Saturday, September 24, 2016

Finding Grace Through Treason to Humanity

5. Kentucky clown arrested for lurking in woods
So after all that hysteria, they finally caught one doofus running around the woods in a clown costume. He was probably trying to scare people away so he could search for buried treasure. Life imitates Scooby Doo.

4. African American Museum opening
They must have moved the displays of sub-human ape creatures over from the Museum of Natural History into their own, separate building.

3. Manhunt Under Way for Suspected Killer of Five People at Shopping Mall Near Seattle
They say the shooter might be a beaner, but I don't know - he looks kind a muzzie-ish to me. Whatever he is, he's brown.

2. Who is Gennifer Flowers? 10 facts about Bill Clinton’s former mistress and Donald Trump’s new friend
That's a name I haven't heard in 20 years. The story is that after Hillary's campaign invited Mark Cuban to the debate on Monday, Trumpy in turn invited Gennifer Flowers, a former Bill Clinton sperm dumpster. Why not invite Patricia Smith, who blames Hillary for the death of her son Sean in Benghazi? Wouldn't that be a more damaging response? Why invite a whore instead? Because Idiocracy. Because Reality TV Presidency. Because this is all a fever dream. Has to be.

1. Finding Grace Through Treason to Humanity
A Response to: How a White Trash Girl Stumbled on Grace

Since I found this article on the Daily Beast, I knew the answer to how would be by the power of the MultiKult. I was correct. The "girl" was an aspiring authoress who was despondent that no one showed up to her book signings. But she found grace after a brown girl, a homeless faggot, and an old woman trying to kill time shared their experiences with her.

Now, grace in this sense is meant to evoke thoughts of being saved from something. And I agree that White people need to be saved from the state of White Trashery. But what we have instead been offered are two polarized options:1) MultiKulturalism, which is anti-White, and 2) White Whateverism, which excuses the worst in White behavior and shifts the blame to darkies. Between these two extremes, you will find every White person on the planet - except me. And, I hope beyond hope gentle readers, you as well. I am hoping that there are a few of us who realize that Multi-Kulturalism destroys White people by making them hate themselves, and White Whateverism destroys White people by letting them hate everyone else as the cause for White decline.

I don't have a term for those of us who reject this spectrum. But it starts with the realization that Whiteness is an effort to escape the human condition. And that requires rejection of human weakness, foolishness, corruption, and delusion. Both MultiKulturalists and White Whateverists claim they don't hate anyone. The former claim they love others as much as they love their own kind, and the latter claim they love their own kind first and foremost.  But - here's the key - neither are worth of love. They are both wretched. That is the human condition - wretchedness.

White Whateverism has never understood that its fundamental characteristic, Whiteness, not just of appearance but of behavior, is unnatural and inhuman. It exists to give you a way out of the human condition. You cannot vote your way out of it. You cannot kill it on the battlefield. You cannot escape it by love or hatred of the other. You must aspire for your mind and soul to be as White as your hide.  Furthermore, you mustn't fall victim to the delusion that Whiteness of soul means love for the other, or that Whiteness of body makes you the purest blooded human. Quite the contrary. Whiteness, in both senses, means you are inhuman, because humans are mud in body in soul. Grace is salvation from that mud.
Yes - and humanity is unworthy of loyalty, so don't be a race traitor.


  1. And yet another snippet of fiction disguised as a true story. Lucky I don’t expect any better.

    You know, I still think it’s because Multicultism and White Whateverism are both secularised Christianity. Instead of teaching “we’re all equal”, they just teach “all whites are equal”. Both are blatantly untrue, and only a moron who lives in a delusion can believe it.

    It’s just different denominations squabbling against each other. It’s like the Middle Ages all over again, how terrific!

    But I must admit I don’t really hate any group in particular. But oh, do I hate the whole of humanity. It’s stupid, it’s worthless.

    To demonstrate, may I use fictional stories as an example? There are stories that tell about creatures that eat humans, whose only food source is humans, and in these stories there is usually another group that hunts these creatures. I’ve read what people say about stories like these, and invariably they condemn the group that hunt these creatures as racist jerks and say killing these creatures is wrong because they are sentient.

    The underlying paradigm in these arguments is, I think, a great demonstration of what “common humanity” is. It means siding with things that would kill you. It is about being a worthless cattle that cannot survive without its butcher and yet butchered it gets in the end.

    Cheers for humanity.

    - Different Anon

    1. I certainly hate humanity in general, but I like to tailor my hatred to each group. It's part of my racist craftsmanship. HA!

      I was reading a hostile review for the game Sims 4. Are you familiar with the franchise? You control artificial humans in their own little Matrix world and make good and bad things happen to them. It linked to a forum with discussion topics, where I found a very enlightening post that I think dovetails nicely with your excellent point about the human proclivity for siding with the alien and destructive.

      A player complained that her Sim had been repeatedly abducted by aliens and impregnated against her will. I had to read that twice just to be sure I wasn't hallucinating that a video game would include such a bizarre scenario. But you know how she prefaced her post? By saying she had nothing against aliens, and understood that many people wanted the feature to be abducted and impregnated by aliens, she just didn't want it to keep happening because she already had 3 alien children following multiple abductions. Apparently, it was hard to support such a big family of alien-rape babies.

      Most of the respondents mocked her problem, some agreed they too had the same problem and wanted it to be an option that could be turned off, and not a hardwired aspect of the game. Meanwhile, I am having one of those fits of disassociation where I cannot believe any of this is real. First that anyone would want to play out such a scenario in a video game, secondly that anyone would have to apologize for not wanting to do so, and thirdly that someone would be mocked for not having enjoyed such a scenario.

      We are surrounded by dangerous, psychopathic apes of all shades, Different Anon. Their "humanity" is an abomination.

    2. Yes, I’m familiar with the Sims. I even tried the game once and I was puzzled by its popularity. But then, I think it says something about humans that a sandbox game that lets you have total control over others and that’s point is living through a mundane life is so wildly popular.

      “Real life is so boring!”

      “I know! Let’s make a game about it! Where the player is the god!”

      It’s possible I didn’t understand its appeal because I couldn’t play it like a psychopath.

      HAHA! I’m surprised the feminists weren’t all over that. I suppose it didn’t ping their rape radars because it involved aliens. (And they actually have a far more callous attitude towards women than men.)

      I have another story about aliens in a video game (it has no alien-rape babies, however). I’m sure you’re familiar with the game Mass Effect? I once stumbled upon a blog by some woman who talked about the horrible romance options in the game and how she thought about romancing the alien, Garrus, but in the end did not want to ruin his and the main character’s beautiful friendship.

      In other words (or rather, in her words), she was just fine with the thought of fucking an alien velociraptor but ruining their beautiful friendship crosses the line? Okay. It’s like these people don’t even stop to think what the hell they are saying and just reiterate the talking points they’ve heard from the society around them.

      “We are surrounded by dangerous, psychopathic apes of all shades, Different Anon. Their "humanity" is an abomination.”


      - Different Anon

    3. I played one of the older versions of the Sims, which is why I was interested in seeing reviews as to what had changed over the years. It pretty much looks like the same game with better graphics and alien rape.

      I too thought it was boring making sure people go to the bathroom or get to bed on time. Adventure! But while playing it I had this weird realization that made me burst out laughing - can you imagine if you went to take a shower and when you got out, it was 2 hours later? Or if you go to take a shit and it lasts 30 minutes and there was a 50% chance the toilet would clog? Or if it took 4 hours to make a meal, eat it, and put the dishes in the dishwasher. What is wrong with these simulated people!?! They spend 75% of their day on taking care of bodily functions that real people spend 7.5% of their day on. It's really disturbing.

      ****HAHA! I’m surprised the feminists weren’t all over that. I suppose it didn’t ping their rape radars because it involved aliens. (And they actually have a far more callous attitude towards women than men.)***

      I agree 100%. It seems like ripe territory for a feminist uprising, but just like when the disproportionate sexual violence committed by non-Whites is mentioned, feminist silence ensues.

      I have played all 3 Mass Effect games and avoided the romance option throughout, though I did go through the friendship dialogues because building the team gave bonuses. The human woman in the first looked like a Muzzie, the human woman in the second looked like a mudshark whore, and the human woman in the third was a psychotic lesbian. I didn't even realize Garrus was a romance option - good freaking God what is wrong with people who make these games? The question is rhetorical - psychopathic apes.

    4. There is a detail I forgot to mention and which makes the Garrus romance option even more sordid. Apparently he and his kind had sperm that was acid to humans. So that was how much the females (or men who played as females) wanted velociraptor alien dick; to the point they were ready to risk death by dicking and having their genitals dissolve while they were at it.

      Psychopathic apes, indeed.

      I played the Mass Effect games as well at my brother's recommendation. I thought they were okay, not good or bad, but I honestly didn't understand the popularity.

      - Different Anon

    5. HAHAHA! You're freaking kidding me - seriously? Acid sperm? I guess if the alien in the Aliens movie could drool acid, why not have another alien spooge it? Does she put baking soda in her va-j-j and submit it as a volcano in the science fair?

    6. Yes. I vaguely remember from a video clip the characters having a dialogue how it would be hard for them to have sex without extreme caution and protection. I imagine it was supposed to be romantic.

      - Different Anon

    7. Here's a related story ...

      And make sure they are acid proof. This world.

    8. I apologize for coming back to a relatively old discussion. Well, in internet terms it is old.

      What I found interesting about the article is that it only focused on if aliens found hot earthlings they wanted to have sex with. Not if hot earthlings found aliens they wanted to have sex with. (Which might explain how Sweden has become the rape capital of the world.)

      It reminds me of a maxim I came up with while playing Mass Effect--annoyed as I was that every alien was basically depicted as a funny looking human.

      "Just because you want to have sex with your dog doesn't mean your dog wants to have sex with you." The word 'dog' can be swapped with an animal or an alien of one's choosing.

      So in spite of all the feminist nonsense, the thought behind it seems to be, "just because YOU want it then the recipient of those feelings has some kind of obligation of reciprocity". When it comes to "minorities" one might even risk being labeled racist or xenophobic for rejecting the advances of aliens.

      After all, "women and girls should learn to adjust to the new multicultural society" like one Norwegian feminist harpy said.

      Also, I find the replacement of the head with a condom in the rendition of the Vitruvian Man quite fitting. Certainly whites have abandoned their heads in search of eternal degeneracy and sex.

      - Different Anon

    9. No need for apologies, feel free to comment on what interests you. You always offer intriguing insights.

      Over the years, I have spoken to several single women at work who have been pursued by black guys, but were not interested. Yet, they said they went on non-romantic dates with them anyway. One dated a nigger who was unemployed, while she is a single professional who makes around $70,000 a year. They all expressed an unease with having gone on the dates, hinting they felt pressured but that they could not express their concerns openly. Basically, their feelings boiled down to "I didn't want him to think the reason I wouldn't date him was because he was black." Subtext: "Even though that was the reason I wasn't interested." So they would go on friendly outings and then make up stories about not being in a good place for a relationship, etc. so they wouldn't have to go further. If the men had been White, these women would have had no problem telling the losers they weren't interested. There would have been no attempt to spare their feelings.

      The other, (thankfully) rarer type are those White women who think they are fighting racism by interracial romance. The fantasy alien analogy is a natural extension of that impulse. The love conquers all nonsense.

      Men, on the other hand, are primarily motivated by the sexual conquest. Ex. from recent post: The tard who thought he was a player for fucking a puking woman. I am certain that the majority of White Whateverist males would have no problem banging a babooness if she expressed interest.

    10. You are quite right about the White Whateverist males. When I was reading two of the (in)famous pick-up artist sites, quite a few supposedly white nationalists bragged about having sex with Negresses and Jewesses and Asians.

      Those two sites were Heartiste and Return of Kings; I'm sure you're familiar. I could understand ROK because the site was founded by a non-white who wasn't a nationalist of any kind. But Heartiste promotes itself as a White Nationalist site under the Alt-Right umbrella so they really do not have any excuses but not one condemns the men who proclaim they've fucked non-whites of every shade.

      It's quite hilarious as I'm sure they'd all have a fit if white women did the same. "Blah blah different consequences blah blah", which ignores that there are these things called principles.

      But evidently most of the Alt-Right lack those.

      - Different Anon

    11. Oh, they have no problem being without principle. But the fact that they need to rationalize about a difference in consequences only proves my oft-repeated point that the filthy hypocrites are a pack of degenerates deserving of their geno-suicide.

      A White man who is willing to fuck a niggeress, kikeess, or chingchongess should not be surprised if from his seed springs a mud-lover daughter who holds up signs at the train depot welcoming muzzies between her legs. The sins of the fathers are the sins of the daughters, in that case. It's in the defective genes.

      I don't understand how a White man can look at a non-White woman and think anything other than the creature they are looking at is subhuman, and therefore they would contaminate themselves by contact with it. But even if they felt an attraction, they should be as ashamed of themselves as if they were feeling attracted to a chimp. HA! What am I saying. Alt-Fags /White Nationalists with a sense of shame? That'll be the day.

      Honestly, I could have sympathy for any White, racially-aware person who confessed feelings of attraction to non-Whites *and* wanted to be rid of said feelings. It would be easy enough to give them the excuse that they have been propagandized since childhood to look upon such relationships as normal. The post I made yesterday about why some people are attracted to furries is a similar phenomenon - conditioned with something unnatural. The idea that children exposed to homosexuality are more likely to become homosexuals is another mark in the column of having been poisoned with deviance.

      But these Chalky, hypocritical White Whateverist males won't admit that their impulses are wrong, even as they condemn their own females for the same impulses. As their orange fuhrer would say - Sad.