Friday, September 30, 2016

Home Depot Apologizes for Triggering Canucks

5. Police: Student admits he wore gorilla mask to taunt Black Lives Matter protesters. Now he’s charged with civil rights intimidation.
He didn't even get a rise out of the sub-apes he was taunting. Moron. Good job destroying your employment prospects for any company where the HR department knows how to use Google.

4. Twitter, ‘lies’ and videotape: Trump shames beauty queen
Trump was up at 3am last night recommending a sex tape to his Twitter followers in order to shame a fat-beaner-former-Miss-Universe. It's been said Hillary's Miss Piggy barb got under Donald's skin. That was an understatement. It didn't just get under it, it ripped it off and wore it like Jame Gumb. What the fuck is wrong with him? And while we are on the subject of fat shaming ...

3. Driver who spent three days with his girlfriend's dead body after SUV crash 'lied to police about her death when he crawled to the road three days later'
Given her porcine qualities, maybe he was just ashamed to have been caught dating her.

2. Philippines' Duterte likens himself to Hitler, wants to kill millions of drug users
I've been hoping for 10 years that people would do away with political correctness. I just didn't figure that when it happened, it would only apply to a couple of rambling, demented faux-politicians whose only reason for being un-PC is because they have no impulse control.

1. Home Depot Apologizes for Triggering Canucks
Home Depot pulls Scary Peeper Creeper from stores in Canada after complaints
Seems that it reminded people of a voyeur serial rapist/murderer, Paul Bernardo.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some Evangelicals Lukewarm Over Cheeto Jesus

5. Enjoy Your 'Th' Sounds Now, They'll Be Gone by 2066
If you're a nigger, dey is already gone, and dat is duh truf.

4. [Po-Po Sends] Apology cake: 'Sorry I Tased You'
I can't believe this story is real, but the image connected with it is hilarious nonetheless...

3. Do flu shots still work?
Given the number of spergs/autisits/retards in the Kwa today, I would say most assuredly yes! Oh, you mean do they work at preventing the flu. (shrugs shoulders) DISCLAIMER: CDN does not take sides in the vaccine debate. Get 'em or don't and let Jebus sort it out.

2. [Rayciss] history lesson horrifies parents: Blacks used to have ‘strong work ethic’ during slavery
No, they didn't. That's not racist, it's simply a lie. Do you think any overseer ever got up in the morning to find the slaves were already halfway through picking the cotton fields?

1. Some Evangelicals Lukewarm Over Cheeto Jesus
Split Over Donald Trump and Cut Off by Culture Wars, Evangelicals Despair


Betty and Dick Odgaard used to own the tiny church next door to their home. They had built it over 13 years into an art gallery, bistro, flower shop and framing service. They even rented out the chapel, with its bright stained glass windows, for social events.

But three years ago, the Odgaards refused to rent the quaint site to two gay men for a wedding, saying it would violate their religious beliefs about marriage. The men filed a civil rights complaint, and the Odgaards settled, paying a penalty because it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. After the controversy, regular customers stopped coming. Friends and family members stopped speaking to them. The Odgaards were vilified as bigots and haters. [...]

The change in America seemed to happen so quickly that it felt like whiplash, the Odgaards said. One day they felt comfortably situated in the American majority, as Christians with shared beliefs in God, family and the Bible. They had never even imagined that two people of the same sex could marry.

Overnight, it seemed, they discovered that even in small-town Iowa they were outnumbered, isolated and unpopular. Everyone they knew seemed to have a gay relative or friend.

If Christianity had been strong enough to fight the MultiKult, I would not be so rabidly anti-Christian. But Christian doctrines about love, tolerance, and not casting the first stone have been used to sequentially excuse every deviance the MultiKult foisted upon Western Civilization. When your only remaining argument against the normalization of butt burglary is that a magic Jew in the sky doesn't like it, you were doomed to lose out to the new MultiKult faith in an age of advanced technology. MultiKulturalism takes all the soft, cucky, self-destructive aspects of Christinsanity and strips the ancient Jewish mythology out of it. It is tailor made for the Chalkies of the Information Age. Jew mind control without the trappings of the old superstitions. Cheeto Jesus won't fight for your old religion, Whities - only the new MultiKult version of it. You Trump Train fools are heading straight for Hoboken Terminal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What One Fag Learned From Having Sex With 365 Guys In One Year

5. Momentum vice-[mulatto] Jackie Walker says Holocaust Memorial Day is not inclusive enough
And what should we White Whateverists do when the MultiKult starts to turn on its own and devour them? Stand back and enjoy the show in silence. If we all just went anonymous, and there was no White boogeyman to fight - the MultiKult would self-destruct without their common enemy. Something worth considering...

4. Horrifying moment mob of 40 people attack a California Highway Patrol cruiser with a white officer inside
Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.

3. Humans: Unusually Murderous Mammals, Typically Murderous Primates
It is fascinating that the article states that genetically similar groupings of animals tend to demonstrate similar levels of violence, but that humans are not the pinnacle of either mammalian or primate violence. And yet, what would happen if the same thinking were applied to different human ethnicities - hmm? If one subset of humans was found to be much more violent than another, it would all be attributed to social conditioning, wouldn't it? Genetics would not be permitted in a such a discussion. Interesting how that works, isn't it?

 2. Activists Threaten to Sue Aquarium Over Tiger 'Dungeon' 
Oh, how I wish that people who kept wild captive animals like this would fall into their prisoners' mauling radius.

1.What [One Fag] Learned From Having Sex With 365 Guys in One Year
Answer: What it feels like to live without a functioning rectal sphincter.

This is the inevitable progress of the MultiKult, you do understand that, right? After decades of trying to remold the image of faggots against stereotypes (promiscuous, mentally unstable, diseased), the MultiKult succeeded in convincing the Western World that fags were just like everyone else, and to say otherwise would be bigoted. They just wanna be loved, is that so wrong? And now that you can be fired for speaking the truth about homosexuals, or your business sued into bankruptcy for not baking a wedding cake for a gay couple, or your state could face a multi-billion dollar boycott for not letting trannies take a dump in whichever bathroom they feel like given how penis-y they imagine themselves on a given day, now you see the mask slip right back off, and the deviant, insane, AIDS-ravaged true face of faggotry staring you down, mocking your naivete.

By the way  - It's a fact* that Dickie Spenther personally arranged for Jack Donovan to be number 14 in the countdown, while Dickie himself was number 88. Milo was numbers 145, 190, 219, and 306-309. *Not an actual fact, but what the fuck is wrong with you White Nationalists that you associate yourselves with fag-loving filth to latch on to the momentary popularity of the Alt-Right handle?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Can't Stop Winning - Just Forgot How to Win Last Night

I watched the debate last night without looking for any other input from Mass Media, Social Media, or other people.  I felt Hillary had "won". Trump had bullied and talked over her for the first half hour which kept her on the ropes, but then he changed his tactic and started responding to each and every little thing she threw out to him, while she just ignored every dig he made. In the latter half, he started arguing more with Lester Holt than with Hillary, which gave her even more breathing space. He was going a hundred miles an hour out of the gate, and then choked and started struggling, swatting at every shadow around him. It was all mildly entertaining, but it did not change the fundamental fact that these are two wealthy elites with mischling grandkids, who are both MultiKultists and are therefore anti-White.

Today, I was somewhat surprised by what others had to say about it at work, and how Mass/Social Media had reacted. I really shouldn't have been. The polarization is still as extreme as ever. Media on the Right have been making excuses for Trump's poor performance, some going so far as to gaslight it as a victory over Leftist media bias, and Media on the Left have been crowing that Hillary had destroyed him and showed the world he wasn't fit to be president. People at work came in today prepared to parrot what they had been hearing from their media outlets. I think both interpretations are wrong. Donald Trump defeated himself in last night's debate, and let Hillary walk away claiming a victory she hadn't earned. I referred to her strategy before as playing the penny slot machine that gives you your penny back if you lose, and 5 cents if you win 1 out of every 100 games. She slowly saves her nickels and hopes her opponent blows his wad. She ends the night with 5 bucks in her pocket and is the jackpot winner only because her opponent busted.

Because this spectacle is only productive in so much as it is laughable, I searched the Mass Media today for the five stories I thought were the funniest takes / spin on the debate. Here they are:

5.  Trump Suggests There Was A Plot To Sabotage His Debate Microphone
“I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories, of course” he said. Yeah, because that would be yugely out of character for him and his worshipers. The microphone conspiracy apparently led to this...

4. What's Going On With Trump's Sniffling?I was totally taken aback by this meme. I hadn't noticed it at all. Perhaps the livestream I was watching didn't catch it? Perhaps I had the volume too low? Perhaps I am just not that observant of people's nasal congestion. Or perhaps it was just b.s..

3. Pepe’s post-debate identity crisis: Online alt-right turns on Donald Trump after his presidential debate fiasco
That is gross hyperbole. Some channers expressed doubts or took to venting over the poor performance, but the White Whateverist Alt-Right still lurvs dey daddy and has not promoted memes like the one above. Still, this quote from the article is highly relevant, as White Nationalists who sold their souls to hop on the Trump Train being conducted by the millennial meme trolls are going to be hearing similar sentiments quite a bit: "our only mission is to meme the retarded manchild to the white house for the lulz.” When the let down begins, you won't find a White Whateverist Alt-Righter in existence who will claim they genuinely supported the orange fuhrer. It will all be written off as an ironic hipster joke or as a strategic move to shift the Overton Window, even though it meant moving the entire White Whateverist movement to the MultiKult Left to do so.

2. Donald Trump Told Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Do Sit-Ups or You’re Fired
I had no idea who this beaner was Hillary was referring to, but Trump was clearly rattled by having it brought up. It figures he had no problem that Miss Universe was a mud, just that she was overweight. What surprises me is that he would take such a personal role in making sure an overweight beaneress shaped up. Doesn't he have people who could have done that just as easily without connecting himself to it?

1. Trump Can't Stop Winning - Just Forgot How to Win Last Night
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox mocks Trump: ‘Tell me, what does losing feel like?’
Well, Trump kind of set himself up for that swipe by constantly asserting he always wins. But the Left is just as foolish to declare victory after one debate as the Right have been by declaring victory after Hillary hacked up a lung earlier this month. Two sides of the same shekel, people. A victory for one or the other is as significant for the Race as who wins the Super Nigger Bowl. I still just wish White Whateverists hadn't waste an entire year of the struggle against the geno-suicide of the Race by supporting a reality-tv-show-billionaire-oompa-loompa-grandpa-of-mischling.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Deranged Nazi Dothead Shooter Must Have Misunderstood Term "Aryan" in Mein Kampf

5. Investors join call for North Carolina to repeal LGBT law
Quoting: Some 60 investors representing $2.1 trillion in managed assets joined the NCAA, entertainers and more than 200 businesses in calling for North Carolina to repeal its law limiting LGBT protections against discrimination. Basically, they are trying to use disinvestment to force their social agenda. Ask yourselves why super wealthy people are so obsessed with forcing the proles to use bathrooms with tranny freaks. And ask yourselves which party or presidential candidate will do anything about it anymore. And if you cannot successfully oppose transgender bathroom madness, or gay marriage madness, what hope do you have of winning a cultural battle to convince people to oppose interracial marriage madness, which help slippery the slope.

4. Donald Trump's Cruel Streak
It's definitely worth a few laughs. The Leftists who spent 7 decades coarsening the culture never expected to be sucker punched from the formerly priggish right wing. They have been struggling to cope with having their own tactics thrown back in their faces - especially the tactic of wantonly lying and being excused by your base for doing so.

3. Glenn Beck Breaks Up With Ted Cruz Over His Donald Trump Endorsement
With all the histrionics one would expect from a jilted teenage faggot. At least Beck is always willing to fall on his sword and admit he was wrong. But he certainly doesn't ever seem to learn from his mistakes.

2. Iowa Man Says He Won't Have to Pay for Child That Isn't His
His problem was he remained married to a woman he hadn't seen in 15 years. When she slutted it up and got pregnant following a one night stand, he was on the hook for her bastard. None of this would have happened if he had stayed true to his White Trash heritage and not gotten married in the first place.

1.  Deranged Nazi Dothead Shooter Must Have Misunderstood Term "Aryan" in Mein Kampf
Houston shooting investigation: Who is Nathan DeSai?
Quoting: We're learning more about a Houston attorney whose vehicle was connected to a violent shooting Monday that injured nine people in southwest Houston.[...] Now ABC News has learned that two guns and Nazi materials were found at the scene. ABC13 has confirmed that Nazi materials found inside the car registered to DeSai.
Nazi materials ... on this guy?

There but for the grace of Ganesha goes Jack Sen.

Then again, he would probably be correct to say he is descended from actual Aryans. Savitri Devi would do him. It really is unfortunate that the term "Aryan" and its pseudo-history achieved such popularity among racially aware White people. There's be a lot less confusion if we just stuck with White.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Duchess gets shouted down by MultiKultists while trying to defend Southern Heritage

5. Mexicans Take To The Streets Against Same-Sex Marriage
Sigh. So it's come to this. Beaners in Mexico are more conservative than the Right-wing is in the Kwa. Now will anyone see that both parties in the Kwa are MultiKult?

4. Gennifer Flowers at Debate? Just Making a Point, Says Team Trump
Quoting: “He wants to remind people that he’s a great counterpuncher,” Ms. Conway said on ABC’s “This Week.” Oh, so Flowers was his punchline, but she wasn't in on the joke. The result being that she humiliated herself by accepting his mocking invitation, and now she refuses to speak to the media about it. And that proves he is a great counterpuncher, and not a mean-spirited jackass who drug her into his pyschodrama as a prop? Why is it that noone in the media reframed this event in those terms? The Mass Media experts of spin seem to be curiously unwilling or unable to counter the spin of the Trump camp.

3. Trump, Netanyahu meet for nearly 90 minutes
Wow - Trump is a slow eater, or Netanyahu has a particularly enormous ass. Here is one tasty morsel from the butt-licking party: "Finally, Mr. Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish People for over 3000 years, and that the United States, under a Trump administration, will finally accept the long-standing Congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel." Muh White Savior tricks da Jooz!!! Gah-huck.

2. Mall Shooting Suspect: 'Creepy,' Multiple Arrests, Disputes
I was right. He's a muzzie. But Muds are by nature difficult to racially classify. A large number of Spanish bloodlines are hopelessly contaminated with Muzzie mudblood from North Africa. This half-muzzie blood then mixed with the inbred Mongolian blood of the Amerindians to create another toxic mixture of brown sludge in the New World. It is only natural that this Turk, who has White, Muzzie, and Asian blood from the genetic hell that is Asia Minor, could be mistaken for a Latino. Hooray for the chaos created by Mud. It's so vibrant!

1. Duchess gets shouted down by MultiKultists while trying to defend Southern Heritage
Even your god emperor Trump supported the removal of the Confederate flag in South Carolina, Duchess. It truly is only a matter of time before the whole of the South abandons the relics of its past. And if you can't stop a flag from being taken down, or a statue from being taken down, what chance do you have stopping a race from being taken down? By connecting himself with this story, Duchess has provided more ammunition for those who want to link thse historical monuments with racism. How generous of him. #UsefulIdiot

By the way Duchess - trim your nails. You look more and more like one of those transforming-to-tranny pics leaked while Bruce was becoming Caitlyn.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Finding Grace Through Treason to Humanity

5. Kentucky clown arrested for lurking in woods
So after all that hysteria, they finally caught one doofus running around the woods in a clown costume. He was probably trying to scare people away so he could search for buried treasure. Life imitates Scooby Doo.

4. African American Museum opening
They must have moved the displays of sub-human ape creatures over from the Museum of Natural History into their own, separate building.

3. Manhunt Under Way for Suspected Killer of Five People at Shopping Mall Near Seattle
They say the shooter might be a beaner, but I don't know - he looks kind a muzzie-ish to me. Whatever he is, he's brown.

2. Who is Gennifer Flowers? 10 facts about Bill Clinton’s former mistress and Donald Trump’s new friend
That's a name I haven't heard in 20 years. The story is that after Hillary's campaign invited Mark Cuban to the debate on Monday, Trumpy in turn invited Gennifer Flowers, a former Bill Clinton sperm dumpster. Why not invite Patricia Smith, who blames Hillary for the death of her son Sean in Benghazi? Wouldn't that be a more damaging response? Why invite a whore instead? Because Idiocracy. Because Reality TV Presidency. Because this is all a fever dream. Has to be.

1. Finding Grace Through Treason to Humanity
A Response to: How a White Trash Girl Stumbled on Grace

Since I found this article on the Daily Beast, I knew the answer to how would be by the power of the MultiKult. I was correct. The "girl" was an aspiring authoress who was despondent that no one showed up to her book signings. But she found grace after a brown girl, a homeless faggot, and an old woman trying to kill time shared their experiences with her.

Now, grace in this sense is meant to evoke thoughts of being saved from something. And I agree that White people need to be saved from the state of White Trashery. But what we have instead been offered are two polarized options:1) MultiKulturalism, which is anti-White, and 2) White Whateverism, which excuses the worst in White behavior and shifts the blame to darkies. Between these two extremes, you will find every White person on the planet - except me. And, I hope beyond hope gentle readers, you as well. I am hoping that there are a few of us who realize that Multi-Kulturalism destroys White people by making them hate themselves, and White Whateverism destroys White people by letting them hate everyone else as the cause for White decline.

I don't have a term for those of us who reject this spectrum. But it starts with the realization that Whiteness is an effort to escape the human condition. And that requires rejection of human weakness, foolishness, corruption, and delusion. Both MultiKulturalists and White Whateverists claim they don't hate anyone. The former claim they love others as much as they love their own kind, and the latter claim they love their own kind first and foremost.  But - here's the key - neither are worth of love. They are both wretched. That is the human condition - wretchedness.

White Whateverism has never understood that its fundamental characteristic, Whiteness, not just of appearance but of behavior, is unnatural and inhuman. It exists to give you a way out of the human condition. You cannot vote your way out of it. You cannot kill it on the battlefield. You cannot escape it by love or hatred of the other. You must aspire for your mind and soul to be as White as your hide.  Furthermore, you mustn't fall victim to the delusion that Whiteness of soul means love for the other, or that Whiteness of body makes you the purest blooded human. Quite the contrary. Whiteness, in both senses, means you are inhuman, because humans are mud in body in soul. Grace is salvation from that mud.
Yes - and humanity is unworthy of loyalty, so don't be a race traitor.

Friday, September 23, 2016

KWA Today: OD'ing White Trash at the Dollar Store

5. Cruz makes it official, endorses former rival Trump
So, the Cuban Grandpa Munster blinked. HA! Pathetic. What a cuck. Cruz's refusal to endorse the oompa loompa who slandered his wife and father was the only thing he has ever done that increased my opinion of him. It made me think - huh ... maybe he isn't as big a slimeball as he appears. Well, that didn't last long! Remember though, you Trump cucks who, like Cruz, have sold out your principles for the orange fuhrer, stunts like this don't prove how strong Trump is - they confirm just how weak you all are.

4. Basesball player Steve Clevenger suspended without pay for remainder of the season
And why? Because rules that apply to Donald Trump do not apply to anyone else. Quoting his tweets: “Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha (expletive) cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem! “BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!” The rumors of the death of Political Correctness have been greatly exaggerated.

3. Free speech or criminal harassment? Arizona game maker sues online commenters for $18M
Wow, that particular nerd fight spiraled out of control, didn't it?

2.  New Jersey dad pens touching letter after autistic son says he has no friends
The kid filled out an assignment with "get to know me" type information and ended up filling out the blank next to "Some of my friends are" with the answer "no one". That is terribly sad. It nearly thaws my cold, dead heart. But ... you knew there was a but coming, didn't you? ... perhaps if schools were organized so that autists were consistently grouped with autists, and normals with normals, and gifteds with gifteds, this wouldn't be as big an issue? Face it - it is quite a ridiculous thing to expect normal kids to hang out with retards. How many "normal" adults have a retarded friend? Does this retard's own father eat lunch everyday with the token retards his company hires to fill quotas by cleaning floors? Of course not. So stop kvetching and holding children to a higher standard of behavior than their parents.

1. KWA Today: OD'ing White Trash at the Dollar Store -Video Shows Massachusetts Toddler Next to Overdosing Mother in Dollar Store Aisle

Here's another terrible one. Great job, the Kwa. White child tugs at her OD'ing mother on the floor of a dollar store, while beaners stand off camera aghast at the spectacle. Again, I felt my cold, dead heart thawing - and then my mind put a stop to that with this internal comment: "The worst part about this story is that the mother didn't die, so that child will have a chance in life." While reviewing various comments on this video, I didn't see my sentiment expressed. The most prevalent sentiment was "stop filming and do something" - but what? An ambulance had already been called. This isn't an act of violence in progress. The woman is not trapped under something. The child is not out in traffic. Children cry. It's not your job to comfort them just because they are in caught in  a particularly poignant example of the consequences of drug abuse.

Some may say you shouldn't film someone in that condition. I disagree. The mother isn't stricken by illness. She didn't suffer an accident. She wasn't the victim of a crime. She had committed a crime, and was demonstrating to the whole world her guilt. This is what shame is for, people. To call out unacceptable behavior and say - don't be like this asshole or we will shame you. Oh, to once again live in a society that understood that.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary's 1 Eye Looking At You, 1 Eye Looking For You

5. Trump campaign county chair who said ‘no racism until Obama got elected’ apologizes, resigns
Not only that, her position was filled by a darkie who had to purge anti-Trump posts off her own social media accounts after getting her new job. HA! To the Chalkess who resigned, guess you didn't get the warning that "Rules that apply to Trump do not apply to you." To all the White Whateverists who think Trump has destroyed political correctness, please follow this woman's example and vocalize your most un-PC thoughts at work tomorrow. Then come post here and tell us how far Trump shifted that Overton Window for you. Oh, wait. What am I saying? White Whateverists with jobs? HA!

4. Study: Native Australians may be oldest living civilization outside of Africa
How do you have civilization without cities? Because words don't have meanings, right?

To the stupid cunt who wrote this article, since you can't afford a dictionary, here's a free definition from the interwebs: A civilization (or civilisation, see spelling differences) is any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification, symbolic communication forms (typically, writing systems), and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment by a cultural elite.

In other words, everything missing from Abo-Infested Australia for nearly 60,000 years until the arrival of the White man. Now, if words still had meanings, what she should have said was that Native Australians are the oldest, most inbred, most stagnant, most sub-human population on the planet outside Africa.

3. Mia Farrow's Son Dies From Apparent Suicide: ME
He was a paraplegic dothead from India who wanted to be a police officer. He ended up just another brown basket case that White Guilt couldn't save. But oh, the precious photo-ops he gave his "mother" over the years!

2. AfterEllen Is Shutting Down: Is This the End of Lesbian Media?
This article claims it's advertisers' fault that there is so little Mass Media content for lesbians online, because they believe stereotypes that lesbians aren't big spenders / don't care about clothes. To be fair, the lesbians I have known at work fit that stereotype completely. They shop off-brand stuff, wear old ugly clothes, and have a smaller budget for entertainment than the average 90-year-old shut-in. Actually, their anti-consumerism is worthy of praise. And now, on to a lesbian unworthy of praise ...

1. Hillary's 1 Eye Looking At You, 1 Eye Looking For You
I don't need to take brain function tests, says Clinton - despite video showing her eyes moving in different directions

The Daily Mail's title made me laugh out loud, but as usual, their article was a boring let down. Here are some good images from the video:

It's creepier in motion. You can almost hear her eye pop back into place after wandering too far off the rails. I imagine it like a typewriter carriage returning to its starting position.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Japanese Virgins and Tentacle Fetishism

5. Charlotte police shooting: [Nigger] had a gun, not a book, chief says
 We know it couldn't have been a book because food stamps don't come in books anymore.

4. Nigger's Daughter Testifies on Her Father's Behalf to Refute Prosecutor's Claims He Murdered the White Son of His Mudshark Ex-Girlfriend
I really tried to make this article's headline more intelligible, but I don't know how successful I was. The gist of the story is that a nigger is accused of strangling the 12-year-old son of his mudshark ex-girlfriend. His nigger daughter claims he couldn't have committed the crime, because he was at home with her at the time. But, "Surprise!", her timeline of events is refuted by evidence. Evidence - the bane of the black man.

3. Pickup Artists Preyed on Drunk Women, Brought Them Home, and Raped Them
Uh, yeah ... that's what they do. It's kind of their whole strategy. It is said that every generation thinks it is the first to have discovered sex. Millennials are so stupid they think they are the first to discover that booze is slut fuel, and have crafted an entire internet subculture around the revelation. HA! The primary "white" "man" villain in this case is said to have kept fucking a woman while she was puking. Eww. That's what you PUA fanbois call a player. It's what Leftists call a rapist, and what I call a colossal pervert. Just how low must your standards be, how desperately pathetic is your masculinity, that you fuck a puking woman?  Pathetic enough that you are willing serve eight years in prison in order to be able to brag to anonymous retards on the internet that you fucked a puking woman. Maybe, if this "player" is lucky, Tyrell will ply him with toilet wine before he turns him in an even bigger bitch. So much for Kwanian "white" sexual dysfunction, now we turn to Japanese sexual dysfunction...

2.  Nearly Half Japan's Millennials Are Virgins
And the other half lost their virginity to seafood, as we shall see below ...

1.  Japanese Virgins and Tentacle Fetishism
Japanese cosplayer poses with a live octopus for a photoshoot

Of course she does, because - Japan. And when we see sick shit like this, we wonder why half of Japanese millennials are still virgins?

Back in the 90's, I had a White friend who was enamored with Japanese anime. When we played video games at his mom's house, he would play anime videos on a second TV. I thought the videos were the most demented nonsense I had ever seen. The stories made absolutely no sense. The Japanese have no sense of continuity. The concept of anything being part of a "canon" must not exist to them. It was never a problem if each subsequent episode or part of a series contradicted the previous. But in terms of the animation, they were incredibly consistent - in an equally awful way. The characters not only all looked the same, they sounded the same, they all had the same 6 canned expressions to convey emotion.

Some of the videos were insanely ultraviolent. I remember one called Fist of the North Star that featured blood randomly pouring out of people's heads. But the one that left the biggest impression was called Urotsukidoji. It was anime pornography disguised as a ultraviolent action movie, and it featured something that would later become its own genre on the interwebs - tentacle rape. I remember exactly what I said when that scene played "What the fuck is this supposed to be?". My friend offered some weak defense along the lines of "Don't worry about it, it gets better." But that was the beginning of the quick end of that friendship. The real reason being that I was every day becoming more of an insufferable racist who openly expressed my hatred for everything non-White and non-Western. I hadn't yet learned to hide my beliefs.

Years later, I used that experience to write one of my all-time favorite CDN pieces. It aired on the Turner Radio Network in 2006. I will add the transcript below, as I think it shows how prescient I was about the consequences of the Japanese indulging their perversity, when compared to articles 1 and 2 today.


The findings of a new study by The Society for Science Not Interesting to the Public attempted to discover the reasoning behind the all pervasive tentacle fetishism that dominates Japanese cultural life. The study found that over 4,000,000 Japanese women are treated annually for wounds seemingly inflicted by tentacled creatures intent on molesting young Japanese women. 

Researchers set up cameras in the homes of 912 victims of repeated tentacle molestations and attempted to capture any tentacle related activity. In all 912 cases it was found that a male member of the woman’s family, usually a husband or boyfriend but occasionally an uncle, father or grandfather would don the family’s ancestral, handmade bamboo and squid tentacle costume and force himself on the unsuspecting female as part of a centuries old nightly ritual that has allowed Japanese men to maintain their erections for periods lasting as long as 13 seconds. 

Naturally such findings were ridiculed by the Japanese scientific community as vicious slander against the pure white socks of the violated Japanese females. An even stronger response was elicited from the anime community in Japan, which is the driving economic force in the land of the rising sun. In fact, 6 out of every 10 Japanese males are self-published manga artists, while the remaining 4 out of 10 hand manufacture monster-themed card games for international export. 

In protest of the study’s findings, anime artists from around Japan assembled at Tokyo’s Hello Kitty Stadium and Tentacle Rape Pavilion to assert their undying respect for tentacles in all shapes and sizes. We interviewed one of these young gentlemen by the name of Ken, who said the following: “I have come to the stadium to declare my smiling faced admiration of tentacles. If I had tentacles, they would be red, and they would shoot out from my fingertips when I became fatly aroused by scent and wind. And Miss Kuso, my geography teacher, would wear thick rimmed glasses and have a blue miniskirt, and her boobs would be big like watermelons, and green like them too.” 

Ken continued for some time to explain the importance of tentacles in Japanese culture, and we shall take his ravings at their word and repeat them as if they are fact. Japanese history begins with a seminal moment in which lady Chipatama, the earth goddess and first sex ninja, and only person in Japan at the time, wandered up from the arid valley of fetid fishheads to the gleaming peach tree orchards of Mt. Seishi and fell in love with the simple brown farmboy who tended the peaceful orchard with his family ... who were incredibly older than him, except for a younger brother who was actually his great grandfather. 

Lady Chipatama played a 7 hour long song from her magical eyebrows, but was then inexplicably and repeatedly raped by the peaceful peach trees while the farmboy was held in humiliated defeat and forced to watch the violation of his beloved. Through the power of animation, and by transforming himself into the Pharoah of Korea, the farmboy was able to design a cardgame of such complexity that it banished the demon peach tree to the bottom of nearby lake where no one lived. The village full of people who fished in the lake would eventually be terrorized the next day by the peach tree demon in episode two, forcing lady Chipatama to once again risk her virginity which she had already lost. 

This is such a moving example of the indispensable wisdom of the enchanted east, that we here a CDN have decided to put out a hit on the scientists who tried to defile these fabulous Japanese myths with disgusting racist truths.


Reading that 10 years later, I still laugh as hard as I did when I wrote it. It makes me a bit melancholy that my show was so dreadfully unpopular.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Featherheads Charged With Causing Walrus Stampedes

5. Soros: Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants
Duh ... because you hate White people and want them dead.

4. Trump Lies about His Birther Past: A Closer Look
CONTENT WARNING: ANNOYING JEW AHEAD VIA LINK. I really find it galling that a smarmy kike like Seth Meyers gets to posture from the position of truth teller because the Right has abandoned any pretense of being the truth-tellers. Almost universally, the response from the Right to the Left's mocking of Trumpy's latest nonsensical gaslighting attempt is to say, "Well, Hillary is just as big a liar!" Again, this is not about Trump or his many failings. He is what he is. An unrepentant liar, a reality show conman, a conservative fraud, a MultiKult grandpa of mischling. This is about der Movement having thrown in their lot with such a person. It is so painfully short-sighted. The one thing der Movement had, which the MultiKult could never touch, was that it told the truth and  exposed the spin. Now, der Movement lives the spin and excuses the lies in the name of their orange fuhrer, just like all the good little dog-whistled Republicans have been doing for decades for the candidates who would in turn sell them out. And worse yet, it will avail them nothing. Just wait. You'll see. And you will realize how predictable it all was.

3. UN officials condemn attacks against aid convoy and warehouse in rural Aleppo
Or as Gary Johnson knows it - Alpo what now?

2. Inside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Divorce
Oh, Lord - in a divorce of this sort, its always the photo-ops that suffer.

1. Four charged with killing walrus in Alaska, causing stampedes
I didn't know walruses could stampede. Don't creatures have to be able to run in order to stampede? It's more of a flopede, isn't it? At any rate, the killers in this case were not identified directly as featherheads, but the fact they were "qualified" to take walruses for game means they were inbred Asiatic flat faced injuns. But, despite their heritage, they apparently don't run the hidden pine trails of the forest and sing with all the colors of the wind, because they took the tusks and left the carcass to rot.

Monday, September 19, 2016

New Spicy Cajun Battered Rat Heads at Popeyes!

5. Still Good? 5-Second Rule a Myth, Study Finds
Wait ... what?!? You needed to conduct research on that? You do realize the 5-second-rule is meant to be a joke - not a hygiene guideline, right? Oh dear god - did some humans actually think it was a hygiene guideline?!? I don't want to think about this any longer ...

4. Trump-loving ‘alt-right’ begs for mainstream acceptance
Read this cringe-inducing tripe from Dickie Spenther: "We have not been made by Trump, but we want to make Trump, and we want to imagine him in our image [...] It’s about, in a way, projecting onto him our hopes and dreams,” HAHAHAHAHA! You're projecting your hopes and dreams for the White Race on the elite-billionaire-reality-tv-show-president-grandpa-of-mischling? Can you believe this idiot? Remember this quote when the delusion bursts and all these Trumpcucks are scrambling to make it seem as if they weren't seriously backing the King of the Oompa Loompas.

3. Oops: Forest Service Ripped Up Sacred 'Trail of Tears
That's a crying shame.

2. 'The chicken is seasoned with HATE': Reviewers trash restaurant owned by bombings suspect's family
Fuck, there goes the tagline to my racist cookbook - sigh. And while were in the mood for ruining appetites...

1. New Spicy Cajun Battered Rat Heads at Popeyes! Woman Finds Rat Head In Popeyes Chicken Meal

Let's take a look:

Well, if this is a fraud, the subape-ess really did a good job of making it look convincing. Kudos! But her write up of the incident is strangely disconnected from the shocking nature of the discovery. "This is clearly a rat and they have the nerve to have a 5 rating by the department of health." Really? Like the first thing you do when you find a rat head in your chicken dinner is look up the rating of the restaurant with the Dept. of Heath? The thing about these fast food horror stories is that even if they aren't true, they seem incredibly plausible. We all subconsciously know we are getting rancid garbage from fast food restaurants.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

FuxNews Peddles Historic Race Mixing Propaganda

5. Pope [Lenin]: Welcoming Refugees Is the ‘Greatest Security’ Against More Terrorism
Hmm ... let's see how this might work in practice with the next story ...

4. Three 'Algerians' arrested after naked teenager found bound, gagged and gang-raped underneath the Eiffel Tower
You see? If she had just followed Pope Francis's advice and welcomed every Muzzie migrant between her legs, they wouldn't have had to rape her now would they? Pope logic!

3. Alexandria will seek to move Confederate statue and rename Jefferson Davis Highway
How's that rising again working out? Even the Daughters of the Confederacy didn't have anything to say in defense of the melancholy statue.

2. Cruise Ship Sails Through Melting Northwest Passage
Just think of all those Chalky-explorer devils who froze to death looking for something so elusive in their eras, but that would become a tourist destination in ours. The most disturbing thing about this story is that each person on the cruise ship pays $20,000 for the privilege of sailing along the shores of a desolate tundra. I suppose we should find it reassuring that the wealthy will remain very comfortable, even if climate change truly does wreak havoc on the natural world.

1. FuxNews Peddles Historic Race Mixing Propaganda: Historic recognition: George Washington's family tree is biracial
This is his wife's family tree, not Washington's - so great spin there FuxNews. Georgie was a lumbering mule who seems never to have reproduced. But his wife's son by her first marriage couldn't get enough ape cunny from among his stepfather's slaves. The fact that there is no biological connection to Washington himself doesn't stop the "conservatives" of FuxNews from shilling for broader acceptance of race mixing by linking it to the most prominent of the founding fathers. Because Fair and Balanced!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Things Fall Apart

5. Tiziana Cantone's family calls for justice after suicide over sex tape
Quoting: "Why are these images still there? Why can people still mock and laugh at this young woman who ended her days because of this humiliation that she suffered?" Yeah, right. That's why people view sex online. For laughs.

4. Mom's heartache as two 26-year-old women are charged with defacing her dead three-year-old son's grave
Hmmm ... And why don't these two cunts follow the example of the female in the first story? Was their behavior not sufficiently shameful, or did their video just not get as many views?

3. Daughter who sold a freezer with her mother's dead body inside for $30 at yard sale is arrested
Now my first thought reading this headline was, What kind of moron buys a used freezer without opening it first? The kind who found this instruction to be acceptable, quoting: According to the neighbor, the daughter was moving out of state and told her not to open the freezer, which she referred to as a time capsule, until church members could come by and collect the contents inside. Wha?!? As if we needed more proof the world is full of incredibly stupid people.

2. NY dad, jealous of the attention his cancer-survivor daughter received, pleads guilty to killing her
He beat his 22-month-old daughter to death with a baseball bat because she was getting more attention than he was. Hmmm ... that was some money well spent for the gofundme donors who gave $35,030 toward her cancer treatment. By the way, my Dark and Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY) manifested himself in this story in the image below.

1. Things Fall Apart: Stage Collapses As Katy Tur Gives Live Report From Trump Event
DATGOY had a busy day. If all the world's a stage ...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Project Rampway

5. US starts paying out French reparations to Holocaust survivors 
The US coerced the French government into paying reparations for their national railway company transporting Jews to concentration camps. Perhaps the French should do something equally none-of-their-business by coercing the Dutch into paying reparations for African Americans that Dutch Jews shipped to the New World over the course of two and a half centuries?

4. All Navy Sailors Must Undergo Transgender Education By July 2017
Here's a copy of the training video.

3. Aussies Want 'All-Time Greatest Bloke' on Currency 
Great idea. Here are two images that would be equally appropriate to emblazon on Australian currency:

If you Chalkies want to be so stupid as to "honor" this retard, your geno-suicide is a blessing. The White race is shamelessly slouching toward Idiocracy.

2. Popular Brazilian actor dies after cops mistake drowning for soap opera sceneDear non-existent God, how I hope this is the start of a global trend that Hollyweird embraces with gusto.

1. Project Rampway: The White House Holds A Disability And Prosthetic Fashion Show
So ... much ... comedy ... My favorite: The fleepette @ 3:30.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chingy Chong Madwoman Invents Mushroom Burial Suit

5. Woman Sues Sex-Toy Maker for Invading Her Privacy
She bought a dildo to link with her smart phone and expected privacy. Brilliant.

4. ‘Pets Are Becoming a Replacement for Children’ [among] Millennials
Give it another couple of decades, and they will be replacements for spouses as well. Thank you, Slow March Left. Who are you to judge?

3. Jew for Jesus Arrested for Torching Omar Mateen’s Mosque
What a freak. What's with the rhinestone earrings? Looks like a beardless, East Indian Matthew Heimbach.

2. Trump 'didn't like' lack of diversity at RNC
Perhaps Compulsory Diversity would help?

1. Chingy Chong Madwoman Invents Mushroom Burial Suit
She wants bodies to rot faster, and thinks people will appreciate her suit costs less than $1,000. But when desperately poor people still spend $10,000 for a satin-lined box to stuff their pe-paw's corpse into, what makes this idiot think cost is the major driving factor in corpse disposal? She actually would have been smarter to charge $50,000, as only wealthy whacko greenies are going to want such a ridiculous funeral costume in the first place. Get Ed Begley Jr. on the phone, Dum Ho.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oh no you did-ent Trumpy!

5. A masculine conception: Women may not be needed in the future of baby-making
We've seen plenty of articles over the years that say men won't be needed, now it is women's turn to be excluded from the process of making children. But look at this bit of hysteria, so typical of Mass Media, whose concepts of science come from Sci-Fi horror films: The possibility of this happening raises the question of who will raise these children? Infertile adults who desperately want to start a family? A single person who wants the joys of offspring without the headache of a partner? Or someone with sinister intentions? Stop reading my experiment logs, Salon!

4. Can Morality Be Taught? The key to molding well-adjusted students: experiential learning
What a White Guilt Suicidalist cliche the bitch who wrote this article is. She teaches the redneck hunters in her poetry class to value life by bringing in a fisherman to lecture about the value of the natural world. She fixes a Nazi in her class by bringing in a speaker to talk about her experiences during the Holocaust. Queue the inspirational music and Morgan Freeman's voice-over. VOMIT.

3. Photos of super fans who took their devotion too far with inkings that went VERY wrong
Some funny pics here, but the retards at the Daily Mail totally missed the delicious irony in this tattoo:

Their caption: This tattoo of Michael Jackson which unfortunately resembled a very basic child's drawing.

Ughhhhh ... The humor isn't in the simplistic quality of the image, but in the line below the tattoo that reads: "He touched so many ..."

2. Donald Trump might be causing a major shift in how young Americans feel about immigrants
Here's the summary - They overwhelming view immigrants positively, and only a small majority still want them to follow the rules for entering the country. Mass deportation is off the table. The theory is that Millennials are associating Donald Trump with racism, and they reject his positions as a result. MultiKulturalism is here to stay Chalkies. You can troll the Mass Media with frog memes, you can cheer that an anti-immigrant candidate has a good shot to be elected, but even your great White pepe/hope is a MultiKulturalist grandpa of mischling. And by promoting him, you embrace the MultiKult as well. The war is generational, not electoral. If you don't control the Mass Media and the education system, or remove your children from it, you won't be able to stop the Slow March Left that demands your extinction. Now watch a nigger shut down your orange messiah, and revel in your weakness ...

1. Oh no you did-ent Trumpy! Not in my house, [nigger] pastor tells Trump

Quoting: The GOP nominee was rebuked for attacking Clinton in a black church.

I'd say pathetic, but that is too many syllables for you Trumpcucks. So let's stick with der Trumpenfuhrer's go-to put down: Sad.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Muddy Hodgepodge Murder 9-Year-Old Over Piece of B-Day Cake

5. Heart in Plastic Bag Found in Ohio Field
In related news, Hillary Clinton opens her purse to discover her lunch is missing.

4. Florida mother, 34, hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband, 59, after deciding plot to have him kidnapped and made a sex slave abroad was 'unrealistic'
She must have learned the art of negotiation from Donald Trump. Start negotiating with your thug by asking him to kidnap and sell a 59-year-old man abroad as a sex slave. When you get around to settling for assassination instead, it will seem downright reasonable in comparison, and the thug will inadvertently lowball his estimate.

3. When Evolution Fights Back Against Genetic Engineering
This article details the concerns of biologists that nature will thwart any success at genetic manipulation. Why bother to genetically engineer, nature will just stop us anyway? It's a rather unusual form of defeatism that probably has its roots in the general, subconscious fear of Nazi Supermen. Can you imagine if the same logic had been applied to antibiotics? Why bother to develop new antibiotics? Microorganisms will just become resistant eventually.

2. Rihanna stuns as modern Marie Antoinette in CR Fashion Book
From the look of her first picture, is appears her retort to complaints niggers can't afford menthols will be, "Let them smoke ganja."

1. Muddy Hodgepodge Murder 9-Year-Old Over Piece of B-Day Cake

Quoting: The uncle of a 9-year-old Maryland boy who was fatally beaten over a missing piece of birthday cake has pleaded guilty to first-degree child abuse. Twenty-four-year-old Jacob Barajas entered the plea Tuesday as jury selection was set to begin for his trial in Hagerstown. [...] Robert Wilson, the mother's boyfriend, is serving a 30-year sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for beating [the boy] after Barajas had handcuffed him to a chair. The mother, Oriana Garcia, is scheduled for trial in February on charges including second-degree murder.

Now take a look:

Top left is the mother, middle is her nigger boyfriend, right is her mudblood brother, and her son (seen in a Donkey Kong shirt, which is ironic considering he ended up being killed in a chimp out) was apparently the star of the movie Spy Kids (who is ironically seen in handcuffs below).

The world is such a messy place when people won't observe the rules of racial hygiene.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Beaner Killed During Test to See if Bullet-Proof Vest Still Worked

5. How Sweet: Sugar Industry Made Fat the Villain
Quoting: Newly uncovered documents reveal that 50 years ago the sugar industry gave secret support to prominent Harvard researchers to write an influential series of articles in the New England Journal of Medicine that downplayed the negative effects of sugar. Again, this is why there is so little trust in both the scientific community and the mass media. When people doubt global warming, or the safety of vaccines, this is why. You can buy scientists, and the Mass Media just wants to sell ad space. Truth is irrelevant to these people.

4. Donald Trump Jr. Shares White Supremacist Meme
Says he is "honored to be grouped" in with the likes of Milo, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, a bunch of failed presidential candidates, and a cartoon frog. As Donald would say, "Sad."

3. The Daily Beast: Army About to Kick Out Paralyzed Hero
You might be asking yourself, what kind of army man would The Daily Beast consider a hero? The kind who was an alcoholic, a drug addict, and who is now paralyzed and needs to live off the gub'mint teet. Make sense now?

2. The real New York Times scandal: Ignoring why Democrats can’t win the House
The incompetence of elected officials is second only to the incompetence of the Mass Media. The Democrats f'd up, they spun their f'up, and the Mass Media blandly regurgitated the spin to fill a couple of pages.

1. Beaner Killed During Test To See if Bullet-Proof Vest Still Worked

LINK. Quoting:

Joaquin Mendez, 23, put on the vest late Saturday and 'wondered aloud whether it still worked,' according to a Tampa Police report.

Police say his cousin, 24-year-old Alexandro Garibaldi, pulled out a gun and responded, 'Let's see.'

Love it. Love everything about it. Beaners - please repeat this en masse nationwide with all due haste.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Carted Away Like a "Side of Beef"

CDN: All Clinton Edition

5. Bill Clinton: 'Make America Great Again' Is A Racially Charged Slogan (That I've Also Said Many Times Before)
We all know things are only racist when White conservatives say them - that's one of the cardinal rules of MultiKulturalism. Bill is, of course, the honorary first black presbidemf.

4. Hilarious Hashtag Of The Weekend: 'Basket Of Deplorables'
That is what has the media clutching their pearls?!? I heard she had made a gaffe, but that? It's funny, but Hillary is in the position usually reserved for the Republican candidate - always on the defensive, fearful of having to apologize for offending people. I guess since the Mass Media couldn't get what they wanted out of the consistently unapologetic Trump, they had to find someone they could force to grovel to their manufactured outrage. She should have responded via proxy - if you don't like being called deplorable, stop being deplorable. Her base would have loved her for it. But no, she is just too weak a candidate, and doesn't understand what she is up against. As one kike put it: "Hillary’s big mistake: saying a provocative thing only once a year. If she did it once a day, people would soon cease to care."

3. Chelsea Clinton insists her friendship with Ivanka Trump has 'absolutely not' been affected by their parents' bitter rivalry
 Why would it have been? They are the brood mothers of the mischling master race that will one day rule the Kwa. Their parents are mega wealthy elites who will serve the best interest of Israel not matter which is elected. They have every reason to be friendly.

2. Five reasons Hillary could be blowing it
Well, first off, there are more than five reasons she is blowing it, but the biggest reason is simply because of who she is. She would rather play a penny slot machine that always gives you your penny back when you lose, but has 1 to 100 odds that you will get the jackpot of a nickel. She will sit there, dutifully pulling the handle, accumulating her nickels in the hopes that her high roller opposition will lose it all and her hyper-cautious approach will win the day.

1. Hillary Carted Away Like a "Side of Beef": Hillary Clinton Appears to Faint At 9/11 Ceremony


Only Hillary Clinton could make a Donald Trump victory possible. Amerikwans are faced with voting for either the King of the Oompa Loompas, or the Wicked Witch of the West after she had the bucket of water thrown on her. What a world! What a world!

Can you imagine if der Trumpenfuhrer had to run against the Mulatto Messiah? Isn't it amazing that the Wicked Witch's chief flying monkey was considered a better candidate than she was?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Irony of the V-J Day Bad Touch Photo

5. Ohio city shares shocking photos of adults who overdosed with a small child in the car
Delightful! Should have let them die though. It would have been that child's only hope for a halfway normal life.

And while we are on the subject of childcare ...

4. Toddler dies at West Jordan daycare after employee sits on bean bag chair with boy underneathSo this "employee" "accidentally" suffocated a child by sitting on it while it was pinned under a bean bag chair. I call bullshit. Do you know who hard it is to sit on a bean bag chair in the first place? Try placing a squirming life form under it. This story reeks as bad as that child's corpse when they pried it from betwixt the fat ass daycare provider's butt cheeks. Ooooo ... was that in bad taste? Oh, well.

3. [Yid] Director wants audience to shut up for a bit after seeing Holocaust film
Meanwhile, everyone else would like the heebs to shut up for a bit about the Holocaust. How about they try shutting up first?

2. British Bachelor Party Brings Blow Up Doll to Ground Zero Memorial
Nice to see the ugly Amerikwan is now an international phenomenon. Ur-vre-body wanna be like the Kwanians on the mov-ee screen. Thank you MultiKulturalism!

1. The Irony of the V-J Day Bad Touch Photo

LINK. You've probably seen this photo before. The female in the photo died on Thursday:


According to the linked story (more details here),  a drunken, rap-ee, cracker navy boy (who did not believe in affirmative consent) ran up to a woman dressed as a nurse and planted this photo-friendly kiss upon her, which she did not appreciate. A heeb with a camera caught the moment for posterity.

Now the irony. First, the cracker was already on a date with a woman who was a nurse, and who would later become his wife. But driven by some strange impulse, he decided he just had to make out with the woman in this picture, who was a Jewess with relatives she says died in the Holocaust. She later said, "That man was very strong. I wasn't kissing him. He was kissing me." Is this not a metaphor for America's destiny? To spurn their own kind and embrace the Jew in a spectacle publicized by the Jewish Mass Media? Isn't it apt that the end of WWII should be commemorated by an American military man kissing a kikess in Times Square?

Friday, September 09, 2016

The Daily Outage: Mattress Store Mocks 9/11

5. North Korea bans sarcasm because Kim Jong-un fears people only agree with him ‘ironically'
I wasn't sure if chingy chongs could grasp the concept of irony, but from the manner in which they are accused of mocking their leader/state, it is clear they do - and it is quite amusing! Now, why is Margaret Cho still so unfunny?

4. My Search For A Lesbian Donald Trump Supporter
Actually, she found several. But ... here comes the irony ... they have to remain closeted for fear of being ostracized by other lesbos. HA! The wheel has turned.

3. Why Serena Williams is the greatest sportsperson ever
Answer: Internal Testicular Remnants and White Worship of Sports Groids

2. Scientists like Barack Obama so much that they named a parasite after him
Certainly this is just a fluke (literally), not some evidence of a Leftist bias in the scientific community. Then again, this is the second parasite named after the Mulatto Messiah, and overall the fifth organism named in his "honor".

1. The Daily Outage: Mattress Store Mocks 9/11

LINK What ethnicity do you think these brown people are? They really are a disgusting Brazilian-esque hodge-podge of scum. I was more offended by their unclean genomes than their poorly acted and executed "joke". As for the 9/11 part - I don't care.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Coke and Walmart Hilariously Commercialize 9/11

5. Transgenders in Bolivia given new identity cards
 It absolutely never fails! If I see a news article about transgender people, there is always an outrageously funny pic on the other end. The story is piffle, but the pic is comedy gold.


4. Google Program to Deradicalize Jihadis Will Be Used for Right-Wing American Extremists Next
Don't people first have to be radicals in order to be deradicalized? Hate to break it to you Google, but White Whateverists today are basically just garden-variety Republicans who like to anonymously bully people with Nazi frog memes on Twitter.

3. New Black Standard of Sanity: North Carolina dad commits suicide after killing teenage son, shooting ex-wife
But before he took himself out, where do you think he went first? Kikebook, of course. Quoting: “What’s up everybody? I just killed my f------ wife,” Earl Valentine said in his early Tuesday admission video. Oh, the Information Age.

2. ‘Do the white thing’: Infamous Oregon neo-Nazi covers his truck in racist pro-Trump slogans
The "neo-Nazi" in question is Jimmy Marr. My problem with this story? What should be everyone's problem in der Movement - that the "White Thing" is supposed to be voting for a grandfather of mischling. Awareness of such a basic disconnect with the fundamental interests of White people should be White Advocacy 101 - but, no. If you, "right-wing extremists" cannot quit the Jew, your race is doomed.

1. Coke and Walmart Hilariously Commercialize 9/11

Alternate title for this story - "We Will Never Forget ... the Savings!"


A Walmart store's shocking tribute to 9/11 has sparked fury just three days ahead of the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks.

Tone-deaf staff at the branch in Panama City, Florida, decided to stack up packs of Coca-Cola, Sprite and water in the shape of the Twin Towers.

Above the disrespectful display was a sign reading 'We Will Never Forget' alongside a banner advertising a 'Rollback' on the $3.33 soft drinks.

All we need is a couple of Muzzies to ram their shopping carts into the display screaming "Allahu Akbar!" while some Israelis dance in the adjoining aisle. Again ... Outstanding!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Every Retard Was Kung Fu Fighting

5. With a caesarean section, the path to obesity may begin at birth
Sure it does. Lazy mothers have lazy children ... hahahahaha.

4. A Brief Survey of ITT Tech's Most Batsh*t Commercials
ITT is closing its campuses after increased gub'mint oversight made their diploma mill business unprofitable. Too bad, so sad. Their commercials never held a candle to the Sally Struthers International Correspondence School commercials.

3. Greta Van Susteren quits Fox News
Ol' stroke-mouth must have been heartily embarrassed to find out she was only female Ailes the Hutt didn't sexually harass at Fux News.

2. Hungary Indicts Camerawoman Accused Of Kicking Migrants
They've charged her with disturbing the peace, but say her actions were not  "motivated by ethnic considerations or by the migrant status of the victims." No one believes that lie. What is being done is half-assed nonsense. This is burkini wars all over again. You lack the strength to deal with the invasion, so you treat the vulnerable ones badly, and then when you get bad press, you use the legal system to prove to the world that you are not monsters. The MultiKult won't accept your half measures, and the half measures won't stop the death of Europe. The MultiKult prefers you fight in this way, always on the defense, always losing ground.

1. Every Retard Was Kung Fu Fighting: There's No Stopping This Handicapped Karate Ninja

Well, a flight of stairs could stop him. Or you could put him in car seat, that would stop him. Or you could put him in a Hefty garbage back and tie the loops at the top, that would stop him ... OH ... you were being facetious. j/k Anyhoo - one may ask, how do you know this guy is retarded, and not just handicapped? Because doing something like this in public in that condition is pretty damned retarded.  

But, but, but, but - he's brave, and he's strong, and he's not ashamed - you should be ashamed for making fun of him, you weak coward! Having no sense of shame is not the same thing as bravery or strength, otherwise you wouldn't be calling me a weak coward, now would you? MultiKulturalism lied to you about shamelessness as a virtue, like they did with everything else.  It's shocking, I know. It's the inversion of Western values following the Death of Western Civilization in 1945 - the ugly becomes beautiful, sexual perversity becomes sexual liberation, the insane becomes sane, the defective becomes the new normal, and everyone must lie about it constantly to maintain the mass delusion. Well, not here dear.