Sunday, September 04, 2016

Anti-White Propaganda Today: How Being Pale Became Passe

5. Mudshark athlete with brain tumor to deliver mixed-race baby just before she undergoes surgery.
Shucks. If only it had been ovarian cancer 9 months ago. Still, having a brain tumor could explain her aberrant sexual behavior. Wouldn't it be a hoot if after she has the tumor removed, she suddenly realizes she is committing bestiality?

4. In the Indian city where Mother Teresa founded her order, ambivalence about her legacy
No joke - the first ambivalent sentiment in the article was expressed by a dothead who said Mother Teresa's charity work had made Westerners associate Calcutta with disease and poverty, instead of "its vociferous soccer clubs, fish markets and busy cafes." For Jebus's sake, that is beyond retarded. If it wasn't for Mother Teresa, 99.9% of Westerners would never have heard of Calcutta. As it is now, even with her misguided charity work, 99.9% of them can't find it on a map. STFU.

3. The 96-Year-Old Barber of Auschwitz Retires — After 6 Decades in Business
Now, before you Nazi hunters run off to catch this vicious war criminal, let me inform you he is a Jew, so simmer down. Still, he did single-handedly keep the U-boat fleet supplied with Jew-hair socks and blankets ... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry, but ... HAHAHAHAHAHA. On with the greatest story ever sold ...

2.In 'Mischling,' twin heroines amid Holocaust horror
Not familiar with the term Mischling? Well, its what Clinton and Trump's grandkids are. Anyhoo - in the linked review, we get this detail from the "Holocaust horror" novel: Stasha stumbles into one of Mengele’s clinic rooms, where she is greeted by a wall of staring eyeballs pinned to the wall like insect specimens. ... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry, but ... HAHAHAHAHAHA. Are we supposed to suspend disbelief here or not? I mean, if we don't believe it, are we guilty of Holocaust denial? Just curious.

1. Anti-White Propaganda Today: How Being Pale Became Passe
Isn't it interesting that when people pay to make themselves tanner, we call it fashion. And when people pay to make themselves whiter, we call it the legacy of racism. Yes ... interesting.


  1. Not surprising that a masculine-jawed sheboon is at the heart of Hillary Clinton's e-mail wiping scandal.
    Is there ANYTHING that a carefully vetted house negress WON'T do IN SERVICE to her white liberal massa?

    1. HAHAHA, dear God what a monster! It's Zira from the Planet of the Apes. Great link, thank you! Isn't it incredible that the Democrats have anointed Shillary as their candidate after 8 years of the Mulatto Messiah? Again, imagine if either party had fielded even an average candidate. They would have trounced the opposition. But cattle gonna cattle - they've been dumbed down so far, they are stuck rooting for their pick of the two weakest candidates we've seen in modern memory.

  2. Off topic, but thank God Pammie Anderson is helping me break my peculiar onanistic habits by allowing me a month-long residency in her Tommy Lee-wrecked anus.

    1. HA x 20! That was completely, hilariously over the top, but delightful at the same time. Well done!