Monday, August 01, 2016

Saleema Sasquatch Squashes Sexual Stereotypes

5. Daredevil skydiver Jumps 25,000ft from a plane and land safely WITHOUT a parachute...
...into a giant net to the rapturous applause of other Chalkies, because ... Chalkies.

4. Boko Haram Survivors Are Starving To Death As Aid Falls Short
This is your chance White folks. Strike them down with all your indifference, and your journey toward sanity will begin.

3. Media watchers say end is near for right-wing Fox News network
It might be premature to announce the demise of FuxNews, but said demise would indeed be most welcome.

2. Blood transfusions from the young could be ‘biological fountain of youth’ and help people live forever
No, they won't. That is insane. Such an assertion isn't even plausible enough to be called pseudoscience. It's fraud, and the media is once again perpetuating scientific ignorance and helping scammers. In this case, the people studying the idea are requesting their test subjects pay $8,000 to be part of the experiment. There is no control group. There is no peer oversight. And the Mass Media Morons aren't even asking for a second opinion yet.

1. Saleema Sasquatch Squashes Sexual Stereotypes: Watch 3 Badass Women Destroy Stereotypes About Body Hair
All right, first off, they are not badass. They are very calmly and quietly rehashing the same thoughts hippies mulled over around five decades ago. Yet, they are hopelessly out of sync. Forget armpit hair, in the porn-obsessed internet culture of today, an entire generation now has the expectation women won't even have pubes anymore. Secondly, there is a difference between the removal of normal levels of body hair as part of the feminine beauty ritual, and the Muzzie in this video who admits she has to shave her back (her actual name is Ayqa, but it didn't fit with my alliterative pattern). She is probably suffering from hirsutism. And finally, I suggest that the human gene pool could benefit by more women and men presenting their dating pics having not shaved, without make-up, and without the benefit of acne medicines, etc. Also, they should have to submit a picture of their teeth before orthodonture, and disclose any cosmetic surgeries. You want to talk natural? Let's talk natural.


  1. expecting decent journalism from the huff post is like asking niggers to behave like humans or telling jooz that the holocaust was a dream, this is a libtard world but not on the same level as huff post

    they could test it on mice, but then some tree hugger would be crying about violating rodent rights, also transfusions have been around since 1800s

    if the quacks can make fags immune to aids they should be able to perform miracles

    1. HA! I would say that expecting journalism itself to be decent is like asking niggers to behave like humans. If the press wasn't so retarded, I might actually have to pay to be entertained.

      Noe that they tested the plasma transfusions on mice and said it aided in memory. The mechanism of how plasma aids memory, let alone how it is supposed to restore youth is never explained. This is simple fraud. There is always a lag in the medical community responding to Mass Media medical hype. And when they catch up and try to explain the fraud, a portion of the public will be convinced the doctors and nurses are just trying to protect their business by suppressing miracle cures. Yeah ... doctors and nurses would rather die of cancer then admit the alternative media has found already found a cure ---> CLICK HERE FOR ONE SIMPLE TRICK THAT DESTROYS CANCER FOREVER.

  2. He should have splatted to the ground. That would have been something to clap about.

    “This is a new terrible.”

    Yes, because Africa doesn’t regularly suffer from famine, wars, poverty, corruption, epidemics, and what else. Or have I been lied to all these years when little do-gooders try to beg for aid money?

    “But we’ve done a lot of good! We’ve decreased child mortality rate!”

    Yes, and now there are more dumb and sick and needy who can’t sustain or take care of themselves. Good job keeping yourself eternally employed.

    …how are blood transfusions from the young a “biological fountain of youth”? Did they let a feminist with a vampire fetish write that article? Let me guess, if they get the blood from beautiful virgin whores it is more delicious—I mean, potent.

    When did doing nothing become badass? Is this like the story about that one Negress who rode a bus?

    HAHA! “That’s great for capitalism.”

    Let’s see. They are still wearing clothes and despite how awful they look I suspect they are store bought. Even better if they were bought from a fancy, expensive hipster store that goes for “authenticity”. All of them are wearing make-up (though at least two of them were going for a “natural” look). Then lastly they all have jewellery.

    It reminds of the girl in one of the social media hellholes who posted a picture of herself (with her iphone) with the caption, "down with Capitalism!" Because apparently irony escapes these special people.

    Yes indeed, Moron Number One, you are literally doing nothing. Except seeking validation from people as sorry as you for being “strong and empowered”.

    No, Moron Number Two, you didn’t feel an “inclination to be the hot girl the boys want”. You liked the praise and the attention and thus molded yourself accordingly. Stop pretending. You still like the praise and the attention but you are seeking it with different methods and from different people and thus molded yourself accordingly. Oh, and you weren’t placed into that position. You went for it all by your lonesome. Boys could think you as hot as they wanted but no one forced you to be “hot”.

    No, I cannot make it to the end of the video. All it sounds to me is whining from low-esteem, insecure women who try to pretend they are making a STAND. Sure.

    But one last quip because I cannot help myself. Apparently you shaved all but those eyebrows.

    - Different Anon

    1. RE: SPLAT! It would deserve a slow clap, but it would be clap-worthy nonetheless. HA!

      I love your point about the feminist vampire fetish - it's all very Lady Bathory meets Anne Rice, isn't it? It fits with the public imagination about the rejuvenating power of blood. Never mind that blood is more typically a source of disease than a form of treatment. Never mind that people who get frequent transfusions develop other health problems / immune issues. No - getting blood from other people will make us immortal because Twilight.

      "HAHA! 'That’s great for capitalism.'"
      I'm glad you caught that too. Outstanding and funny commentary, Different Anon.

      The white one of the trio was no doubt giving a nod to the "White Western Beauty" construct that made her by default the most desirable one out of the bunch. Your point is extremely well put, that she is now seeking praise and attention from a different set of people for a different set of reasons. She also does this within the structure of Leftist, feminist, college protest just like some hippy of olde.

      The white one can never understand the struggles of the back-hair shedding muzzie - but it was her still image, and her underarm tuft that graced the start of the video, now wasn't it? Attention indeed.

      What was with those two toned eyebrows anyway?

    2. I was thinking about it and realised that the “White Western Beauty” construct is actually quite ridiculous. (Well, what Leftist idea or argument isn’t?)

      If someone is a white westerner and lives in a white western country, then obviously she is a part of “White Western Beauty” construct unlike someone who isn’t white westerner. Every country has their own “beauty constructs”, and either an individual in that country fills it or not.

      Is it West’s fault that they are largely responsible for the whole beauty/fashion industry when the muds have yet to invent either plumbing or even a wheel? And even the fashion industry is largely occupied by faggots and other women. Hollywood, another trendsetter, is full of Jews.

      Is it West’s fault that Asians, for example, like to copycat whites right down to their ideas of beauty? Though I’m unsure how widespread it is; their idea of beauty used to be someone who resembled a fox, after all. I doubt it has been completely replaced.

      I’m also unsure if I would describe the muds desire to sleep with white women as a manifestation of white women’s beauty. After all, the muds also want to sleep with goats, chicken, chimpanzees, children, relatives and just about anything that has a convenient hole.

      HAHA! That actually reminds me of a news clip I saw years ago. A Chinese man decided to get intimate with a park bench and got stuck.

      It is hilarious how he moans and cries in the background. The Chinese and the reporter complete it; I just love how she could report the incident so impassively. I would have laughed myself silly. Neither could I have resisted mocking him.

      As for the eyebrows, I have no idea. They all had surprisingly bushy eyebrows.

      - Different Anon

    3. "I’m also unsure if I would describe the muds desire to sleep with white women as a manifestation of white women’s beauty. After all, the muds also want to sleep with goats, chicken, chimpanzees, children, relatives and just about anything that has a convenient hole."

      HA! A very fair point, Different Anon. I am far too biased to be able to reasonably consider whether or not White women are the female standard of beauty. I am so repulsed by non-Whiteness that it simply makes sense to me that everyone else must secretly be so as well. That is why I have often argued from the position that the White Beauty Myth is a reality, and White women really are the pinnacle of female attractiveness. Of course, I am also concerned with the beauty and ugliness of behavior as well. And I have found there to be very little correlation between external beauty and beautiful behavior. If anything, it seems that beauty gives license to be a terrible person, not just to females but males as well. White Whateverists are such hypocrites for lamenting a physically beautiful woman lost to race mixing, while ignoring that her behavior showed you the ugliness of her true nature. The assertion that something was lost in such a case is dubious.

      That's a hilarious video. The pained moaning is what really makes it work. But once again, I see that the disturbing tendency to rescue the worthless has manifested itself in humans. Silly Chingy Chongs - playing savior to defectives is for Whities! They will make excellent hosts for the Jewish parasites in the coming centuries.

      Oh, imagine what a sane society would look like. Not only would there be no defectives to hump park benches, there would be no park benches, or parks for that matter. Rescue teams would only be dispatched for people deemed worthy of rescue. And after being rescued, they would have to work doubly hard to prove they could still be of some use to society.

    4. I didn’t mean that white women wouldn’t be the female standard of beauty. I just doubt the muds ability to truly comprehend it—or that their desire to sleep with white women is some Wicked West’s brainwashing of the hapless muds with their "Wicked Western beauty constructs".

      And yes, a society that only values physical beauty will, more or less, let those beautiful people act however they want. After all, in such a case, either sex isn’t really thinking further than their genitals.

      Considering that China has a helplessly skewed male-to-female ratio, the vast majority of Chinese men won’t ever touch a woman. I think it is marginally better that the man in the video decided to relieve himself on a park bench than on hapless chicken like another Chinese man. Or on little boys like another male dominated society in the land of the culturally rich. Rape of children, that is exactly what Europe is lacking! Especially after Catholic Church became so banal.

      Also, it is possible that they were saving the bench from being further debauched rather than the man.

      I take it you don’t like parks? May I ask why in particular? (Not that I go to them much myself, perhaps once every five years. And usually to accompany someone else.)

      - Different Anon

    5. "Also, it is possible that they were saving the bench from being further debauched rather than the man."

      That is a very humorous twist! This is why I enjoy conversations with you. You have a wonderful way of providing a unique point of view.

      RE: Parks

      As a pale skin who burns easily, I am not a fan of the out of doors in general. Ascendant Civilization crushes nature and drives it away, and then decadence invites it back in with simulated nature for the masses via public parks and zoos. I find it illogical. I also resent having to pay taxes to provide parks for said masses.

      There is a park near my workplace. In the summer, niggers and white trash get in the fountains like it is a water park. It's disgusting. A sane society does not take money from people to install a public fountain for gutter trash to frolic in. But, I do not live in a sane society.

      One aspect of nature I do like is trees. Not the wild woods, but kept groves with the brush removed to keep vermin away. They are a good place for a pale skin to find some shade while outside.

    6. I am glad to hear it. But please be free to tell me if I get too long-winded. I’m afraid I have a habit of doing so.

      And thank you for replying to my questions. What you said makes sense.

      So far I haven’t witnessed such behaviour but, as I said, I rarely go to parks. When I do what I mostly see are families with their kids, some college hippies, or people sunbathing.

      I also like trees. I tend to cover myself completely when I go outside even in the summers so sunburn isn’t much of a threat to me. But it does feel more pleasant to walk beneath trees than on a bare street.

      - Different Anon

    7. I will let you know if that ever becomes a concern, but it certainly has not so far. It is a very nice change of pace being able to converse with someone on socially unacceptable topics without the conversation becoming uncivil.

      I find this a rare experience with racially aware people. Offense is usually taken so easily. Different points of view are taken as personal attacks. Discourtesy is considered a reasonable response to disagreement. It's very tiring.

      I believe you have said you live in a very White area. Where I live, there are equal numbers of Whites, White Trash, and Niggers. The latter two ruin everything they touch, and the Whites try to keep things running the best they can without condemning the other two groups. It makes public activities unpleasant.