Thursday, August 11, 2016

WWE Characters Could Be Gay in "Near Future"

5. Did the earliest Americans pass through ice or cross over water? New study fuels debate
This is not a Solutrean Hypothesis article, but instead it communicates doubts about Injuns arriving via the land bridge with Asia story.

4. One of Trump's most senior black officials pressed a loaded handgun against me with the safety off, claims campaign workerQuoting: [The accused] told The Associated Press Wednesday he had recently resigned as both state campaign director and as deputy chair of Trump's National Diversity Coalition. Now who will do the enriching? Diamonds and Silks, you all wanna step in here?

3. Nigger Who Assaulted Dylann Roof First Attempted to Befriend Him
Roofie apparently told the nigger he felt regret for what had happened, to which the nigger's internal monologue responded: “This mother*cker thinks I’m stupid.” That's an actual quote from the article. So Roofie, you still haven't learned to avoid the groid yet, eh? Pathetic.

2. Squirming Niglet Wants No Part Of Morning Show Car Seat Demo!
He is going to be great at resisting arrest.

1. WWE could include LGBT characters in the 'near future,' Stephanie McMahon says
Wait ... what? These characters were supposed to be straight up to this point?


  1. NOTHING gladdens my heart more than seeing a combative
    "disabled" Jewess getting slammed by one of their pet Negroes. A typical depressing day just got 5% better.
    Looks like the ugly retarded kike (Cohen) got what she deserved if you ask me.

    1. Without being told the backstory, I would think the title of this video should be "pissed porcine goth girl gets body slammed by airport groid."

      Disoriented by the alarm makes it sound like she threw a fit, as retards often do when frightened, and then was aggressively handled. But she just looked pissed before the encounter, not confused.

  2. Why didn't this cop treat this worthless nigger like he would anybody without I.D.? She was filming with a niglet in the backseat is probably the answer, but it's just disgusting.
    She could be a felon with a gun. Luckily, two days later she was blown away when the cops came to her house to arrest for her outstanding warrant and she pulled a shotgun, but that's beside the point.

    1. Fascinating. A very much enjoyed that, thank you for the link. That first po-po has the patience of a saint.