Monday, September 26, 2016

Deranged Nazi Dothead Shooter Must Have Misunderstood Term "Aryan" in Mein Kampf

5. Investors join call for North Carolina to repeal LGBT law
Quoting: Some 60 investors representing $2.1 trillion in managed assets joined the NCAA, entertainers and more than 200 businesses in calling for North Carolina to repeal its law limiting LGBT protections against discrimination. Basically, they are trying to use disinvestment to force their social agenda. Ask yourselves why super wealthy people are so obsessed with forcing the proles to use bathrooms with tranny freaks. And ask yourselves which party or presidential candidate will do anything about it anymore. And if you cannot successfully oppose transgender bathroom madness, or gay marriage madness, what hope do you have of winning a cultural battle to convince people to oppose interracial marriage madness, which help slippery the slope.

4. Donald Trump's Cruel Streak
It's definitely worth a few laughs. The Leftists who spent 7 decades coarsening the culture never expected to be sucker punched from the formerly priggish right wing. They have been struggling to cope with having their own tactics thrown back in their faces - especially the tactic of wantonly lying and being excused by your base for doing so.

3. Glenn Beck Breaks Up With Ted Cruz Over His Donald Trump Endorsement
With all the histrionics one would expect from a jilted teenage faggot. At least Beck is always willing to fall on his sword and admit he was wrong. But he certainly doesn't ever seem to learn from his mistakes.

2. Iowa Man Says He Won't Have to Pay for Child That Isn't His
His problem was he remained married to a woman he hadn't seen in 15 years. When she slutted it up and got pregnant following a one night stand, he was on the hook for her bastard. None of this would have happened if he had stayed true to his White Trash heritage and not gotten married in the first place.

1.  Deranged Nazi Dothead Shooter Must Have Misunderstood Term "Aryan" in Mein Kampf
Houston shooting investigation: Who is Nathan DeSai?
Quoting: We're learning more about a Houston attorney whose vehicle was connected to a violent shooting Monday that injured nine people in southwest Houston.[...] Now ABC News has learned that two guns and Nazi materials were found at the scene. ABC13 has confirmed that Nazi materials found inside the car registered to DeSai.
Nazi materials ... on this guy?

There but for the grace of Ganesha goes Jack Sen.

Then again, he would probably be correct to say he is descended from actual Aryans. Savitri Devi would do him. It really is unfortunate that the term "Aryan" and its pseudo-history achieved such popularity among racially aware White people. There's be a lot less confusion if we just stuck with White.


  1. glenn beck is a complete loser
    i dont know why he insists on calling himself a conservative, the only conservative aspect to him is jebus and abortion

    if we just stuck with white that would cause alot of confusion, stick with straight aryan, so disgusting queers such as milo know he is not one of us

    if you were to just say white you would be accepting all sorts of mixed filth who happen to have a white face

    1. I agree - Beck is primarily a bible-humper conservative, but he is also a spastic nut who flits between political positions based on the voice of Jebus in his head.

      To my thinking, White is not just skin (white), but also identity - which includes heritage, behavior, and outlook for the future.

      A Jew can be white, without being White.
      A fag can be white, without being White.
      An albino nigger can be white, without being White.

      And one can still be white in skin, bloodlines, political outlook, and straight as an arrow, but still be a sack of White Trash because of the niggerishness of his/her behavior.

      But I see your point, that White too is not an ideal label. I remember being told by a Paki that he was "White". I was a teenager, and I think it was my first realization that I had a *very* different interpretation of that word than other people did.

      But what has also helped is that White has become a more toxic term as MultiKulturalism has become all-pervasive. Anyone who is willing to express Whiteness as an identity is doing so in the face of pressure from the entire Western World to hate themselves for being White. Calling themselves Aryan links their struggle to Nazism and fights a battle long since lost when Western Civilization died in 1945.

      But, that being said, I appreciate you expressed a difference of opinion in a civil, thoughtful way.

  2. I knew this guy couldnt be a white nats. whits hide behind their pcs

    1. Hello Alan,

      With very few notable exceptions, you are quite right. And I admit I not only hide behind my PC, I am the only White Whateverist who advocates complete anonymity for those interested in our "movement". I also advocate concealing our aberrant beliefs in own life, adhering to White identity in private and MultiKult identity in public, and in focusing on learning to thrive in the MultiKult world. I believe that without the White Whateverist movement uniting the MultiKultists against a common foe, the disparate elements of MultiKulturalism will tear each other apart. The key is keep White identity alive and incognito through the New Dark Ages of MultiKulturalism.