Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chingy Chong Madwoman Invents Mushroom Burial Suit

5. Woman Sues Sex-Toy Maker for Invading Her Privacy
She bought a dildo to link with her smart phone and expected privacy. Brilliant.

4. ‘Pets Are Becoming a Replacement for Children’ [among] Millennials
Give it another couple of decades, and they will be replacements for spouses as well. Thank you, Slow March Left. Who are you to judge?

3. Jew for Jesus Arrested for Torching Omar Mateen’s Mosque
What a freak. What's with the rhinestone earrings? Looks like a beardless, East Indian Matthew Heimbach.

2. Trump 'didn't like' lack of diversity at RNC
Perhaps Compulsory Diversity would help?

1. Chingy Chong Madwoman Invents Mushroom Burial Suit
She wants bodies to rot faster, and thinks people will appreciate her suit costs less than $1,000. But when desperately poor people still spend $10,000 for a satin-lined box to stuff their pe-paw's corpse into, what makes this idiot think cost is the major driving factor in corpse disposal? She actually would have been smarter to charge $50,000, as only wealthy whacko greenies are going to want such a ridiculous funeral costume in the first place. Get Ed Begley Jr. on the phone, Dum Ho.


  1. What I found amazing is that she actually paid 130 dollars for a vibrator. Well, I suppose it could be considered a lifetime investment so perhaps it isn't that expensive?

    Also, this: "unjust enrichment". Could I use this to sue everyone who advocates for diversity? Probably not, but it would be funny.

    It always brings a smile to my face to see diversity get along so well. Now if we only could get rid of those wicked white people Earth would have paradise! Because tolerance!

    (If whites were intent on killing themselves, why couldn't they come up with something that wasn't so bloody stupid?)

    I think it was in Sweden where they came up with the idea of cremating the body, burying the ashes, and then planting a tree atop of it.

    I don't really understand the point of the suit because cremation gets rid of the body pretty quickly (unless that is offensive because of Holocaust) and, well, East Asian generally cremate their dead so why was an East Asian woman coming up with this idea? I can only assume she isn't going to make East Asia her target market--or most other people, either.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      A lifetime investment in a vibrator? That is a disturbing thought. But as the MultiKult becomes ubiquitous, I imagine more and more people will have the joy of discovering their Grandma's vibrator when cleaning out her house after the funeral.

      It really would show the arc of human history if people started by putting flowers and food in the graves of their dead, and ended up burying their dead in quick-rot mushroom suits.