Sunday, August 14, 2016

Race Mixing Couple Caught Smuggling Dead Toddler into Mexico

5. National Guard activated to help police in wake of Milwaukee violence
=D The one thing I lurv about summertime in the 'Kwa.

4. Brexit could be delayed to late-2019 as government not ready: Sunday Times
What does it say about the state of your bureaucracy that you need three years to divorce yourself from another bureaucracy?

3. Olympics/Corporate Race Mixing Propaganda
Watching the Olympics? You're a race traitor. Turn that shit off. It is MultiKult propaganda wielded by the globalists who want to turn the planet into a brown slave plantation. The commercial video linked shows you exactly their game. You should also be keeping a list of brands to boycott. Add Gillette. Oh wait - I'm supposed to make jokes, not tell White people what is in their own best interest. Since the majority of your "leaders" have so disastrously failed you, I sometimes forget my role. So, after watching that commercial, here's a tagline for this mulatto's mama: Niglet - the best a White trash bitch can expect.

2. Why Do White Supremacists Love Donald Trump?
This is an excellent interview with Tom Metzger, who continues to provide reasoned, truthful observations of both the state of the White race, and the state of those who say they are trying to advocate for the White race. He is also the one White Whateverist who doesn't humiliate the Movement every time he opens his mouth to the enemy press.

1. White Trash / Beaner Bitch Couple Caught Smuggling Dead Toddler into Mexico
Just look at these two. No suspicions raised here by your facial tattoos and your body-shaped duffle bag. Enjoy your visit to Meh-hee-ko! Nice to know MultiKulturalism and carny folk are fully compatible.


  1. I would have loved to read a list of practical advice on what a racist white person can do. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be such a list and not even advice here and there. Most white nationalist sites I (used to) visit focused on regurgitating the same historical and philosophical talking points. They were interesting enough, I admit, but do they actually believe we are engaged in a battle of ideas? If they actually believe we are being genocided, then start acting like it.

    Isn’t Gillette a razor brand?

    The only comfort I have is that even if all whites end up dead, the rest of humanity will eventually die, too.

    I suppose crossing the border from USA to Mexico is such a rare event that they were caught easily. But really, I don’t understand why they were smuggling a dead toddler into Mexico in the first place?

    - Different Anon

  2. Are you still interested in a list of advice for White racists? Off and on I have been writing a self-help book for White Whateverists after we discussed it awhile back. Its not so much a list as long series of jokes strung together. Not very practical.

    Yes, White Whateverists don't act very much like they are in danger of genocide. When I got involved with White Whateverism 10 years ago, the same emphasis on analysis and historic review was prominent. What was not prominent was deliberate humor and entertainment for its own sake. So I tried that tack. Now everyone is trying that tack. I was ahead of the curve. Too bad almost nobody thought I was funny! And too bad these fools think their shtick is the equivalent of leading a movement.

    Do you feel you need advice? I feel I do. I appreciated Tom Metzger's views. He said - don't get tattoos, don't dress up like a Nazi, don't expose your beliefs publicly. Strengthen those beliefs, but burrow into the system and hide. Of course, he intended for pro-Whites to get into powerful positions in military and government, but I still found his viewpoint helpful even in my no-power position.

    There is just no coherent thread in White Whateverism beyond "Let's play together on the internet!" Even the most popular figures in der Movement couldn't get two of their followers to do the same thing. Trying to get White Whateverists to cooperate on a common goal is like trying to herd cats. And so philosophies and political ideas are thrown out to try and substitute for leadership. If we could all just agree on a point of view at least, then we could work independently toward a common goal, right? Apparently not. These philosophies and ideas are impractical, and just lead to more squabbling and the picking of gnat shit out of pepper.

    Theoretically, I think der Movement could function if it had a philosophy or ideology developed that was not attached to the personality cult of a leader. (That would immediately eliminate National Socialism and the Alt-Right as candidates for a belief system). This is where we keep failing. When beliefs rely upon a leader, they are immediately tied to his/her foibles and inevitable demise.

    Der Movement needs leaders who are not thinkers, but doers who act upon the impersonal belief system they inherit. Thinkers need to apply themselves less to philosophy and more to practical solutions - but they shouldn't be considered leaders. Instead, all we have today are White Whateverists trying to be "leading intellectuals". No wonder we are in such a weak position.

    By the way - I wondered if the child was some sort of Santeria sacrifice.

    1. Yes, I am very much interested to hear advice. I am also interested in reading your self-help book. I don’t mind if it isn’t practical as I’m sure it is a great fun to read.

      I noticed that, too. The first white nationalist website I was exposed to was Amren. I read it from the earliest archives, the first three years recorded, and soon grew bored as I didn’t see they had accomplished much.

      You know, does “don’t dress up like a Nazi” mean the Nazi uniform, or does it mean don’t dress neatly, or does it refer to the neo-nazis with their shaved heads, tattoos and leather jackets? Or does it mean don’t parade swastikas on your person? I assume it refers to swastikas and the uniform.

      How I wish pro-Whites would burrow into the military and government. But who knows, perhaps they are and for obvious reasons are keeping quiet about it? A girl can dream.

      I think part of the reason is that even the popular figures in the movement can’t agree on the same things. Some of them don’t see Jews as a problem, some of them see Jews as the sole problem, some of them believe in the global nationalist Kumbaya, some of them refuse to see Christianity as a problem, some of them see Christianity as the sole problem, etc.

      I hope you don’t mind me quoting the Art of War but I think: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” is quite apt.

      So what the movement needs is a sort of religion? Rather like the ancient tribe of Judah whose priests cooked up the racial creed and then went onto spread it to their tribesmen? It would connect pro-white people while they can keep it a secret and as a guiding line on how to behave without the need of a leader figure.

      To be fair, the leading intellectuals could work a bit better if they were actually leading intellectuals outside of the remote corners of the internet.

      Well, if nothing else, the muds sure are creative in their own way. Apparently Santeria was influenced by and syncretized with Roman Catholicism. I assume they would be considered a part of those devout Catholics.

      - Different Anon

    2. I will keep plugging away at the book. Its a little more challenging to remain focused on a single topic for so long. I obviously find it easier to write jokes for a lot of small topics, rather than on a theme.

      It's interesting that you started with Amren. It was very different for me, because my primary focus at the time was freedom of speech. I grow bored very quickly with people trying to justify what is to me instinctive. The respectable types in der Movement spend so much time defending what almost everyone thinks is indefensible, its no wonder they never get anywhere.

      Dressing like a Nazi meant using the symbols of the Third Reich (old Nazi) or the neo-Nazi skinhead fetishism. Now there is hipster fashy bullshit, which is an ironic throwback to fascist Europe. Either way, it goes against the goal of blending in so as to hide in plain sight.

      Given how endemic MultiKult poisoning is in the institutions of the West, I have a hard time believing White-minded people have burrowed in to positions of power.If they are there, they sure as heck aren't halting the infection.

      This was a liability of the infiltrator plan. You are still completely detached from any others of your kind. It's the safest way for a pro-White person to live, but it doesn't build a movement. Better, I think, would be small conspiratorial cells, but it would take training to form such groups - such as the academy idea I proposed.

      Unfortunately, trying to make a religion out of White racial struggle has been tried and has failed. See: Ben Klassen, David Lane, and every White Identity Nutjob. Whities just don't want to accept a religion that isn't Semitic.

      Philosophies and ideologies *could* work, if they weren't tied to a leader figure. But that is not how they develop. The originator always wants credit for his work, and to capitalize upon it.

      What I am suggesting is more of a compact that outlines a common cause and approach to bring about the overthrow of the existing system in favor of the participants. In that sense, it is less The Bible and more The Protocols. Any group larger than a handful of people would be verboten by the protocols. An individual might have to spend years trying to recruit a fellow conspirator.

      But such measures would seem too paranoid, too defeatist, too slow and too ineffective to the White Whateverist keyboard warriors who currently feel manically optimistic that White victory is just an election away. And when it is finally realized that even an election victory in a MultiKult society will never equal a White victory, then the manic White Whateverists will shift back down into defeated mode, where they will lament there is no point trying anything because the system is rigged.

      To me, leadership is about taking responsibility for achieving a set of goals for a team. Intellectuals are not goal-oriented and task driven. They are best utilized coming up with novel solutions to complex problems. But giving them free reign means they will quickly lose themselves in impractical tilting at windmills - which is another reason they cannot be leaders.

    3. To me, conversely, it is interesting that you started with freedom of speech. I suppose I could say I started with the “respectable” white nationalist blogs, and often I skimmed the comments for interesting tidbits and different point of views. I soon noticed that these blogs who were crying about their “freedom of speech” were curbing it for others. Mostly whenever Jews came up.

      Back then I still didn’t know a single thing about Jews; all I knew was what I’d learned during religion lessons in school which was mostly that Jews were eternal scapegoats for every evil in the world just because they existed. So before I went to read about Jews, I dismissed the “Jewish conspiracy”, but I did find these blogs’ attitudes a little hypocritical.

      If one wants freedom of speech, shouldn’t it then extend to everyone regardless of how unpleasant or moronic what they say is?

      But then I started thinking, is anyone really advocating for freedom of speech or just for their speech to be heard? From a white racist perspective, why on earth would the elite give you freedom of speech (and yes, it is something given unless you take it regardless of the consequences)? They want you dead so why would they give you anything?

      But if white racists got to power, would they seriously give every anti-white their freedom of speech? Would they let every anti-white to keep spreading their propaganda and lies? That sounds a little far-fetched and stupid to me.

      Of course, controlled “freedom of speech”, which I think is basically what white nationalist have, is a smarter choice from the elites’ perspective. They can still complain about Jews, niggers and other muds online, which basically keeps them occupied and pacified.

      “But such measures would seem too paranoid, too defeatist, too slow and too ineffective to the White Whateverist keyboard warriors who currently feel manically optimistic that White victory is just an election away.”

      Of course it is. It is a lot easier than actually doing something. I cannot believe that a race that went on to conquer the entire world, and then stepped outside of its own world into space, has really fallen this far. I hope all that humanity was worth it to them.

      - Different Anon

    4. You're right, Different Anon. It's inaccurate for me to say "freedom of speech" in a general sense, as opposed to saying my interest was a selfish desire to speak *my* mind.

      For me, freedom of speech meant being able to say things I personally wanted to say that I was restricted from saying in real life because I would be punished for it. The interwebs are a great playground for me and others to do that. I believed in the utility of diversion and entertainment that free speech could provide. But, unlike other pro-Chalkies, I don't hold to the delusional belief that interwebs games mean anything at all in one's life, and certainly not for any cause.

      Even though we instantly banned from other websites, even in White Whateverism there is no true freedom of speech.

      I had one of my segments edited by Hal Turner when I was on his website. Can you believe that? A Fed who was purposefully saying incendiary things found some of my jokes too explicit to broadcast on his faux-hate site.

      I had multiple segments edited when I was on Voice of Reason. They also said I could not use profanity.

      I block comments that fall into 3 categories: 1) Anti-White propaganda. 2) Personal attacks. 3) Jokes about committing violence.

      My reasoning for the 1st rule is that anti-Whites have the rest of the interwebs for that sort of thing. My reasoning for the 2nd rule is that if I don't have to leave my window open for people to shout abuse into my home, why should I leave the comments section on my blog open for the same purpose. My reasoning for the 3rd rule is that someone else's careless speech could associate me to their poor decisions.

      From this practical perspective, freedom of speech is too flowery a description for the trifling power struggles over the ability to speak one's mind.


      And how do you feel having been born during the era of contraction of White greatness? What a kick in the teeth, eh? We have the joy of watching the beginning of the end.