Saturday, August 27, 2016

SHOCKER: Cuban Sandwich Day Not Real

5. 'Do not shoot anyone!' Cops post fliers asking people to refrain from killing each other at next weekend's Brooklyn J'Ouvert 
Well, that's that. There will be no more sub-ape violence from here on out. Problem solved! Now why didn't politicians in Chicago think of this? Honestly, I get so tickled by stories like this. Can you believe how far a civilization can fall that it's law enforcement makes such pronouncements?

4. Niners QB Kaepernick refuses to stand for anthem in protest
If you are The-Sports-challenged like me, allow me to provide the translated version: A leading feetsball player, who is of course a mudblood, has refused to stand for the US anthem because he believes Amerikwa oppresses blacks and non-Whites. Good for him. Fight the oppression of that multi-million dollar career White Amerikwa has granted you because they are a bunch of nigger-loving cretins! Hopefully, your protest will spread, and Whities will have to rectify their patriotardism with their worship of sports-groids.

3. Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon denies antisemitic remarks
If the allegations are true, he wouldn't be the first anti-Semitic Trumpcuck. Still, the way Kikebart shills for Israel, its difficult to believe Bannon really is jew-wise.

2. The True ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ Story Is Complicated, And Virtually Everyone Got It Dead Wrong
Not really. Most people certainly accepted the beaneress's account without fact-checking, but her account has yet to be disproven, however unlikely it may be. Yes, it is odd that the customers accused were a nigger and his beaneress - but that in itself is not the smoking gun. Consider that the White Whateverist movement is filled with racists who smear kikes and decry race-mixing, who then kiss their jewish or chingy chong wives good night. Still, I lean more to the hoax-camp. Regardless, The Daily Caller's response is typical of the receipt-based culture wars. Leftists go on the offensive, rightists get defensive, but the public only remembers the offense, if they remember anything at all.

1. SHOCKER: Cuban Sandwich Day Not Real
A writer invented a fake food holiday, and using minimal resources, he was able to convince social media foodies to embrace his silly whim and mass-promote it through their network of followers. Restaurants across the country decided to honor the occasion with special deals. When his editors found out, they made the writer recant. And the response? No one cared it was a joke meant to prove how stupid people are.

Quoting: "Does it bother you that it's not a real thing?" I asked Gerry Furth-Sides, content editor for Local Food Eater, a blog about ethnic food that posted something about National Cuban Sandwich Day. "No, because what is a real thing?" she responded.

The whole of the Mass Media culture summed up with one exchange. Remember this please:

"Does it bother you that it's not a real thing?"
"No, because what is a real thing?" she responded.


  1. A 'Cuban Sandwich" sounds more like an unnatural act with a cigar. I guess sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich.

    1. HAHAHA! Good god that was terrible, but hilarious.