Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weiner Whines about his Unwanted Wiener

5. 'Kafka Is Present In U.S. Elections': Mexican Reaction To Trump's Visit
The best reaction was tweeted by a Mexican historian who compared Trump's arrival to that of Cortez's: The caption reads, "And then the foreigner arrived who at first we thought was Quetzalcóatl." HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious. Perhaps the White history of the New World will begin and end the same way.

4. Writer told off a noisy disabled boy - and wasn't ashamed of her actions
The story goes that she told a wheelchair-bound boy to stop banging his spoon at a restaurant, and that the defective's mama caused a scene, defending her son's behavior on the grounds he has "special needs". Special needs deserve special treatment, I always say. And on that topic ...

3. BODY parts and brains of victims of horrific experiments by Nazi doctors have been found at a leading German research institute.
Hey! Don't touch my stuff! ... er ... I mean, that's horrible. How did that get there?

2. Utah Woman Discovers She Is Eight Months Pregnant, Welcomes Baby Girl Hours Later
Well, since she and her husband weigh something in the ballpark of adult manatees, they were probably most surprised to learn they had even been having sex with each other. And now to the opposite extreme in body types...

1. Weiner Whines about his Unwanted Wiener: Anthony Weiner Complained That He And Huma Abedin Rarely Had Sex
Can you blame them for not fornicating? Those two look like Ichabod Crane and Olive Oyl just got out of a concentration camp.


  1. "Those two look like Ichabod Crane and Olive Oyl just got out of a concentration camp."
    As you would say, "Ha!" I was wracking my brain on what that "odd couple's" sickly appearance could be likened to. Ichabod Crane and Olive Oyl-- you nailed it! Too bad Anthony hasn't been nailing anything except his hand.

    1. HA! I do say that quite a bit, don't I?

      It's my version of Obongo's "Let me be clear."

      I'm glad someone enjoyed my cartoon references! I thought they might be too dated.