Friday, September 02, 2016

Chingy Chong's True Story: I Ate My Twin

5. How Many [Migrant] Babies Have to Die Like Alan Kurdi[?]

Ooo! Ooo! Mz. Goygul! I've got the answer! Pick me! Mz. Goygul! Over here! Ooo! ... A-drey-drey?
All of them!

4. Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature
Oh, for HaShem's sake. Their parents can't stop them from binge drinking, slutting themselves, or being insufferable SJW douches - but they are they reason why college kids don't want to go into liberal arts? B - fuckin' -S, (((Mr. Pearlstein))). Let me explain what your game is to those who aren't jew-wise. Schlomo propagandists would be the first to recognize that Jewish kids are driven by their parents into law, medicine, and finance. But when the cattle decide they want to pursue high-paying professions, suddenly he expresses alarm that enough kids aren't studying literature. You teach economics yid-boy, but you're going to lecture the goyim on the value of becoming history or English majors? And you do it by pitting kids against their parents with a false generational-warfare narrative? Typical Jew-move. Nice try, kike. Here's another member of the tribe practicing their ancient craft ...

3.Jared Fogle Sues His Victim's Parents - Blames them for her problems, his court filing suggests
Well kiked, Mr. Pedo, well kiked.

2. When Kids Sit Alone: Lessons from the viral photo of a college football player eating lunch with a young boy who has autism
Lesson 1: Hoping to up your chances of becoming a professional sportsball player? Get the media to take a picture of you having lunch with a lonely retarded kid. Lesson 2: There aren't enough (photo-op) friendly Samaritans in the world to make sure your retard will always have lunch companionship. And paying people to sit with your retard, or paying people to monitor other children to make them sit with your retard, doesn't count as either goodness or friendship. You can't fix this, anymore than you can fix your retard.

1. Chingy Chong's True Story: I Ate My Twin
Now the cannibalism occurred in utero, but still - Dishes Cripes, is there anything Chingy Chongs won't eat?


  1. Wait, they are still parading that dead kid around? I guess they don’t have new heartrending photos of new dead toddlers.

    You know, I like literature… or well, I used to but then most modern literature became dominated by feminists and SJWs and multicultist’s feel-good nonsense, but I wouldn’t want to make a career out of it. Unless I actually wrote books that sold well then I could consider, but only after I have another career to work on the side/fall back on, and the books actually sell.

    If the kid is actually autistic, I doubt he cares if he eats alone or not?

    What I really wanted to comment was the twin story. Just… what a load of garbage. The dumb cattle is supposed to believe that this woman wanted a twin all her life because she somehow magically “knew”—in her soul—that she had a twin before she even had a fully developed brain or the capacity for memories?

    Oh, and her sign is conveniently Gemini? I see her East Asian heritage shining through, but on the other hand every other “news” here also has to deal with astrological nonsense so it could just be a woman thing, too.

    …and this is counted as journalism? I thought journalists were supposed to report happenings around the world—not their personal snippets of fiction disguised as “true stories”.

    Why the world doesn’t die from its own insipidity?

    That said, have you seen this, Mr Arlott:

    Just, for fuck’s sake, whites. (Pardon my language.)

    - Different Anon

  2. I wish you luck in your literary endeavors, Different Anon. I recommend the view that what one produces is for a purpose only satisfying to oneself.

    I read quite a bit in my youth, but still ended up surprisingly not well read. I had friends who would gush about an author who spent 3 pages describing a sunrise. I was not similarly impressed. I would turn the page and think "Still with the sunrise? Get the fuck on with it!" Now I think, did the writer do that to please himself, or to show off to fanboys? What was his intent?

    The article about the autist makes it quite clear he minds eating alone, but does not have the ability to express it. How they determined his inner, inexpressible feelings is not elaborated. Perhaps it is like those "assistants" who help blind/deaf/dumb people communicate by holding their hands and making signs. In other words, a phenomenon that cannot be independently verified.

    RE: Chingy Chong Twin Eating. "And this is counted as journalism?" Shocking, I know. All I can do is catalogue the decline, and get a cheap laugh or two. There are those who can see it now, and marvel that the world is still alive, even with its terminal insipidity. That link you provided is a great example. UGGGGHHHH. There it is, on full display. Whether there will be a future generation who will realize what we were up against, who can say?

    I appreciate your contributions to the documentation of the Death of the Race. Eventually, I shall have to download the CDN blog onto a thumb drive, seal it in a time capsule, and leave it for said potential future generation.

  3. Yes, I've seen pictures of Ginks eating fetus soup.
    It was so... disgusting. But as Rory Calhoun said in the classic "Motel Hell," Meat's meat, and ya gots to eat"!

    1. Holy moly that is an obscure reference - but well done!