Monday, August 15, 2016

Triumph of the Trumplings

5. At a Donald Trump Rally, a Confederate Flag Goes Up, and Quickly Comes Down
At first, the Kool-Aid drinker who was told he had to remove the flag said that if it was the campaign people who made the decision not to let him raise it, he would have to reconsider his vote. But then he quickly backed down and said he wouldn't. Man of firm conviction, that one.

4. Rape Victim Claims Her Own Mother Said It Was Her Fault for Getting Drunk
You may sympathize with the mother's point of view, but I want you to consider it from this perspective: What if your son had passed out drunk and a frat boy had fingered your son's anus and stuck his dick in your son's mouth. Would you still say it was your son's fault for being drunk? Just curious.

3. Dad and his 7-year-old daughter held at gunpoint in terrifying encounter with out-of-control AZ cop
Po-po thought the rental car was stolen, so he went mental and threatened to shoot a child if she got out of her seat. Most shocking part of this story? The dad and daughter are Chalkies and the po-po a beaner. Oh, the 'Kwa.

2. Comedy Central Cancels ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’
Called it. Noah better start building his ark.

1. Triumph of the Trumplings: Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads - Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016 
It's not just Trumplings who are this stupid, it's Kwanians in general. We all know that. I just wanted to remind White Whateverists how little they have left to work with. Perhaps stooping to their level is a mistake?


  1. There was a piece of news about a man who passed out drunk on a park bench and woke up to find himself being raped. In another piece of news, a man was hit by a tranny in a bar, followed him into his apartment, then found out he didn’t have the lady parts he expected and put the brakes on. Then instead of getting out of the tranny’s apartment he decided to spend the night and woke up with his dick in the tranny’s mouth. (No one really took his claims of rape seriously.)

    I’m unsure if I’d say fault as it is a crime after it has happened. But one cannot be responsible for the would-be rapists’ behaviour. One can only be responsible for oneself.

    If I had children, I hope I would raise them well enough that they wouldn’t feel the need to drink. If they do drink, then I hope they are smart enough not to drink until they pass out. If they do want to drink until they pass out, then I hope they are smart enough not to do it outside of their home and in company they don’t know or trust.

    I think the passed out drunk rapes are just another manifestation of the narcissistic, no-consequences attached mentality that is gripping most of the population. Of course, the feminists’ candlelight vigils and “teach men not to rape” seminars are ridiculous solutions as well.

    While we’re at it, let’s teach people not to murder—ooh, oops.

    “(I)f I’d looked just a little bit more threatening to him — because I was black, or young, or long-haired, or tattooed, or didn’t speak English — I believe he might have pulled the trigger.”

    White privilege detected! Someone report this man!

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      I remember reading a story about people "victim-blaming" two young women who went touring through Central America alone and ended up being raped and murdered. Of course what they did was very risky, and people who travel should always take extreme caution. But of course, the blame for the crime will always be on the perpetrator of the crime. It is the only sane position to accept both points as equally valid. But the madness of our society is that so many people are hypocrites who will shift between the two positions at will to justify their biases. That was what I was hoping to challenge by reframing what happened to the drunk girl in terms of a drunk boy.

      "I think the passed out drunk rapes are just another manifestation of the narcissistic, no-consequences attached mentality that is gripping most of the population. Of course, the feminists’ candlelight vigils and “teach men not to rape” seminars are ridiculous solutions as well."

      I agree. These people are just as biased as those who say the girl deserved to be raped because she was drunk. I support the feminists in that I agree that victims should not be further victimized by having their risky behavior used as a cudgel against them by their own loved ones. However, their experience needs to serve as warning to those who would engage in risky behavior: *humans are dangerous, exercise caution around them at all times*. The problem is the feminists think human nature is changeable. As you said - if teaching not to rape is the answer, why hasn't it worked with teaching people not to murder?

      Honestly, I believe the guy who got pulled over had a better chance to live because he was a middle aged White man. But that could equally be because of systemic privilege as it could be because he has fully developed frontal lobes that tell him not to fight the po-pos.

    2. Obviously the blame for the crime is on the perpetrator. But in a majority of cases it doesn’t mean that the victim didn’t contribute to the circumstances that led to their victimization—and I mean when the victims are adults. I just wanted to make that clear. When a crime happens, they should either learn from it so as to avoid the same circumstances in the future or others should learn from their mistakes and not mimic risky behaviour.

      I won’t hold my breath, however.

      What would be a good way to put it? “The crime is the sole responsibility of the criminal, but your safety is solely your responsibility”?

      I wouldn’t say deserve as it is more of a case, “what did you expect?” I am hesitant to use the word “deserve” even when it comes to criminals. It’s like, “does an animal deserve to die just because it acts as per its nature?” Or perhaps a better analogy would be, “does a rabid dog “deserve” to die just because it is diseased?”

      I think there are plenty of good, practical reasons for, say, the death penalty without invoking some sort of mystical punishment or reward.

      “As you said - if teaching not to rape is the answer, why hasn't it worked with teaching people not to murder?”

      Especially since it has been the basic tenet for majority of religions and civilizations. For Christians it was a simple, “Thou shall not kill”, which was a rule written down about two thousand years ago. It didn’t stop Christians from killing each other or others for the entirety of those two thousand years.

      For the muds, however, it is something like, “thou shall not kill… except for those dudes.” But it certainly didn’t stop them from killing each other, either.

      It is also an extremely irritating mindset as it implies that the world has existed only about since the sixties and it was only these brilliant feminists who thought, “hey! let’s just teach men not to rape!” as if never before in the history of ever have people tried to stop criminal behaviour.

      But yes, let’s teach people not to do crimes! Morons.

      “But that could equally be because of systemic privilege as it could be because he has fully developed frontal lobes that tell him not to fight the po-pos.”

      HAH! I suspect it is the latter. But if the former exists it is likely because of the latter.

      - Different Anon

    3. Deserve might also be a shorthand for "got what she asked for". I have also encountered the argument that women who get drunk in situations in which they are surrounded by men, they are subconsciously or perhaps even consciously intoxicating themselves so as to remove responsibility for the sex that follows. It is a close relative of the argument that since she was wearing a short skirt, she wanted to be sexually assaulted. Again, my counter-argument is "sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander." If men get drunk around homosexuals, I guess that means they must be expecting to be sexually assaulted by queers.

      Oh, if the world would just be proper and decorous, how much unpleasantness could be avoided!

      RE: Privilege and fully developed frontal lobes

      "But if the former exists it is likely because of the latter."

      Well said!

    4. “Got what they asked for”, is it? That is a rather silly argument as no one asks to be raped or murdered. Unless they have a fetish or a mental disorder (as in the case of the man who wanted to be eaten and then went on to meet a man who wanted to eat someone). And usually the women with rape fantasies want it to be done by their intimate partner or at the very least someone they know. Which cannot even be called rape in such a situation; it would be rough sex at the most.

      When a crime has happened, and rape is still a crime all across the world even if people’s definition of it and attitudes towards it are different, then considering the victim’s subconscious or conscious motivations are ridiculous. Unless they can absolutely prove that the victim consciously wanted a crime to happen to them, then it could be considered an extenuating circumstance at most, but it still won’t remove the responsibility of the crime from the perpetrator.

      And yes, a lot of people have sex while intoxicated so it sadly does muddy the waters. Especially if none of them can remember what happened, and most people find it fun to drink until they pass out.

      It is rather like the morons who go swimming with crocodiles, or get out of the car in the middle of an animal park and then get eaten by tigers, or walk off cliffs with their noses buried in their smartphones. Do they “deserve” whatever misfortune that happens to them? No, not really. Were they asking for their misfortune? Unlikely. But we don’t live in a perfect, cartoon world and actions have consequences.

      I would find both the woman and the man stupid, but that still doesn’t mean that either of them deserved to be raped or were asking for it. But it is stupid to make yourself vulnerable in a situation where you are essentially prey; especially if you hardly know the people around you AND they are drunk, too. If they both have lowered inhibitions then what might be rape to the other person could have been drunken sex for the other.

      So really, the raped while intoxicated crimes could mostly be eliminated if people only acted responsibly--just like you said. But of course, most of them believe they should be entitled to do whatever they want with no consequences attached and their safety and well-being are both someone else's responsibility.

      I admit this mostly deals with white behaviour. What the muds do is pick up passed out women (and why not men, they aren’t exactly picky on what or who they rape), carry them to their cave--I mean, apartment--and then proceed to rape them with their friends and relatives. They have that wonderful tribal thing going on. One for all, and all for one! Whites should learn from them.

      Well, I could have summarised this entire comment, and every other comment, as thus; people are morons, and so it goes.

      This was a rather pointless comment, I apologise.

      - Different Anon

    5. I didn't find it rather pointless. It contributed to the topic. It is difficult to untangle personal responsibility for oneself, one's responsibility to others, and other's responsibility to oneself.

      A couple are fornicating behind a dumpster. Seems a rather odd place. Interrupt in case one is being victimized? Ignore it because its none of your business what consenting adults do? Or contact the police because public fornication is illegal?

      Note that in the case of the Stanford rape victim, the person who interrupted the crime did so because he thought the female victim wasn't moving. So if she had been enthusiastically participating, to that fellow it would have been just fine for humans to fuck in public behind a dumpster. He just had to watch long enough to figure out which was in progress.

      If I saw people fornicating behind a dumpster, I would consider it a breach of public order and would want the perpetrators detained by the police and legally punished. I feel that in a sane society, my personal standard would be also be the prevailing standard. But I do not live in a sane society. The proof is that if I called the campus cops on a willfully fornicating couple having sex in public, I could be decried as a fearful prude. But if my call interrupted a rape in progress, I would be a national hero.

      The madness of our immoral society therefore requires that we make our best guess about whether we are trespassing on the freedom of others to behave in any sick, disturbed way the want, or preventing a rape in progress.

      Hooray, Diversity!