Monday, September 05, 2016

Bitch Got a Hairball

5. Heidi Klum Declares Her Love for Boyfriend Vito Schnabel in Sweet Shot From Burning Man
So she wants the world to know that once you go black you go right back. But there is a caveat - unless you look like Heidi Klum, no White man is going to want you back. Still, doesn't this stupid cunt have mudlings (and 1 Chalkessette) to raise? More selfish, narcissistic media-whoring courtesy of the global elite. Have it all ladies! Money, career, and a rainbow of lovers! Any bastards you pop out will basically raise themselves*!
*Caution: Does not reflect reality.

4. In France, Women Are Free
Yes - if they are White, they are free to be raped by Muzzies, and if they are Muzzies, they are free to be told by White cops to strip on the beach. Yay feminist progress! In this article, the prime minister of France argues that making Muzzie women take off their burkinis is essential for ensuring the future of French society. That whooshing sound is the wind passing through one of his ears and emptying out the other. Burkini wars are no substitute for preventing the racial death of your nation, you miserable frog! You're losing - you're in retreat - and you will surrender. That is the modern equivalent of liberty, equality, and fraternity in France.

3. Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse
"Too much inequality and too few natural resources could leave the West vulnerable to a Roman Empire-style fall." WHAT?!? Are you joking? You think the later Roman empire was less equal than the early Roman Empire? You think the patrician class being replaced by illiterate barbarian warlords was an *increase* in inequality? You don't think being overrun by migrating barbarian hordes repeatedly over the course of centuries, and buying them off by letting them settle in your empire had just a wee bit to do with stretching those resources? And why is NASA involved in this topic anyway?!? This is why we can't put our own rockets into space anymore - because scientific institutions have been co-opted to promote Leftist/Progressive politics.

2. Obama cancels meeting with Philippines’ Duterte after he calls Obama a ‘son of a whore’
Well, to be specific, she was a mudshark, which is a type of whore. But semantics aside, I actually support world leaders snubbing each other over slights of this sort. This recent trend of politicians behaving worse than anonymous Twitterbators needs to be addressed.

1. Bitch Got a Hairball: Hillary Clinton is caught up in a marathon coughing fit
Good god, again? What, is she a consumptive in some depressing 19th century social welfare novel? Is she going to vomit forth a plague of locusts at some point? Funny thing is, after having that thought, I found a graphic for it on the interwebs! Ha! Outstanding.


  1. obongo describes looters as undocumented shoppers,
    threrfore i describe hilarys incident as " rug munching related mishap"

    schnabel is an art dealer/ artist, in my experience 90% of art fags are die hard marxists, im sure jew schnabel feels very proud about raising adopted niglets,maybe they can wear skullcaps and rap about reparations, a jewnigger hybrid the stuff of nightmares

    1. "rug munching related mishap"

      Outstanding! I wish I had thought of that joke.

      A jew willing to shtup a shiksa who shtupped a nigger. What is the chosen race coming to? So who's next in her international dick merry-go-round? A chingy-chong? Maybe that hapa Jon Gosselin is available, and they could do a reality show together.