Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband...

5.  Boy was decapitated on waterslide at Kansas park, source says
Whoa - a couple of days ago it was a spinal injury. Now the speculation is that his head was taken clean off by the safety straps meant to keep him from flying out of the ride. Interesting from a physics perspective would be if the head had the momentum to make it up the second hill on the ride, or if it rolled back down into the first valley while the body kept right on going.

4. Clearly Snapchat Doesn’t Get What’s Wrong With Yellowface
Yes - the biggest problem with it is that it isn't as funny as blackface.

3. Quadruple-amputee toddler who lost her limbs due to meningitis receives customized American Girl doll that looks just like her
If such a poor creature could stay a child forever, dolls and being carried around all day like an especially-beloved sack of potatoes might be enough to keep her happy, and thereby to justify this society's obsession with medical heroics in spite of all common sense.

2. FLA Nigger Shoots Mudshark Ex-Girlfriend In Women's Restroom and Cites Stand Your Ground Law As Excuse
Worst part about this story? She survived being shot in the face. And speaking of mudsharks...

1. ‘When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband’: [Mother] Wants Essay Taken Down After Backlash

Taken as a question, the answer for any decent White woman in a sane society would be to buy a funeral plot for both her husband and her daughter, because her husband is going to kill their daughter and himself by nightfall. A less violent answer would be for her to find another God, because hers is a cuck - but that alone won't atone for the crime of her daughter's bestiality.

Truly, the absurdity of this story speaks for itself. The mother was trying to expose her own racist assumptions, and hold her daughter up as a shining example of Christian virtue, but the MultiKultists wouldn't let her go unchallenged. She wasn't nearly self-loathing enough in her condemnations of her own racism. She has betrayed her race, her grandchildren will be cursed with Negroid DNA, and she still has to suffer for not shoving the anti-racist crown of thorns up her own rectum to please the brown masses. And her response? See below.

Gaye, your failure as a Christian is nothing compared to your failure as a parent.

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