Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Literal White Guilt Suicidalist Kills Herself for Being Racist

5. We’re Sorry, But Bob Ross’ Curly Hair Is A Lie
Well, kind of. The Joy of Painting freak did that to himself on purpose, apparently because he thought it would save him money on haircuts. But once he became popular, his natural clown wig became a signature he was forced to live with. Now, what is Rense's excuse?

4. Colin Kaepernick’s Mother: He’s Brought Shame To Family
Well, then that runs in the fambly ... because it's his mudshark bio-mother who is speaking out against her son not standing for the National Anthem. So follow along ... she mated with a groid, then dropped her half-nigger bastard off for adoption. But he brought shame to the fambly? Oh, you silly mudshark - start here: Psychological projection. Of course, she could have avoided this shame altogether. How? Well on that note ...

3. Pro-Choice Groups Petition UN to Declare ‘International Safe Abortion Day’
An abortion holiday? Finally, a holiday worth celebrating. There should be bell ringers on the corner holding black cauldrons asking people for pocket change to fund abortions for the needy.

2. Rodney Harrison makes matters worse with his Colin Kaepernick apology
Back to the Mass-Media-Feeding-Frenzy that is Colin Kaepernick, we have this story about a nigger sports commentator who decided Kaepernick wasn't black or a person of color, and therefore couldn't speak on issues non-Whites face. HAHAHAHA! And this foolish media-moron was quickly slapped down by the interwebs who reminded him that 1) all people were supposed to speak out for social injustice, and 2) Kaepernick is half nigger, just like Obongo, as many tweeted. This story is such a wonderful field day for racism =D

1. Literal White Guilt Suicidalist Kills Herself for Being Racist
Again, what a wonderful day for racism! I am just giddy over this story, and I think you will soon understand why, quoting:

A talented teenage gymnast committed suicide after becoming concerned she would be branded "racist" after taking a joke photograph and sharing it with friends, an inquest heard.

Phoebe Connop, 16, uploaded an edited picture of herself where her skin tone had been darkened and she was wearing a scarf wrapped around her head to a private Instagram message, which she shared with friends. 

Miss Connop, who had been speaking regularly to an Asian male, told the group it was what she would have to look like to get approval from her "boyfriend's" parents.

[Her father] had taken her home early due to her feeling unwell but found his daughter hanged when he returned after work. [...]

"There had been some negative reaction and she confided in her friend, who did take the image down at her request, that she was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area."

I love this story! White guilt finally produces a useful outcome. No mudlings from this self-hating white piece of filth. I know, I know - I should be mad at MultiKulturalism and Muzzies and JOOOOOZZZZZZ for leading this white girl astray ... but fuck that. I am tired of being told we should worry about what happens to every weak-minded white fucker. Good riddance. Either be racially strong or die. Her absence from the gene pool is a benefit to the race, and means there will be a few less mudlings to darken Britain in the near future. Also, it's a wonderful punishment for her parents, who let her get involved with a mud in the first place. Win - Win - Win, my racist friends. Praise DATGOY!



  1. Check this - a (((staff member))) whose nose is so large it can satisfy a suckling giraffe!


  2. HAHAHaShem! Thank you skilpad! I think someone needs to let Anthony Weiner know his soulmate is suckling at the safari in Tel Aviv.

  3. Pardon me while I laugh. So finally the day has come when one of these white guilt morons kills themselves! And she even hanged herself! How nice of her, she saved the trouble for the Day of the Rope crowd.

    Now, all anti-white whites should follow her courageous and stellar example! To the rope, comrades!

    For added hilarity I hope she choked herself to death with the scarf.

    And she’s British? Well, she certainly does have the jawline, the lips and the haughty expression about her. But admittedly I haven’t seen many British women.

    - Different Anon

    1. I am glad you enjoyed! I was beyond pleased by the outcome of that story, and also hoped she would set an example for all White Guilt Suicidalists. Let her be their leader into the guilt-free beyond.