise up when they saw their white masters raping their women? I’d imagine that men of any race don’t want their women to be raped by men of another race or tribe. I suppose I’m asking because I’m trying to understand what happened.

      Also, I would add Norway and Sweden to the list. Sweden has become the rape capital of the world and Norwegian girls dye their hair to avoid harassment from Muslims.

      On the topic of white retribution, I once witnessed a conversation between two white males. They were talking how they should start attacking and raping Muslim women, too, and all I could think was, “are you serious?” Admittedly they were quite drunk.

      …Is there truly a conspiracy theory about tunnels under Walmart? I’m quite unsure if I want to know how or why that came about.

      Come to think of it, if they need to be “taught how to be men”—from homosexuals no less—doesn’t that mean it was pretty hopeless from the beginning?

      - Different Anon

    3. I have certainly enjoyed our exchanges as well, Different Anon.

      White, racially aware men have a pathological disgust of the idea of White women having sex with non-White men. Yet, they frequently have a strange blindness to White men who have sex with non-White women. I don't get this. It makes me think that their racism stops at the selfish, subconscious level of needing to protect their own breeding resource, but for some reason doesn't respect that the creation of half-breeds is a universal disgrace, not just a disgrace when women do it.

      Why should anyone be surprised a white woman could want to mate with a nigger, if her great grandpappy bedded a different niggeress every night? It's literally in the genes. And I also want to remind the men of der Movement that it was a White man who liked fucking a babooness who got anti-miscegenation laws struck down in the US. The ironically named Lovings.

      Why didn't black men rebel when they witnessed their women being sexually abused? Well, they certainly had a better excuse to permit it (fear of being killed by their owners) then White men do (fear if being called racist on Twitter).

      Dylann Roof's pyschosexual impulse to protect White womanhood was broadly condemned by der Movement. And yet, a great deal of the energy of der Movement has originated with that very impulse. Consider the political impact of the film Birth of a Nation, which depicted a White woman killing herself to avoid being raped a groid. There were White riots after that movie. How things have changed.

      Yes ... the leading "men" of der Movement today are all hopeless. Those who follow them expose themselves as miserable lackeys.

      Tunnels under Walmart:

  3. Your comment and Different's are some of the best reading on the Nets. Jesux Christo, I am beginning to believe there needs to be an event that pushes all this underlying, seething cognitive dissonance to the fore.

    1. Sorry I had to edit your comment to prevent the easily frightened from misunderstanding your humor.

      There is no event that would do such a thing, because the nature of the dissonance is not latent revolution against the system, but resentment at not feeling important in the existing system.

      Der leaders want to feel important and be recognized by the Mass Media they grew up loving. If it comes down to racial survival, or getting 15 minutes more airtime on cable media, they will take the 15 minutes.

      Those who follow such leaders want to share in the illusion of Mass Media relevance. They do not want revolution either.

      This is why when a White Whateverist goes off script and does something incendiary, every White "leader" today hurriedly rushes to condemn the act and the actor. They get on camera or in print by their denunciations. Then their followers defend them by saying things like "This is a mental war, not a physical war! We win by having the best memes!"

      It's so laughably pathetic and delusional.