Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The False Truth About Flossing

5. Man Spends 10 Days in Airport Waiting for His Internet Girlfriend
To satisfy his yellow fever, a Dutchman flew to the other side of the planet and hung around for 10 days in a Chinese airport hoping to meet an anonymous chinky-poo girl he met on the interwebs. Surprise - "she" never showed. He ended up having to be hospitalized for exhaustion before being sent home. I am very disappointed in the Chinese for having rendered aide to this loser. It's rather counterrevolutionary. Perhaps he wasn't really a Dutchman, but a Chink who lives in Holland. That would make more sense, really.

4. Pope [Lenin] Says It’s ‘Terrible’ Children Are Taught They Can Choose Gender
... as his NWO handlers lurch forward to pull the microphone away. j/k But seriously, now he wants to draw a line in the sand? He finally found a Social Marxist ideology he didn't want to be sodomized by, and it's this one? I find this suspicious. Could it be because the pedophiles of the Catholic Church want their choir boys to actually be boys?

3. Kurt Cobain hinted at a future Donald Trump presidency back in 1993.
No wonder he blew his brains out. This is actually a hoax meme, by the way.

2. Matt Lauer breaks down in tears after communicating with dead father through Hollywood medium
Are you fucking kidding me? This has to be some new depth of kikecraft I am unfamiliar with. Kikes don't believe this sort of bullshit, this is the sort of bullshit they peddle to the cattle. Or is it possible the kikes are becoming as stupid and gullible as their goyim slaves?

1. Feeling Guilty About Not Flossing? Maybe There’s No Need
Well of course not. Mass Media and Pop Culture Science has only been telling you how important it is was for six decades, so where did you ever come up with such a ludicrous idea like you needed to floss your teeth? I never get tired of posting these "It's Opposite Day!" articles. And the Mass Media Morons have the audacity to wonder why they aren't trusted. They have the audacity to wonder why Alternative Media can pump out the most absurd, contradictory, conspiracy-minded claptrap and still find an audience eager to lap it up. YOU DID THIS, MASS MEDIA. You created a culture of comfort with contradiction, professional-grade doublethink, and mass amnesia, and have the gall to act surprised when people assert the moon landings were fake, or that global warming isn't happening, or that the Earth really is flat, when you fuckers can't even stay consistent about the benefits of flossing your teeth.


  1. “If you peddle bullshit to the cattle long enough the bullshit will be peddled back to you”. I think it needs a little adjustment. It could have also been an act for the stupid cattle.

    But there is a fascinating quote of Nietzsche I feel really hit the mark; “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Because isn’t that what happened?

    I once skimmed through an infowars book that blamed the unreliability of Mass Media on the cattle. “It’s because people demand click-bait articles that Mass Media has become so!” Well, yes, that might be true but who told the Mass Media to cater to the cattle in the first place to get those clicks?

    The only behaviour one can directly affect is one’s own.

    - Different Anon

  2. Hello Different Anon,

    I am more suspicious that it was some kikecraft appeal to make the cattle sympathize and identify with him, rather than a genuine display of emotion at an obvious con. He can't truly be that dumb.

    I really don't know how much instructing needed to be done to get the cattle to value group think higher than the crime of independent thought. It seems to be their innate disposition.

    Again with so many of the problem we face, there is the dynamic of the cattle willingly submitting to and enjoying their own debasement and exploitation. It blurs the line between victim and victimizer.

    I also struggle with whether it is the responsibility of the awake to awaken others, or if that is even possible. If someone is so ignorant and weak that they do not possess an impulse to break from the herd running of the cliff, what use is it to lasso them before their fall? As soon as you release the rope, they will resume their course.

    1. “I am more suspicious that it was some kikecraft appeal to make the cattle sympathize and identify with him, rather than a genuine display of emotion at an obvious con.”

      Oh yes, this is what I meant. Sort of, “See! We believe this crap too! We’re the same as you! Now pay for this same crap/go buy our occult products!”

      Yes, it does seem to be an innate position. Most people are more comfortable being told what to think than how to think.

      I suppose what I was trying to express is that the age of social media creates a sort of positive feedback loop for the herd thinkers where they only value each other’s opinions, and they never have to be exposed to differing views.

      But then, the very existence of herd thinking should be an argument against the wonders of diversity. After all, if one’s opinions differ from the opinions of the herd (who usually get their opinions from whoever holds the piper) they are generally ostracised and shunned which, in the past, meant almost certain death. If not one’s own, then one’s bloodline.

      If a society cannot even tolerate a diversity of opinions (which I admit would most likely lead into chaos as well) then how on earth could it tolerate a diversity of people? (Ah, right. By making us all the same.)

      I almost said that colleges, which were supposed to be bastions of free thought, aren’t even making a show anymore of expressing different views. Then I wondered, have colleges ever really done this? Are they now just more overt with their “safe spaces” for the oversensitive bunch of the herd?

      Or how they aren’t even teaching the numbskulls that not all opinions are valid. But then I realised that, yes, they do teach that. It’s the past 60,000 years of human racism that is invalid instead of their views that aren’t supported by any sort of empirical evidence.

      I’m unsure where I’m going with this.

      Perhaps what I’m trying to ask is, what happened to our free thinkers? Why did we empower the Jews time and again? Why did we let them into universities and Mass Media and politics? Where were our shepherds to stop alien, hostile shepherds from opening all the borders and leading the masses to their multicultural, decadent graves?

      Didn’t they exist in the first place? Weren’t they intelligent to begin with? Is this some elaborate plan to cull the herd?

      I apologise, Mr Arlott. It seems like I used your blog to sort out my own thoughts and didn’t make a very good job of it.

      (Oh, and one last question, if most people truly are just herd thinkers then wouldn’t it imply they are all convertible if you just give the pipers to racists?)

      - Different Anon

  3. "If a society cannot even tolerate a diversity of opinions (which I admit would most likely lead into chaos as well) then how on earth could it tolerate a diversity of people? (Ah, right. By making us all the same.)"

    Very well said.

    "It seems like I used your blog to sort out my own thoughts and didn’t make a very good job of it."

    I am using this blog for the same purpose, and have often been told I am not doing a very good job of it. I welcome you to do the same, without concern of the quality of your labor. I value the opportunity here to discuss topics that are out of bounds to me in real life, and I thank you for your contributions.

    I recently told someone that I wanted to spend more time asking questions and expressing doubts together rather than proposing answers or asserting beliefs. Once beliefs take hold, they will push people together or pull them apart. That's the feedback loop you mentioned, the echo chamber of social media. They already have what they consider to be the answers, now they just want to hear other people say them too. If we polarize by differences of belief, we miss out on the opportunity to compare doubts. I am pleased to read your questions, and to be able to consider them myself.

    Certainly, the convertibility of the herd is what inspires that White Whateverist movement. What they refer to as awakening could simply be taken as moving the herd in the direction of thought the shepherds would prefer (ostensibly back toward racial exclusivity). But what I have been struggling with is the realization of how much instinct plays a role. The innate impulses of both the individual and the mob are likely more powerful than reason, and people rarely seem to think about why they do what they do.

    Think about our free thinkers for a moment. Whom did you have in mind? What is the ratio of people thinking about problems to those proselytizing their beliefs? How many people do you know who would willingly question such an astoundingly unreasonable thought as the following:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights...

    Self-evident, yet it took thousands of years for anyone to speak them or write them down. Self-evident, yet the equality of men and "muh rights" has been reinterpreted to justify everything from disenfranchisement of unlanded White men, to enfranchisement of Negroes and women, to letting queers marry, to encouraging children to have sex changes.

    Only the fashy hipster trendsetters of today bother to question the equality myth, and I suspect they don't do it out of any earnest doubt, but for the sake of fashion. That's why they still whine about having their free speech rights curtailed by Twitter. Hypocrites.

    CDN is one long running question of the values of today's society. My innate impulses to racism and anti-humanism are not permitted in today's society. I cannot discuss their validity, because it is apparently self-evident to everyone else that they are invalid. So I look at the people telling me they are invalid, and I find hypocrisy, lies, and contradictions that, to me, prove their viewpoint is just as invalid. That does not mean I am any more correct in my impulses, but I am not the one threatened with losing my livelihood for expressing my diversity of opinion, am I?