Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Seattle Gub'mint Offers Classes on White Fragility

5. Govt Spends $100K To Figure Out Why Black People Don’t Go To Parks
The concept that black people don't go to parks is absurd. Of course they go to parks. But they aren't very well going to admit they were in the park last night where half a dozen White people got robbed at gunpoint.

4. Trump Goes All In With Risky Base Strategy

The executive chairman of Kikebart has been brought in to run the Trump campaign. This prompted a rather humorous quip from a "conservative" talk show host: "Trump's campaign has now entered the Hospice Phase [...] He knows he's dying and wants to surround himself with his loved ones." Delightfully tasteless, but its accuracy has yet to be determined.

3. Haitian Olympian Falls at the First Hurdle Immediately After His Absurd Gorilla Dominance Display to the Crowd

2. Rioting [Nigger] Teen Smacked by Mom Burns Down House 
Do you remember the kid whose mother smacked him around in the streets of Baltimore after he went out to join the riot? Today's #2 story is that he accidentally burned down his house after pouring water on a grease fire. Lesson: You can't smack some sense into a sub-ape.

1. Seattle offers classes on 'white fragility,' to explain roots of guilt
And apparently, tickets have already sold out - much like the majority of the race. I've listened to some excerpts of the professor's interviews. She does make some good points, though she always spins them to a deceptive MultiKult agenda. She says, for example, that White people are socially programmed not to see themselves as White. Agreed. But then she says this is why they respond so defensively to accusations of White privilege, and can't empathize with non-Whites. So what would she prefer? That White people be made very conscious of their White identity? I'm all for that.

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