Thursday, September 01, 2016

Clearly Insane Man Asks Amy Schumer to Show Him Her Tits

5. Rocket explodes on launch pad in blow to Elon Musk's SpaceX
He needs to start investing in finding a cure for his chronic projectile dysfunction. And continuing with that theme...

4. Trump’s Hispanic Advisers Ditch Him Over Hard-Right Immigration Plan
Of course, HuffPo's definition of hard-right is anyone who is White and has a penis. Regardless, I found this interesting tidbit from one beaner-Trumpling who turned against der Trumpenfuhrer: "Tonight he was not a Republican but a populist, modern day Father Coughlin who demonized immigrants. He must want to lose." The beaner may be wrong about that, but at least his reasoning is consistent. What's funny is that a week ago when Trump was all about the "softening", Trumplings were saying he had to do it to win the election. Now that he is "hardening" again, what will they say? That he can win without the moderate vote now, just 1 week later? They cannot out-reason a beaner. As Trump would say, "Sad!" No wonder Trumplings love their king of the oompa loompas. His persona is just as vapid, inconsistent, and irrational as they are.

3. Kim Jong-un executes education minister by firing squad for not SITTING properly during a meeting
Nice that the Daily Mail felt they needed to scream the word SITTING to achieve the desired outrage. By trying to stress how minor the offense was, they accidentally imply that there are certain breaches of meeting etiquette worthy of summary execution, just not THIS ONE.

2. Rachel Dolezal’s New Controversy: Headlining a Natural Hair Rally
Oh, DATGOY! You iz turribull. It is hilariously ironic that a white woman pretending to be a black woman would be asked to instruct black women on how to take care of their "natural" hair.

1. Clearly Insane Heckler Asks Amy Schumer to Show Him Her Tits
Here is the live footage of what happened to him as she opened her shirt:


  1. Why the term oompa loompa?
    Is it because trumplings are lemmings and agree blindly with what the orange mischling master says? Or is it to do with his ridiculous comb over?

    Alot of liberals and celebrity homos claimed they will leave amerikwa if trump wins, that's the only bonus to America,and wiping that smug grin from the demented dyke Hillary

  2. HA! It's just because of his orange skin. I saw this picture of him, and added a caption I felt summarized his appeal:

    If the primary goal was to wipe the smug grin off of Hillary's face, then it would have been best for White Whateverists to shut *their* faces and not hitch their overburdened burning-shit-wagons to Trump. They aren't exactly helping their favorite grandpa of mischling.

    The day before Trump announced his candidacy last year, I made a post that summarized this very point:

    Strategy and Tactics in White Whateverism

    "If we sit down on their side of the table, the conservatives will scoot their chairs further down to the left, just to get away from us. Leave them alone at the table with the leftist, and they will naturally move farther away to the right to get away from their leftist enemies."

    Alternatively, they might have wished for any other Republican candidate in America, because only Trump could actually make a Hillary victory a possibility.

    White Whateverist investment in keeping Hillary out of the White House is laughable, when their presence only provides ammo for her side. They are detached from their own responsibility for her possible victory.

    A similar thing can be seen with Sean Hannity's meltdown that never-Trumpers will be to blame for Hillary's election. Typical pundit nonsense spin. Trump Republicans chose to back a polarizing candidate because milquetoast candidates failed in the previous elections, and then they were shocked that he polarized people.

    White Whateverists think this polarization has driven people to their side, but it hasn't. He simply invited all sorts of undesirables (Wrestlemania fans, reality TV watchers, tabloid consumers) to sit at the political table with him. That's populism. White Whateverists got the sensation that since people were finally sitting next to them too at lunch, that they must be popular as well. When Trump gets up to leave the table, White Whateverists will suddenly realize how alone they still are.

  3. Re: Rachel Dolezal. It never ceases to amuse me when we see commie liberals and their dusky minority pets turn on each other in a race to the bottom to be more purely Marxist than the next comrade. You will get anything resembling consistency or reason from progressives. I've recently heard a FedGov commercial on radio that berates males to register for "Selective service" by exhorting suckers to "Be a man-- Register!" This is the same FedGov that vows to make all bathrooms in FedGov-owned buildings transgender friendly. What-- they don't honor my gender-orientation liquidity anymore? Who are they to determine what a "man" is? I am waiting for a commercial aimed at women that says, "If you find yourself in a unplanned pregnancy, be a WOMAN and carry the baby to term and put it up for adoption for couples who have fertility issues. Be a WOMAN!" I won't hold my breath.

    1. Outstanding contribution. Thank you very much!

      Double-think is the universal norm in a MultiKult society. The cattle are so brain dead, contradiction no longer creates cognitive dissonance.

      I recently overheard at work an elderly woman berate a young man who changed his mind about something, "You're worse than an old woman!".
      Now, the first thing I thought was that was a kind of weird thing to say. I didn't know old women had a penchant for changing their minds. Aren't they supposed to be resistant to change?

      But then I thought, if she had heard him say that to someone else, she would have ratted him out and he would have been disciplined by HR. But if he went to HR about her use of that expression, they would have treated him as a problem worker bringing them nonsense complaints.

      Yay, MultiKulturalism!