Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Every Retard Was Kung Fu Fighting

5. With a caesarean section, the path to obesity may begin at birth
Sure it does. Lazy mothers have lazy children ... hahahahaha.

4. A Brief Survey of ITT Tech's Most Batsh*t Commercials
ITT is closing its campuses after increased gub'mint oversight made their diploma mill business unprofitable. Too bad, so sad. Their commercials never held a candle to the Sally Struthers International Correspondence School commercials.

3. Greta Van Susteren quits Fox News
Ol' stroke-mouth must have been heartily embarrassed to find out she was only female Ailes the Hutt didn't sexually harass at Fux News.

2. Hungary Indicts Camerawoman Accused Of Kicking Migrants
They've charged her with disturbing the peace, but say her actions were not  "motivated by ethnic considerations or by the migrant status of the victims." No one believes that lie. What is being done is half-assed nonsense. This is burkini wars all over again. You lack the strength to deal with the invasion, so you treat the vulnerable ones badly, and then when you get bad press, you use the legal system to prove to the world that you are not monsters. The MultiKult won't accept your half measures, and the half measures won't stop the death of Europe. The MultiKult prefers you fight in this way, always on the defense, always losing ground.

1. Every Retard Was Kung Fu Fighting: There's No Stopping This Handicapped Karate Ninja

Well, a flight of stairs could stop him. Or you could put him in car seat, that would stop him. Or you could put him in a Hefty garbage back and tie the loops at the top, that would stop him ... OH ... you were being facetious. j/k Anyhoo - one may ask, how do you know this guy is retarded, and not just handicapped? Because doing something like this in public in that condition is pretty damned retarded.  

But, but, but, but - he's brave, and he's strong, and he's not ashamed - you should be ashamed for making fun of him, you weak coward! Having no sense of shame is not the same thing as bravery or strength, otherwise you wouldn't be calling me a weak coward, now would you? MultiKulturalism lied to you about shamelessness as a virtue, like they did with everything else.  It's shocking, I know. It's the inversion of Western values following the Death of Western Civilization in 1945 - the ugly becomes beautiful, sexual perversity becomes sexual liberation, the insane becomes sane, the defective becomes the new normal, and everyone must lie about it constantly to maintain the mass delusion. Well, not here dear.


  1. That... thing looks like a Pixar character. You know, the useless humanoid sidekick/comic relief.

    Or wait, maybe Disney did it first already:

    What I don't understand is why would one want to give birth to someone that is only capable of living on the continued charity of others? This is truly asked out of confusion, not of any malevolent intent.

    - Different Anon

  2. HA! Actually, the stick arms would kind of be an upgrade.

    What's worse than giving birth to someone only capable of living on the continued charity of others? Being forced to do so because Jebus-loving Chalkies never met a retard they didn't want to save.

    Again, this is basic common sense that [of course] completely escapes the grasp of these worthless apes (of all shades) that were are surrounded by: If one wants to birth a defective, pay for it - entirely - without the gub'mint robbing me to pay for it - and then tell me what a special blessing one has received.

    I was watching a clip where they showed a crippled Syrian girl who came to Europe as a refugee. In the same clip, they gushed about how any country was lucky to have her because of her great attitude, and how migrants are a boost to the economy of any nation. Such arguments come from the secular version of the Jebus-lovers, in other words, MultiKulturalists. Clowns to the Left of us, jokers to the Right.

    But who knows, Different Anon? Common sense doesn't apply anymore - if it ever did. The MultiKult West is playing the game on the easiest setting and crushing it. There are no consequences. There is no day of reckoning. There is no correction. The world plays Russian Roulette every day with a loaded 6-shooter and makes it through all six chambers without a hole in the head. So fine - carry on.

    1. On the topic of Jesus lovers and their pet retards, I recall once catching a glimpse of some reality television show, dealing with house renovations. This episode had (of course) a white couple in it who had a habit of collecting defectives all around the world. One was a mute Chinese girl. One was a negro who was similar to the... man? boy? in the video. A stunted little runt dragging himself on the ground on his bottom.

      Even then I wondered, what if that couple dies? That runt is going to die like an abandoned pet in the streets if no one else takes care of him.

      I wonder if the couple was going to collect a defective of every kind. Christians really seem to love them--after all, Jesus himself loved all the wretched beings of God as more worthy.

      "Oh, you're entire existence is sheer suffering? Congratulations! God loves you! Here is a ticket to Heaven."

      - Different Anon

    2. "Oh, you're entire existence is sheer suffering? Congratulations! God loves you! Here is a ticket to Heaven."

      That was certainly Mother Teresa's viewpoint, and it got her a sainthood recently. And my own personal reading of the bible led me to believe that Jebus was obsessed with the idea of the worst dregs of humanity/sub-humanity being the most blessed. I read very carefully because I kept hearing from racially-aware Christians that if I stood on my head, squinted, and bit my tongue until it bled while reading the bible, I could find evidence the Jebus was a White middle-class racist, but no such luck.

      In an age when people believe their own personal Jebus is a miracle money-maker who wants them to be mega-wealthy if only they will have faith enough to send their gub'mint support checks to the preachers on tv (the prosperity gospel), some Christians have forgotten the poverty side of suffering that Mother Teresa felt was a ticket to Heaven. However, those same Christians still want to keep every defective alive and miserable, just as she did. But worse, they think we are all responsible for doing so (save me gub'mint!).

      I am not entirely heartless - shocking, I know - I sympathize with those who through no fault of their own have become disabled, disfigured, or burdened with caring for those who have been so afflicted. But I cannot stand the self-deception and doublethink constructed around trying to turn such horrible things into stories of courage and perseverance and gifts of grace.

      Take this story, for example (I apologize if this is a repeat for you, Different Anon). Who would have dared tell you the obvious that this would not end well?

      Irony alert in the text, ***emphasis mine***: "The young man does not regret what happened to him because he is a ***burning*** patriot and Republican."

      Lying to yourselves (with Mass Media complicity) is one thing, Jebusites/MultiKultists, dragging us all into your psychodrama under threat of social death if we dare think/speak otherwise is tyrannical. We are all forced to bare the cost (material and emotional) for your crusades against reality.

    3. I think being sensible and heartless are two different things. Of course, I’ve been accused of being heartless myself so I’m unsure if I’m the right person to say it.

      What I find more perverse is the Christian idea, and as such the multicultist idea, that a more wretched a state of being is the more worthy it is. Let’s face it; they don’t care a rat’s ass about niggers, for example, but what gets them all in a tizzy is that most niggers are dumb, violent, poor, diseased, malnourished and dirty.

      They look at them and see them as God’s precious little beings, not because of anything they have done or haven't done, but because of their state of being is sheer misery—to them and to those around them. Their misery is seen as grace and the Christians and multicultists think of themselves as saints for having someone to eternally help.

      It’s just one big show of “see, aren’t I such a good person?”

      I suppose one could see Jesus as racist if one only thinks of his views on Jews. If I recall correctly he was pretty harsh against God’s Chosen Ones? But didn’t he, most of the time, save prostitutes and blind people and talk about how children are immediately accepted into the kingdom of heaven?

      …It is amazing how Christians can’t see that multiculturalism is just the secular version of their religion. “But it’s not REAL Christianity!” Right, like there are no real Scotsmen, am I right?

      Besides, Christianity was the reform of Judaism, if I remember correctly. Instead of berating Jews for sticking to their—the horror—supremacist, racist religion, shouldn’t they ask, well, who is the one who is ruling the world and who is the one losing the world?

      As for the story you linked to, I rather failed to see what I was supposed to take from it? Love conquers all? Oops, it doesn’t after all! But at least their relationship is now much “deeper and closer” without all that nonsense!

      Why advertise people’s private tragedies?

      - Different Anon

    4. Hello Different Anon,

      If Jebus espoused critical views of Jews as a race, it was no different than any other number of their prophets who warned them (the lost sheep) that they weren't doing what their Sky God wanted them to do.

      But I won't get into a debate over the contradictory bullshit that particular poorly written piece of Jewish mythology dumps out. It's like Trump - people see what they want to see in him and ignore evidence to the contrary. But the kike is all over both of them.

      Jesus was a kike. His followers were kikes. His religion is a kike religion. Kikes are poison. If White people won't quit the kike, they are doomed - and rightly so. Simple.


      For insensible people, stories of overcoming handicaps or prejudice or abuse are emotion porn that validates their beliefs in the ultimate goodness of humanity, despite all evidence to the contrary.

      I felt that article was unusually candid about the reality of such a horrible situation, compared to the widely publicized love story that preceded it.,,20059929,00.html

      It is rare that the public gets a reality check following a trip into the fantasy world of love conquering all / faith conquering all.

      What I want is for people to read that follow-up and think. Was his survival a blessing or a curse? The part you mentioned about "deeper and closer" was probably the saddest bit:

      "Tyler assumes she is with another man, but he does not mind because she is still with him. He believes their relationship is now much deeper and closer, without the pressure of the public, marriage and everything around them."

      It is stated without comment. The writer does not try to make it more flowery, and it thuds like the hollow delusion it is. Compare it to the People article about the wedding:

      "Their lips met again the next day, when Steven Huff, a Marine chaplain, pronounced them husband and wife. The auditorium erupted in whoops as Ty and Renee walked out into the brilliant sun, where a Marine detail raised swords in unison, forming an arch for them to pass through. Following USMC tradition, the last Marine dropped his sword to block the way, while another gave Renee a swat on the butt, "officially" welcoming her to the Corps."

      There was her first reminder that she was marrying a sexless, melted ken doll while real men with functioning genitals were ready to swat her backside once she was out of the public spotlight.

      There is a horror to the delusions humans construct. It wasn't just advertising their misfortune. That entire community built a massive fairy tale lie around that couple, and the mass media disseminated the emotion porn for consumption by the proles. They collectively spit in the face of reality and ended up subjecting those kids to something that, to me, was just awful. But has anyone learned anything from it? Of course not.

      When I first understood the human condition, I was filled with pity and despair. But when I realized how maliciously they peddle their deceptions and refuse to take responsibility for their endlessly repeated follies, pity turned to contempt. The despair remained.