Sunday, September 25, 2016

Duchess gets shouted down by MultiKultists while trying to defend Southern Heritage

5. Mexicans Take To The Streets Against Same-Sex Marriage
Sigh. So it's come to this. Beaners in Mexico are more conservative than the Right-wing is in the Kwa. Now will anyone see that both parties in the Kwa are MultiKult?

4. Gennifer Flowers at Debate? Just Making a Point, Says Team Trump
Quoting: “He wants to remind people that he’s a great counterpuncher,” Ms. Conway said on ABC’s “This Week.” Oh, so Flowers was his punchline, but she wasn't in on the joke. The result being that she humiliated herself by accepting his mocking invitation, and now she refuses to speak to the media about it. And that proves he is a great counterpuncher, and not a mean-spirited jackass who drug her into his pyschodrama as a prop? Why is it that noone in the media reframed this event in those terms? The Mass Media experts of spin seem to be curiously unwilling or unable to counter the spin of the Trump camp.

3. Trump, Netanyahu meet for nearly 90 minutes
Wow - Trump is a slow eater, or Netanyahu has a particularly enormous ass. Here is one tasty morsel from the butt-licking party: "Finally, Mr. Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish People for over 3000 years, and that the United States, under a Trump administration, will finally accept the long-standing Congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel." Muh White Savior tricks da Jooz!!! Gah-huck.

2. Mall Shooting Suspect: 'Creepy,' Multiple Arrests, Disputes
I was right. He's a muzzie. But Muds are by nature difficult to racially classify. A large number of Spanish bloodlines are hopelessly contaminated with Muzzie mudblood from North Africa. This half-muzzie blood then mixed with the inbred Mongolian blood of the Amerindians to create another toxic mixture of brown sludge in the New World. It is only natural that this Turk, who has White, Muzzie, and Asian blood from the genetic hell that is Asia Minor, could be mistaken for a Latino. Hooray for the chaos created by Mud. It's so vibrant!

1. Duchess gets shouted down by MultiKultists while trying to defend Southern Heritage
Even your god emperor Trump supported the removal of the Confederate flag in South Carolina, Duchess. It truly is only a matter of time before the whole of the South abandons the relics of its past. And if you can't stop a flag from being taken down, or a statue from being taken down, what chance do you have stopping a race from being taken down? By connecting himself with this story, Duchess has provided more ammunition for those who want to link thse historical monuments with racism. How generous of him. #UsefulIdiot

By the way Duchess - trim your nails. You look more and more like one of those transforming-to-tranny pics leaked while Bruce was becoming Caitlyn.

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